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You can do so much more with Xero by connecting it to the other apps you use like Infusionsoft, PayPal, and Stripe to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

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About Xero

Xero makes it easy to track your businesses expenses and accounting with well designed mobile apps and web interfaces.

Zapier integration with Xero lets businesses connect Xero to hundreds of the best in breed SaaS applications on the web. Check out some popular Zaps below or select the service you want to connect Xero with to get going.

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About Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Xero with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Start With a Popular Zap

Create new Xero invoices from a Wufoo form entry.

Creates a new invoice in Xero from new notes in Evernote.

Create new Xero contacts from Wufoo form entry.

This sets up an invoice draft for a particular client whenever they order.

Add new Xero contacts to MailChimp list as subscriber.

This Zap will create all your customer contacts from Infusionsoft when a specific Tag is applied to the contact record.

Create a new contact in Xero from new contacts in Google Contacts.

Bill hourly rates from zendesk to xero (requires some custom fields)

Create a new Xero Contact when a WooCommerce Customer registers for an account.

Creates a Case (Order) in Capsule CRM once an invoice is created in Xero (representing a new website order)

Automatically create new Xero contacts from new PayPal transactions.

Trigger a Gmail email for new Xero invoices.

Creates a new contact in Xero whenever a PayPal sale is completed

Automatically create new Xero contact from new Harvest clients.

Create a new Contact in Xero when WooCommerce orders are paid for.

Takes an event brite attendee and creates a draft invoice. ( doing so from a zapier delayed Trigger)

Create new Campaign Monitor subscriber from new Xero contacts.

Create new Xero contacts from new Wufoo form entries.

Create a new Xero account everytime a new Recurly account is setup

Create new Xero invoice from a Gmail email.

creates a xero contact from a zapier delay trigger fed by event brite new attendee

Get an email via Gmail for new Xero contacts.

Adds my submitted invoices from Xero to a planning project in Basecamp so I can get an overview of all my projects

When a new invoice is authorized in Xero - that contact is added to a client list in arpReach.

You must replace and also replace the two "X" in the URL. You create a new subscription form in arpReach and then view the code. Copy the values from the POST URL.

Trigger an email via Gmail for new Xero receipts.

Moves key customers/contact points from the CRM system into the ERP system so that accounts staff can access details as required to support A/R processes.

Create new Capsule CRM party notes from new Xero invoices.

Shows people on the project team, when invoices have been sent and to whom, and when they are due for payment. Keeps operational teams in the loop on invoicing.

This zap is deigned create a customer record in my Xero accounting software

Great for keeping Zen and Xero customers in sync. What a saviour!

Only enter customer data once .. create in ZenDesk and add to Xero.

With this zap, you will be always informed about new invoices from Xero in Pipeliner feeds system.

Make Your Own Zap with Triggers + Actions

What are Triggers, Searches & Actions?

Triggers, searches and actions are simply events you can use to build an integration, or "Zap". They can be things like a "new email", "find lead" or a "new contact". A Zap combines triggers, searches and actions — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes all searches or actions for you!

Make your own Zap using Xero

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