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Connect Datadog to 2,000+ Apps

    Datadog Integration Details

    Launched on Zapier:

    Use Zapier and Datadog to quickly tap into any business metrics and build dashboards for all your teams. Zapier integrates with 1,000+ apps so your teammates can send essential data and events to Datadog without adding extra loads to your development team.

    Here are some creative ways to use Datadog with Zapier:

    • Add a new metric post in Datadog when there are new users in Intercom so your team can see all sign-ups on your dashboard.

    • Monitor incoming leads with Datadog. Pipe in new Facebook Lead.

    • Ads lead as a metric post in Datadog, and view your marketing performance from end-to-end.

    The following Datadog Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


    New Metric Post

    This covers the data that you want to send to Datadog

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