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HubSpot Integration Details

Launched on Zapier March 1, 2012

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or customer success, you can use Zapier with HubSpot to eliminate the tedious manual work involved in managing your contacts and forms. Focus your time on closing more deals and helping your customers. Use Zapier to automatically move info in and out of HubSpot and trigger tasks like sending emails, creating online spreadsheets, and registering clients for events.

Here are some creative ways to use HubSpot with Zapier:

  • Don't scramble to export data. Use Zapier to copy any new HubSpot form submissions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Keeping your contacts up to date doesn't need to be time consuming. Add new leads from Facebook Lead Ads as new contacts in HubSpot.
  • Alert your team when there are new form submissions by sending them a message in Slack or HipChat.

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Form Submission") and Actions (like "Add Contact to List") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following HubSpot Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Add Contact to List

Adds a contact to a specific static list. (Marketing Hub Starter plans and above)

Create Form Submission

Creates a new submission for a selected form.

Create or Update Contact

Creates a new contact or updates an existing contact based on email address.

Create Calendar Task

Creates a new calendar task. (Marketing Hub Professional plans and above)

Create Engagement

Creates a new Engagement for a contact, in HubSpot.

Create Social Media Message

Creates and immediately publishes a message on a specified social media channel.

Create Ticket

Creates a Ticket in HubSpot.

Add Contact to Workflow

Adds a contact to a specific workflow.

Create COS Blog Post

Creates a blog post in your HubSpot COS blog.

Create Enterprise Event

Creates a new custom enterprise event. (Marketing Hub Enterprise plans only)

New Form Submission

Triggers when a form is submitted.

New Contact in List

Triggers when a contact is added to the specified list. (Marketing Hub Starter plans and above)

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is created.

New Calendar Task

Triggers when a calendar task is created. (Marketing Hub Professional plans and above)

New COS Blog Article

Triggers when a new article is added to your COS blog.

New Social Media Message

Triggers when a message is posted from HubSpot to the specified social media channel.

New Contact Property Change

Triggers when a specified property is provided or updated on a contact.

Find Contact

Finds an existing contact.

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