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How to Automatically Print Shipping Labels

Matthew Guay / March 15, 2018

Odds are you learned how to address an envelope as a child, perhaps as a school exercise to send your parents a postcard. It's simple enough.

Until you need to address 50 packages a day. That's when you'll start looking for a simpler solution.

You could type...

How to Manage Freelancers: 3 Hassle-Free Steps for an Organized Workflow

sasha rezvina / March 13, 2018

Hiring and working with freelancers is much easier said than done. You think you’re saving money on salaries, benefits, and overhead. And with the gig economy growing, the quality of freelancers is higher than ever before.

But once you’ve picked out your freelancers, you’ll find that there...

Introducing Zapier Visual Identity

Julia Elman / March 9, 2018

From the moment your users land on your site, you've started building a connection—one that can either enhance or diminish your brand. Creating a visual identity that resonates with your users helps lay the foundation for a consistent and trusting relationship.

As a user-centered company, we recently took...

How We Work: Meet Some of the Women Behind Zapier

Melanie Pinola / March 8, 2018

The people you work with define your work experience. And, oftentimes, the people you love to work with don't get the credit they deserve. We don't tend to talk too much about ourselves here on the Zapier blog, but in honor of International Women's Day (IWD)—a...

Make Your Job Application Stand Out with These 12 Resume-Building Tools

Jessica Greene / March 6, 2018

In college, I worked with the career center at my university to create my first resume—a simple Microsoft Word document listing my experience, education, computer skills, and contact information. As the years went by, I added new jobs, certifications, and skills. The style of my resume remained largely unchanged...

How to Copy and Paste Multiple Items at Once

Matthew Guay / March 1, 2018

It's something you likely do a dozen—if not a hundred—times a day: Copy and Paste. Something's somewhere, and you want it someplace else, so you copy it then paste it in the new place—a modern version of Xeroxing a piece of paper, cutting out the...

How to Build Your Own Slack Bot

Matthew Guay / March 1, 2018

You're discussing a problem with your team and need a link to the bug to show them exactly what you're talking about. You could open your browser, search for the bug, and, once found, paste it into your conversation. Or you could type the bug's name in...

Everything You Need to Know About the New Google Hangouts Chat

Matthew Guay / February 28, 2018

Google’s where work starts. It’s the first thing you open when researching a new idea—and for every other part of your project, there’s a G Suite app to help.

You email partners, contractors, and colleagues in Gmail. You crunch numbers in Google Sheets, write reports in...

The 7 Traits of Millionaires (and 45 Apps to Help You Save Money and Build Wealth)

Jessica Greene / February 22, 2018

When you imagine a millionaire, whom do you picture? Is it your favorite celebrity, a professional athlete, or a born-wealthy hotel heiress?

Most millionaires are none of these things.

Researchers and authors Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko spent decades studying millionaires through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. What...

How to Merge Multiple Google Drive and Google Photos Accounts

Jessica Greene / February 19, 2018

Do you have more than one Google account, perhaps one for work or school and one for personal use? Tired of switching between them or just want to consolidate those accounts into one? While there's no dead simple way to merge Google accounts, the steps below will help you...