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Start Preventing Fires: How to Implement Proactive Customer Support

Jess Byrne
April 24, 2014, by Jess Byrne

Smokey the Bear

If we are to understand how we can provide better support for customers, we must first agree on a definition of customer support. In my view, customer support is the customer experience during normal interactions with a business, not ...

Go From API Zero to Superhero with this Free Course from Zapier

Brian Cooksey
April 23, 2014, by Brian Cooksey


Whether you know it or not, you live in a world of APIs. When you swipe your card at a restaurant, when your smartphone syncs with your desktop, or when you click one of the little icons to “like”, “pin”, or ...

12 Marketing Lessons Learned from 60 App Integrations in 6 Months

Danny Schreiber
April 22, 2014, by Danny Schreiber


At Zapier, everything revolves around app integrations. Since June 2012, we've done 312 app integrations and with over 40 of those coming in the past two months alone, there's no sign we're slowing down.

The reason for our ...

Welcoming Data Scientist Christopher Peters to Zapier

Christopher Peters
April 21, 2014, by Christopher Peters

Chris Peters

*A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Finding new teammates for an early stage startup is tough. It's about identifying just the right mix of skill and culture fit. This has never been more evident ...

Why You Need to be Blunt to Win, Hudl's Unconventional Company Value

Danny Schreiber
April 17, 2014, by Danny Schreiber

We're respectfully blunt

To close out a two-week software development sprint in February, six Hudl team members gathered at 3 p.m. at a nearby bar for drinks and an introduction to a new card game. Casually ...

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