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AFK to WFH: 75+ Business Terms and Acronyms Explained

Jane Callahan / May 28, 2015

In the age of texting entire conversations and the widening adoption of team chat apps, the list of business acronyms is constantly getting longer. (Technically, they're initialisms, but you get the point.)

As more business terms get added to the cyber pile, there's a good chance you're ...

Remote Data Collection: 10 of the Best Apps for Gathering Data in the Field

Matthew Guay / May 26, 2015

There are dozens of great form builders and survey tools that you can use to add a new contact form to your website, build an event registration form, or design a customer satisfaction survey.

But what if you're trying to replace the paper forms in a doctor's office ...

Welcoming Product Designer Stephanie Briones to Zapier

Stephanie Briones / May 22, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: We love people who get stuff done. Within just a few weeks of joining Zapier, Stephanie Briones has taken on the task of redesigning the onboarding experience with laser focus. I knew when Stephanie joined the team that she'd bring her wonderful ...

8 Overlooked but Powerful Form Features

Danny Schreiber / May 21, 2015

Do you remember those choose your own adventure books? Titles like, "Journey Under the Sea," "Space and Beyond" and "Mystery of the Maya."

Each chapter ends with a choice, much like this one:

  • A) Open the door and find out what lies behind it (turn to page 53)
  • B) Don ...

The Nitty-Gritty on Hiring Top Content Marketers

Belle Cooper / May 19, 2015

If you recognize my name or my crowned avatar, chances are you've read my work on the Buffer blog. For almost a year, I was a content crafter at Buffer, one of the most well-known and well-respected startups in the world of content marketing. Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich turned ...

The 20 Best Online Survey Builder Tools

Matthew Guay / May 14, 2015

Ask one person for advice, and it's hard to know whether we should trust them. Ask a hundred, though, and you'll see a clearer picture start to come together.

That's democracy, or the more modern term crowdsourcing, and it's one of the best ways to gather ...

8 Time-Tested Task Management Methods

Belle Cooper / May 12, 2015

Always on the search for a more efficient way to work, I have a penchant for exploring and writing about productivity methods. But it's sort of a paradox: I waste more time testing productivity methods and searching for the best to-do app than I spend tackling the tasks on ...

Slack Everything: How to Turn Your Team's Communication App Into Central Command

Marissa Daily / May 7, 2015

Your inbox used to get all the attention. Now it's Slack, your team's instant messaging app.

Instead of saying "email it to me," you ask co-workers to "slack it to me." You customize your Slack theme, liven up the day with Slack's (unpredictable) Giphy integration, and use ...

Building an App the Simple Way: 6 Database-Powered App Builders

Matthew Guay / May 4, 2015

Whether you need to manage customer data, organize inventory information, or keep track of your business contacts, there's likely an app for that. Or 30. The only problem is, no app is a perfect match to the way you work.

In your business, you have specific customer characteristics to ...

Five Simple Ways to Start Growing Your Email List Today

Alison Groves / April 30, 2015