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Solve Problems and Test Ideas Faster with Google Ventures' Design Sprint Framework

Eric Carter / April 28, 2016

The best ideas always seem to come at the last minute. There's a project with a crazy deadline, a blank spot in this week's editorial calendar, or an impromptu speech an hour from now. Somehow, you rise to the occasion and pull something together—something that's accidentally...

How to Create a Custom Business Analytics Dashboard with Google Sheets

Jesse Bouman / April 26, 2016

Data means little on its own. Open a spreadsheet packed with numbers, and it's difficult to tell what's improving and where you should focus your efforts.

That's one of the things that makes reporting on numbers—your site traffic, store sales, or sign-up growth—so frustrating. You...

Write Faster with Spreadsheets: 10 Shortcuts for Composing Outlines, Research, HTML Tables and More

Matthew Guay / April 21, 2016

A spreadsheet can be the perfect sidekick to your writing app, helping you compile research or organize an outline. It's already your go-to for tables and charts—if numbers are involved, a spreadsheet's the tool for the job.

But they go beyond digits: Spreadsheets can also be a...

Type Less: How Text Expansion Apps Help You Write Long Phrases With Fewer Keystrokes

Joe Stych / April 19, 2016

Take a guess: How many times have you typed out your home address over the past year? It's a string of around 30 characters that takes perhaps eight seconds to write. Just thinking about it makes my fingers sweat.

But what if you could type your address with just...

The Beginner's Guide to Dictation Software: Write Without Typing

Emily Esposito / April 14, 2016

Perfect ideas don't wait for you to sit down at your desk. They come during hikes, while you're walking your dog, and in the middle of lunch. Shouldn’t you be able to save those thoughts at any time, no matter where you are or what you’re...

Design 101: How to Make Great Graphics Without Design Skills

Aja Frost / April 12, 2016

Intimidated by design? You’re not alone. Writing and coding is difficult enough on its own; visual content can feel like new (and, honestly, overwhelming) territory.

But fear not: You don't need an art degree or thousands of hours logged in the Adobe suite to build engaging designs. With...

How to Manage your Personal Tasks with a Project Management App

Genevieve Conti / April 7, 2016

When Mike Chan tried to convince his wife, Vicky, to set up a Trello board for their personal life, she was a bit skeptical at first. “You’re gonna make me sign up for another thing?” she asked.

As CMO of Thorn Technologies and host of the Go and Grow...

The Best Project Management Software: 50 Tools for Team Task Management

Matthew Guay / April 5, 2016

To-do lists alone aren't enough to send a man to the moon, build a pyramid, and create the device you're reading on right now. Humanity's greatest achievements—and your next project—need a workflow, a way to break a project up into achievable chunks, make sure each...

Welcoming Business Development Lead Cody Jones

Cody Jones / April 1, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: One piece of the magic of Zapier is our 600-plus partner apps. Those services are what make all the integrations possible. To date, it's been a tag-team effort when working with our partners. But today, I'm excited to announce Cody Jones...

Manage Multiple Accounts: How to Quickly Switch Between Users in Any App Without Logging Out

Danny Schreiber / March 31, 2016

At work, your teammates call you Jennifer. Out with friends, you're Jen. In the office, you correspond with colleagues using an email connected to your company's website URL. When at home, you keep in touch with comrades using an address.

But what about those times in...