Designing Your Work Life: Autonomy, relatedness, and competence (ARC)

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans / Published February 19, 2020

How snippets make me more efficient at work...and dating

Kristie Wirth / Published February 14, 2020

I may seem efficient, but really, I'm just good at using snippets. Snippets are a form of text expander—they're basically a fancy version of autocorrect, which allow you to type some small amount of text and have way more text appear. For example, if you find yourself writing "Thanks...

Why we replaced our standups with a robot

Scott Williams / Published February 12, 2020

"It's time for our daily standup! Those are my favorite!"—said nobody, ever.

If you're new to standups, they're meetings that a team has every day at the same time. Everyone is literally supposed to stand during the whole meeting, in order to keep it moving quickly. Each person answers the...

Zapier now has 2,000+ apps, so you can automate just about anything

Wade Foster / Published February 11, 2020

Big news: Zapier now supports 2,000+ apps! We worked hard to hit this milestone early this year. Data Soap gets the nod as the 2,000th app.

Zapier has come a long way since its inception in 2011. Getting SMS alerts for PayPal payments was the demo Bryan, Mike, and I...

5 things you should automate today

Justin Pot / Published February 11, 2020

How much time do you spend each day moving information from one app into another? If you use software at work, you’re probably moving data around manually at least some of the time.

We think you should make the computers do that for you. Here are five things Zapier users...

Make it so: Zaps you can trigger with your voice

Hannah Herman / Published February 3, 2020

More than a third of the U.S. population uses voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to accomplish everyday tasks like checking calendars, getting directions, or looking up useless facts. And according to an Adobe survey, 94 percent of users say that voice technologies save them time—and improve...

Your brain isn't a computer, and that's a good thing

Justin Pot / Published February 3, 2020

You are not a machine—and that's a good thing. You can do things, right now, that no machine ever could. And I'm not talking about mushy stuff like loving your dog or appreciating a concerto. I'm talking about concrete skills.

Your brain is probably the most complex thing in the...

The best way to learn technology? Click all the buttons

Justin Pot / Published January 29, 2020

I've been called a Computer Person, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I worked in technical support, for years, with no qualifications whatsoever. I basically Googled things for money.

If a computer came in with a virus, I'd run a scan. Sometimes that would fix it, sometimes I'd...

Hey Google, how can you and Alexa increase productivity at work?

Jessica Greene / Published January 27, 2020

I mostly use Google Assistant at home to settle debates with my husband and daughter: "Hey Google, what year was Wall-E released?" (2008. I was right.) But I have one friend who uses Alexa exclusively to play music and another who's connected seemingly every device in his house to Alexa...

How to increase your advertising ROI with Google Ads and Zapier

Hannah Herman / Published January 22, 2020

No matter how much you spend on Google Ads, you want to know you're getting the most value for your money when it comes to digital ads. But figuring out and then optimizing your advertising ROI can be difficult and time-consuming.

Zapier's newly updated Google Ads integration makes the process...