How to collaborate across time zones

Spencer McCullough / Published January 22, 2020

My team is spread across four states and three time zones. People often ask me how we find good times to meet. My answer: it's not easy, but it's also rarely necessary. Working remotely, especially when your team is distributed across the globe, means working asynchronously. And it's a skill....

Complete an SEO audit to help grow your business

Aleh Barysevich / Published January 15, 2020

If you aren't on the first page of Google search results, you don't exist.

But don't have an existential crisis yet: search engine optimization (SEO) can get you there. SEO involves everything from content strategy to competitive analysis to keyword research and beyond. But none of that will pay off...

6 fatal mistakes in lead generation strategy

Oren Greenberg / Published January 13, 2020

Competition is fierce in digital channels, and it's tougher than ever to cut through the noise. Driving traffic is one challenge, but it's another to convert that traffic into sales-qualified leads. In this article, I'll walk through six fatal mistakes in lead generation that I've seen time and time again....

The most common New Year's resolutions for 2020—and how to achieve them

Justin Pot / Published January 6, 2020

I'm great at making New Year's resolutions. I'm also great at forgetting about them.

This is probably because of my total lack of discipline, which…I'm working on. But I think it's also because the entire culture of New Year's resolutions encourages improvements that are so vague as to be useless....

Why January is the worst time for resolutions

Justin Pot / Published January 3, 2020

Are you thinking of resolutions for the new year? Here's an idea: don't.

I'm not saying that self-improvement is a bad idea, or that you shouldn't try to improve yourself. I am saying that January is a uniquely terrible time to try to make those changes, and pressuring yourself into...

Have more productive meetings with these workflows

Lauren Myers / Published December 31, 2019

"Let's schedule a meeting to discuss that."

Did you just shudder? You're not alone.

People often feel meetings are a waste of time. They start late, run long, present information everyone has already read, or go off the rails with a detailed discussion on some tangent that only matters...

Our favorite Zaps: Keep your team up-to-date about online payments and purchases

Leah Levy / Published December 23, 2019

You’ve just made a sale! Now is the time to celebrate…and then promptly get down to a whole lot of work.

Whether it’s signing up for a subscription, purchasing a new item, or cleaning out your whole warehouse, customer purchases are the very beginning of a long to-do list for...

Todoist automation tips: Connect your to do list with other apps

Harry Guinness / Published December 22, 2019

A good to-do app helps you keep on top of your personal and professional obligations—and Todoist is one of the best. It’s totally online, so you can access your tasks from anywhere, and collaborative projects mean that whether you want to share a grocery list or run a business with...

It's okay to miss goals—if you learn from it

Hannah Herman / Published December 16, 2019

A quick Google search yields 306,000,000 results for "setting work goals."

I haven't read all of those results (yet), but the ones I have read are chock full of tips for how to set better goals—but they won't tell you anything about what to do if, like me, you've failed...

Hate every journaling app? Here's how to build your own.

Justin Pot / Published December 12, 2019

It goes like this: I install a journaling app, intending to use it. I learn how the interface works, maybe even write entries for a couple days. Then I forget the app exists entirely. Two months later I notice I installed the app, briefly feel guilty for never actually writing...