How to make Zoom the default meeting app in Google Calendar

Justin Pot / Published October 23, 2020

Google would really, really like you to start using Google Meet. They added giant Meet buttons in Gmail, and now they're making Meet the default video conferencing app in Google Calendar.

Does this mean you can't use Zoom in Google Calendar anymore? No—and you can even make it...

Why you should use Typeform for memos and tutorials

Justin Pot / Published October 14, 2020

For a recent virtual retreat, we hired—who are also Zapier customers—to run a trivia session. To get everyone on the same page, they sent us all instructions using Typeform, which I thought was kind of brilliant. You could read a page, hit enter, then read the next...

Small videos, big results: How to create YouTube content for your small business

Chris Moore / Published October 14, 2020

Anyone who's started a YouTube channel has probably daydreamed about one of their videos going viral. I know I did. It's a natural desire and one of the core values that YouTube is built around—looking for the one hit that would get us hundreds of thousands of views.

Well, I've...

Should you automate your relationships?

Justin Pot / Published October 14, 2020

We all, on some level, know that our friends and family didn't memorize our birthdays and anniversaries—they use a calendar to keep track of those dates. And there's nothing impersonal about that. But if a friend set up a bot that texted you on your birthday, and you found about...

How standard operating procedures can help you grow your business

Judith Meyer / Published October 13, 2020

I built a brick-and-mortar business from the ground up. And when I realized I couldn't do everything myself, I took a deep breath and decided to hire other people to help. It was a great decision—but I did it all wrong.

In training the new hires for my nail bar,...

Spreadsheets aren't databases—stop using them like one

Katie Redderson-Lear / Published October 12, 2020

Sometimes a spreadsheet isn't enough. Sure, they're quick to create, but they have limits—and those limits have consequences.

In the UK, for example, over 15,000 people infected with COVID-19 were left out of infection counts and contact tracing efforts because the spreadsheet used to track infections ran out of space....

Your keyboard doesn't have an em dash key—here's what to do

Justin Pot / Published October 12, 2020

There are two kinds of writers: those who like em dashes and impostors.

And yet, for some reason, there's no em dash key on a keyboard. We live in a world where the underscore is represented, but the em dash is not. It's upsetting, to be honest.

Everyone has an...

Use your customer list to create Custom Audiences in Facebook

Adam Smartschan / Published October 2, 2020

If you're a marketer, your prospect and customer list is one of your prized possessions. It's a tool for staying in touch. It's a way to nurture contacts into buyers. It's a great start for building audience personas.

Your list is everything.

With Facebook Custom Audiences, you...

What's the difference between the Wiki and OneNote tabs in Microsoft Teams?

Justin Pot / Published September 29, 2020

It's easy, in a team chat app, for key points to get lost in the ongoing flow of conversation. That's why every channel in Microsoft Teams has a Wiki page, where you can store things like meeting notes or outline the current state of a project. You can also add...

6 Microsoft Teams features Zoom doesn't have

Justin Pot / Published September 29, 2020

Two years ago, I didn't know what Zoom was. Now, it's where we all spend a good chunk of our time.

Microsoft, which owns Skype, noticed. They wanted in on the enterprise video conferencing market—and adding a bunch of video conferencing features to Microsoft Teams is their attempt to get...