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Steal This Workflow: Bambu by Sprout Social Efficiently Curates Content for Enterprise Clients

Joey Blanco / December 15, 2017

When you work with enterprise clients, expectations tend to rise. From support and service to the client relationship itself, the experience must be seamless.

Sprout Social, the social media management, analytics and advocacy solutions provider, knows this well. One of their solutions, Bambu, is a platform that simplifies employee advocacy—the...

Best of 2017: 30 Web Apps and Software Trends That Ruled the Workplace

Matthew Guay / December 14, 2017

Sometimes new isn't new, it's just a better version of the old thing. Spreadsheets, for instance, are ancient—the first software people often bought for their first PC over three decades ago. And yet, they're still one of today's most important software.

The grid and functions are...

Steal This Workflow: MeisterLabs Built a Workflow in Slack to Manage Vacation Requests

Joey Blanco / December 13, 2017

Communication sits at the heart of any great relationship—including co-workers or different teams within a company. But as businesses grow, communication can dwindle. Ensuring different departments know what the others are up to can be a challenge.

MeisterLabs, creators of MindMeister and MeisterTask found a simple fix. With team chat...

The Zapier Guide to Line Items

Matthew Guay / December 12, 2017

e pluribus unum. The timeworn phrase that graces most US banknotes—Latin for "Out of many, one"—was intended to represent the United States being one nation of many states, could easily have a double meaning. After all, so often when you open your wallet to pay a receipt or invoice...

Steal This Workflow: How a Startup with a Strict Budget Automates their Nurture Emails

Joey Blanco / December 11, 2017

In the world of startups, everyone works a lot. The founder puts in 70+ hours a week, the head of marketing is the marketing team, and everyone handles sales. When you work in that environment, you have to be fast, efficient, and unflappable. It's a right of passage.


Steal This Workflow: How Digital Marketers Stay On Top of New Leads with Automated Emails

Joey Blanco / December 8, 2017

How do you manage your new leads? Are you checking in on Facebook Lead Ads once every hour or two? Maybe you're exporting a list of new leads at the end of each day and following up the next.

That sure seems like a lot of manual and monotonous...

The Best Software Discounts for Nonprofit Organizations

Emily Irish / December 7, 2017

Running an organization isn’t cheap. With budget and personnel restrictions, it's often hard to get the latest technology approved or prioritized.

For nonprofit organizations who are doing the valuable work of improving society, we’re trying to change that, and we’re not alone. Zapier offers a 15% discount to help...

The 13 Free Slack Apps That Will Make Your Team Even More Productive

Emily Irish / December 7, 2017

Slack is a natural hub for many businesses, thanks to its powerful chat tools—but chat alone isn't enough to get things done. For all those extra features to take action on your conversations and make decisions without opening another program or tab, you need Slack's apps.

These Slack...

Steal This Workflow: eCommerce Businesses Leverage Facebook Lead Ads to Connect with Customers

Joey Blanco / December 6, 2017

For any business, finding the right audience on social media isn't a simple task, let alone convincing said audience to click to your website, make a purchase, or sign up for a newsletter. But with Facebook Lead Ads, you'll advertise to folks already interested in your product, newsletter...

The Remote Workers' Toolkit: 30+ Productivity Apps and Tools to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Melanie Pinola / December 5, 2017

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend four hours sharpening the axe."- Attributed to Abraham Lincoln, but most likely never said by him

Everyone could use a good productivity tool or two. If you're a carpenter, you need a hammer and nails. Painters...