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8 New Google Calendar Features You Should Start Using Now

Matthew Guay / October 19, 2017

Calendar apps just need to manage appointments and notify us when they're about to start. That's just about it. So perhaps it's not surprising that in the 11 years since Google first launched Google Calendar, it's scarcely changed anything about the app, even as it grew...

Steal this Workflow: Turn Form Responses into Leads Automatically

Joey Blanco / October 18, 2017

Leads are time-sensitive. If your business offers a solution to a problem, there's a good chance you aren't the only company in that space, so a lead that reaches out to you has probably contacted your competitors too. Losing a lead because your team didn't respond to...

3 Ways to Boost Your Team's Productivity and Avoid Burnout

Olivia Jardine / October 17, 2017

We’ve all read our fair share of articles claiming they have the one key secret to supercharged productivity. However, a bunch of these so-called productivity hacks have, in fact, been found to damage team efficiency in the long run. With a focus on short-term performance, rather than well-being...

The Software Categories Guide: What Work Apps Do

Matthew Guay / October 16, 2017

"How did you ever do without it?" asked the original ad for VisiCalc, itself the original spreadsheet app. Yet in 1979, that answer was more than self explanatory. Businesses the world over crunched numbers and kept their finances accounted on ledger paper—and spreadsheet software was a $99.95 tool...

The 6 Best Free Design Tools to Create Social Media Graphics

Emily Irish / October 12, 2017

"A picture is worth a thousand words"—but what to do when your image is one of a thousand other images?

Once, it was sufficient—maybe even novel—to share an image on social media every once in awhile. Now, if you're not using images, you're already behind...

7 Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks for Better Email Management

Jessica Greene / October 10, 2017

You launch a major project at work, complete a complex task on deadline, or find a solution to an ongoing problem, but none of those accomplishments feel quite as rewarding as that rare moment when your email inbox is empty.

There’s good news: achieving Inbox Zero doesn’t have...

How One eCommerce Business Saves 40 Hours Every Week with Automation

Joey Blanco / October 9, 2017

Thanks to smartphones, navigation systems live in your pocket with your handheld computer, instant messenger, camera, and phone. No more bulky GPS devices wired into your car's lighter and windshield mounts. Between Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, you'll find your way wherever you're headed.

But with...

The Email Parser Guide: How to Automatically Copy Data From Your Emails

Matthew Guay / October 9, 2017

Ebay emailed—you just got a new sale. Your bank emailed with your monthly statement, your credit card is reminding you to pay your bill, and Apple's reminding you of that app you bought last night. And the contact form on your website is nice, but each message is...

How One Business Took a Multi-Step Sales Process and Made it Automatic

Joey Blanco / October 5, 2017

In the early days of the internet, building a website for your business might've led you to Geocities or Angelfire, where you could "design" a site full of neon colors on a black background, Flash animations, and music that would start playing at absurd volumes the moment the page...

Forget Mornings: Here’s How to Design the Best Afternoon Routine, According to Research

Jory MacKay / October 5, 2017

Do you get up at 4am to work before the rest of the world wakes up? Does your morning routine include meditation, cold shower, coffee? Or coffee, cold shower, meditation?

With the amounts of tips and tricks out there telling us how to have the most productive morning possible, you...