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Organize Anything with Airtable: 14+ Database Automations to Try

Kim Kadiyala / January 17, 2017

Imagine you and another chef are preparing a steak dinner for 50 guests. You enter the kitchen with nothing but a butter knife. But your partner's wielding an extra-sharp, top-of-the-line piece of cutlery. They carve up the meat with quick, precise strokes—while you're stuck sawing away.


How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open

Matthew Guay / January 16, 2017

You open your laptop in an airport, at a coffee shop, or perhaps in your hotel or conference room. You sit down to work, select the correct Wi-Fi network, and … nothing. Your Wi-Fi icon may even show it's connected, but your browser says You are not connected to...

The 12 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Teams

Matthew Guay / January 12, 2017

In 1884, eight years after Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson had the world's first phone call, industrialist John Jacob Astor IV published his predictions for the 21st century. Along with ill-fated predictions of steel-covered roads and the discovery an anti-gravitational force, he also foresaw video calls.

"Telephones have...

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Software: A New Free eBook From Zapier

Matthew Guay / January 11, 2017

Turning your ideas into a real business is the quintessential dream. One day you're doing the standard 9-5; the next day you're your own boss. You're the master of your own destiny, setting your own fate.

Put it like that and it still is more dream than...

Reach Any Goal This Year with a Spreadsheet, a Calendar, and the SMART System

Emily Irish / January 10, 2017

You have a new goal. Maybe it’s New Year’s and you’re ready for a fresh start. Maybe it’s July and you’re ready for change. Regardless, you’ve got the vim and vigor to make this happen.

But then you worry. People abandon their goals all...

The Advanced Google Search Cheat Sheet

Melanie Pinola / January 6, 2017

Googling is by far the most common way people try to find information online. But one thing people don't make enough use of is Google's search functions. With these search functions or operators, you can quickly eliminate irrelevant search results and get just what you're looking for...

How to Emoji Like a Pro

Melanie Pinola / January 5, 2017

You've seen them on Slack, on Twitter, in your emails, and in your text messages. You might have even seen them beyond the digital screen, on billboards or in magazine ads. Emoji are everywhere, enhancing our messages in colorful, light-hearted ways.

Over 1,800 of these tiny pictograms exist...

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking: 5 Tips from the Pros

Payman Taei / January 3, 2017

Like most people, at one time in my life I was terrified of public speaking.

I remember one moment particularly clearly. My classmates were waiting for me to read a paper I’d written—an experience, I’m sure, many remember from high school and college. While a part of...

Download Hundreds of Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

Melanie Pinola / January 2, 2017

Want to improve your tech skills or advance your career this year? eBooks are a great way to learn something new, and this huge collection from MSDN covers a broad range of computer topics, from tips on using Microsoft Office to programming mobile apps.

Although you might not need or...

5 Steps to Tweak Your Software for More Productive Work

Matthew Guay / December 29, 2016

Computers help us be more productive. But they're also perhaps the most distracting devices ever invented.

The first personal computers were little more than a blank screen with a terminal where you'd type in text commands. Each year, some new feature would be added that'd make them...