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Welcoming API Engineer Ben Peter to Zapier

Ben Peter / April 24, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Engineers often say they love APIs, but APIs can show pretty tough love in return. When that's the case, it's easy for an engineer to give them up, and go put their energy towards a new API or project. For Ben ...

Welcoming Product Designer Julie Hammers

Julie Hammers / April 24, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Zapier is a complex product that has to balance the intricacies of getting hundreds of unique APIs to play nicely together. Oh, and users need to love the product, too. My first conversation with Julie Hammers convinced me she can help us do ...

How to Spur Innovation Inside Your Company with an Internal Event

Fred Bauters / April 23, 2015

Innovation can cost a pretty penny. U.S. businesses in 2012 spent $317 billion on research and development, according to the National Science Foundation.

Some of that is essential, of course, but how much of that R&D cash turns into a sunk cost? Instead of building out lengthy processes ...

40 of the Best To-Do Apps for Personal Task Management

Andrew Kunesh / April 21, 2015

What was once the simple choice between using a notebook, legal pad, or stack of Post-it notes to manage your personal to-do list is now a mind-numbing decision between dozens of to-do apps. Flashy apps that offer more features than you could ever use. Free apps that are so bare ...

How to Identify, Motivate and Keep Your Company's Top Performers

Jane Callahan / April 20, 2015

Nothing makes or breaks a company faster than its employees. That's why the ability to identify "A" players can be one of the most valuable skills in a CEO's repertoire—all-star workers move your business forward.

Brent Frei, executive chairman and co-founder of Smartsheet, has experience separating the ...

Welcoming Front End Engineer Steve Molitor to Zapier

Steve Molitor / April 17, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: We really like working with genuine and smart people. One of the best ways to find those people is to have worked with them in the past. Steve Molitor had worked with Zapier team member Justin Deal years ago and came with a ...

Make Everyone a Manager: How Asana Gives Decision-Making Power to Every Team Member

Brady Dale / April 16, 2015

There are two schools of thought when it comes to managing teams: you can either manage against mistakes, or manage for success.

Managing against mistakes means putting one manager in charge of every little decision. An experienced team leader can act as a safeguard, but when everything requires approval from ...

You Are What You Read: Why Managing Your Inputs is a Crucial Part of Productivity

Nathaniel Eliason / April 14, 2015

We have more information at our fingertips than ever before.

Scarcely an hour goes by without our phones pinging with a news alert, a traffic update, or a new post from a favorite blog about yet another way to improve your life. Turn away from media and back to your ...

Total Transparency: How Groove's Tell-All Blog Brings in Paying Customers

Jane Callahan / April 13, 2015

There's a new help desk app in town: it's called Groove. But there's a good chance you already knew that, thanks to its popular blog.

The Groove team started publishing bare-it-all stories in 2013, recording their path to success and attracting readers from all over the world ...

Welcoming Full-Stack Engineer Harrison Jackson to the Zapier Team

Harrison Jackson / April 10, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: With many engineers, you can quickly tell the difference between those who find building things a job versus something they love. From my first chat with Harrison Jackson, it was obvious that he loved building things and wasn't afraid to get his ...