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The Dark Side of Your To-Do List

Janet Choi
April 15, 2014, by Janet Choi

This post was adapted from iDoneThis' new ebook, “The Busy Person’s Guide to the Done List”.

Whether you're a fervent disciple of the to-do list, or a begrudging list-maker, most of us keep one. Yet, to-do lists always seem to frustrate and overwhelm.

Based on data from our app, iDoneThis, we discovered that:

iDoneThis stats

In other words:

  • you’ll always have unfinished tasks;
  • tasks that do get completed are done quickly; and
  • what you get done often doesn't correlate with what you set out to do ...

How Focus on Core Features Grew Bootstrapped Feedly to 15 Million Users

Danny Schreiber
April 10, 2014, by Danny Schreiber

One of the most remarkable startup stories in recent years is that of feedly. The tiny startup that launched in 2008, with a quest to improve how we consume online content, had an unforgettable 2013. Following Google's announcement to [shut down Google Reader](http://googlereader.blogspot ...

The Secret Behind MailChimp's Creative Culture, Even As It Grows

Danny Schreiber
April 8, 2014, by Danny Schreiber

Creativity Equation

What's the recipe for a creative company?

Ben Chestnut, the co-founder and CEO of email marketing software maker MailChimp, is regularly asked this question.

"People see stuff like ([MailChimp hats](http://designlab ...

14 Resources for User Onboarding and User Interface Inspiration

Danny Schreiber
April 3, 2014, by Danny Schreiber

Product Hunt

On top of highlighting new web and mobile apps, the recently launched Product Hunt also surfaces sites that show what goes into making an app. These shared resources, Product Hunt co-founder [Ryan Hoover](http://ryanhoover.me ...

11 Ways to Win Your Customers' Hearts with Humor

Danny Schreiber
April 1, 2014, by Danny Schreiber

Wait, is Google really holding a massive Pokémon Challenge? Is Nest really being installed in Virgin America planes? No, unfortunately not. It's April Fools' Day, the annual 24 hours when the Internet gets ...

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