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The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018

Matthew Guay / July 16, 2018

Creation software isn’t enough on its own. Word processors, spreadsheets, creative tools, IDEs, email, databases, and more run our businesses and are the reason we have computers for work, but they’re not perfect. You can have the best apps to code software, write novels, or sketch art, but...

The 13 Best Team Chat Apps for Your Company

Matthew Guay / July 13, 2018

“To err is human,” wrote Alexander Pope, but he could have as easily written, “To communicate is human.” From pictograms carved into stone to the latest chat apps, humans always find better ways to communicate. It’s no surprise AIM and MSN Messenger were some of the internet's strongest...

Hire a Virtual Assistant and Start Delegating

Michelle Nickolaisen / July 12, 2018

There comes a time in every small business owner's life when they look at their to-do list and realize they simply can't get it all done. Too many emails to answer, too many clients to onboard, too many marketing campaigns to organize—whatever the case, you need help...

How a Real Estate Broker Uses Automation to Reduce Follow-Up Time by 90%

Joey Blanco / July 10, 2018

Our stories explore how Zapier's users solve common problems. From marketers to CEOs, educators to real estate agents, millions use Zapier to automate their most tedious tasks. If you haven't yet, try Zapier for free to see what we're all about.

"Zapier, I learned, should've been...

The 12 Best News Apps for Keeping Up with the Best of the Web

David Nield / July 10, 2018

The internet's a big place, expanding every day—so how do you make sure you're catching up on the best of what the web has to offer?

By having the right apps and tools at your disposal. Whether you're interested in news stories in your area of...

The 12 Best Free Email Marketing Apps

Matthew Guay / July 9, 2018

You have something to share with your fans followers, something too long for a social media post, too focused for a blog post. You need an email newsletter.

The simplest way to email a group of people is Gmail's BCC field—but that only lets you email 100 people...

How the Co-founder of an eCommerce Business Automates Contacts, Invoices, and Orders

Joey Blanco / July 6, 2018

Our stories explore how Zapier's users build unique solutions to common problems. From marketers to CEOs, educators to real estate agents, millions use Zapier to automate their most tedious tasks. If you haven't yet, try Zapier for free to see what we're all about.

"I think Zapier...

How to Use Trello for GTD

Jill Duffy / July 5, 2018

Visually oriented people need a way to stay organized that plays to their strengths. If you're visually minded, you might be more productive and focused if you can see all your tasks laid out in one view. Color-coding can flag upcoming tasks that deserve your attention now or steer...

How to Share Presentations: 5 Apps and Tricks to Publish Slides Online

Matthew Guay / July 3, 2018

Documents get printed, websites get published, spreadsheets get filed away for accountants to double-check later. Presentations, though, get presented. After all the time you spend making slides in PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation apps, often you only show those slides during a meeting or talk, then save them in case...

Drive Company Innovation with an Internal Pitch Event

Kelsey Raymond / July 3, 2018

We all have traditions we look forward to each year. For some, it's preparing a special meal over the holidays. For others, it's that annual vacation with friends. For me, it's Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend—a 54-hour event at which people come together, share ideas, and launch...