Collaborate like a kid: What preschoolers can teach us about adjusting to remote work

Colin Johnson / Published August 12, 2020

Remote work isn't going anywhere, and that means reimagining what collaboration looks like. If you can't sit around a table with a whiteboard, chat over lunch, or shoot out blue sky ideas over drinks at happy hour, what can you do? The collaborative work culture that most folks were used...

Why the class of COVID-19 is more prepared for the workforce than previous graduating classes

Michelle Chan / Published August 11, 2020

As the class of 2020 hits the job market, there may be questions about whether or not the graduating class is ready for the pandemic-driven workplace. We've never had "real" jobs—let alone jobs that have been totally upended by social distancing and a tanking economy.

I'm here to tell you:...

How to hide Google Meet and Google Chat in Gmail

Justin Pot / Published August 5, 2020

Google would very much like you to consider using Google Meet for meetings and Google Chat for workplace chat. Maybe you've noticed their efforts: a bar at the bottom of Gmail on mobile, dedicated sections in the Gmail sidebar on desktop, and even a few pop-ups here and there.

The Gmail sidebar with Meet and Chat.

Looking for work? Consider learning about automation.

Justin Pot / Published August 3, 2020

Automation used to be something workers dreaded, a force that could replace jobs. Not anymore. Automation is a skill everyone can use to do their jobs better, and job seekers are increasingly realizing that.

70 percent of job seekers think automation skills will help them secure their next job,...

How to schedule an email in Gmail

Justin Pot / Published July 27, 2020

You want to send an email, just not right now. No problem—it's easy to schedule an email in Gmail.

Maybe you're responding to work emails at an embarrassing hour and don't want the recipient to know. Maybe you want to send a message to someone who is currently on vacation....

What is a YubiKey and how does it work?

Justin Pot / Published July 24, 2020

When I got my first YubiKey, I plugged it into my laptop, tried setting it up with a few accounts, then gave up. For a year and a half. It doesn't matter how computer-literate you are, or how much you value security—something about the YubiKey just feels confusing. But it...

What Animal Crossing can teach us about marketing and product development

Anna Wybieralska / Published July 21, 2020

There's no secret recipe for overnight success—but there are ways to give yourself a fair shot. And while you're likely not trying to create the next viral video game, I think any small business can learn a lot from everyone's favorite quarantine game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New...

What is a cache? And why does clearing it fix things?

Justin Pot / Published July 21, 2020

It's timeless advice: if a website isn't loading properly, clear your cache. We've all done it, noticed that things work again, and proceeded to not think about the browser cache ever again (until something else breaks).

But somewhere, in the back of your mind, you can't help but wonder: what... vs. What's the difference?

Justin Pot / Published July 17, 2020

Words that mean two different things are confusing. Biweekly, for example, means twice a week or every other week, which is why there's no excuse for ever using it.

WordPress isn't a word no one should use, but it does confusingly refer to two different things: a content management...

Friday updates: Why we do it and how you can too

Breetel Graves / Published July 10, 2020

I'm a quiet person. My speaking voice is naturally soft, and it takes a concerted effort for me to speak louder. I'm also slow to warm up. I like to take time to get comfortable with folks I'm speaking with, but also to formulate my thoughts and opinions carefully—which means...