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Learning to Code: How to Think Like a Programmer

Mariya Diminsky / August 16, 2018

When first learning to code, it’s easy to feel like a deer in the headlights; everything is unfamiliar and new. It's like learning to play a new instrument or a foreign language—what is this and what the heck am I doing?

I completely understand. When I started...

Boost Customer Engagement with Interactive Marketing

Hayley Campbell / August 14, 2018

In Marketo's 2017 State of Engagement report, 82 percent of marketers reported having a deep understanding of their customers. However, more than half of consumers stated that brands could do a better job of aligning with how they want to engage.

Despite their best efforts, many brands are still...

Getting Things Done: The 10 Best Apps for GTD

Jill Duffy / August 13, 2018

How you organize your to-do list can make you more productive. You don't want to see your household shopping list while in the thick of office work, and you don't want to be reminded of an important presentation while you're grocery shopping on your day off. Working...

4 Motivators for Productivity and the Science Behind Them

Joshua Kraus / August 9, 2018

Motivation is hard to come by. There's always another task, another project, another objective—and any motivation you manage to scrape together for one thing is absent for the next. "If only I had more of it," we think.

But motivation isn't a resource—at least not in...

Screenshot Tools, Tips, and Shortcuts: How to Capture Anything on Your Screen

Matthew Guay / August 8, 2018

Screenshots are the simplest way to show off your new program, point out a bug, and save that picture on Facebook to your camera roll. They're the easiest way to save anything on your screen. And they're so integral to the way we work, every operating system comes...

Zapier Saves a Founder 40 Hours—Each Month

Joey Blanco / August 8, 2018

"Zapier saves me at least 40 hours a month. And as we plan to grow, we will rely more on Zapier."Swapnil Wale, Founder & Director, Techno-PM

As digital products become more common, product delivery has to be even more reliable than the mail—after all, we live in an...

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Matthew Guay / August 8, 2018

Macs come with screenshot tools to capture precisely what you want—your full screen, a specific window with or without its shadow, or just a small section of your screen.

The only problem is, Macs hide their screenshot tools behind keyboard shortcuts. You need to memorize a few shortcuts—or...

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

Matthew Guay / August 8, 2018

Windows for decades has included one screenshot tool: A button that copies a screenshot of your full computer's screen to your clipboard. You'd then open Paint, paste the picture, add any annotations you want, then save and share it.

There are far more screenshot tools in today's...

The PowerPoint Online Guide: How to Make and Present Slideshows Anywhere

Matthew Guay / August 7, 2018

Over the past thirty years, PowerPoint has become synonymous with presentations. Give a speech, present a new product, share finances in a board meeting—all are typically done with a PowerPoint presentation. That’s easy enough if you’re presenting from your laptop and have Microsoft Office installed.

Or it...

Accounting Software Showdown: FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks vs. Xero

Dann Albright / August 7, 2018

Almost half of small business owners despise bookkeeping. It's time-consuming, doesn't bring in money, and requires headache-inducing calculations. But it's necessary.

Online accounting software helps—but choosing the right software can be difficult. How do you know which features and benefits you need? Which price structure best...