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Steal This Workflow: A Family Business Cut Out 90% of the Time Spent on Manual Work

Joey Blanco / November 22, 2017

Once upon a time, family-owned brick and mortar stores were everywhere. Need groceries? That's Sarah's Shoppe. Tools? Tim's Toolhouse. Books? Bob the Brain's Book Emporium. Now, it's hard to find local handmade goods and mega-retail stores dominate most towns. Farmer's markets and co-ops can...

Growth Hacking Your Job Search: 5 Steps to Get Hired by the Company You Want

Stephen Levin / November 21, 2017

As a data engineer and analyst, I search for the best use of my time and resources by testing techniques and measuring results. That often means applying a technique from one function of a business to another—say, applying the lean product development cycle, "build-measure-learn", to your marketing efforts.


Steal This Workflow: How to Keep Your Sales and Support Teams Happy and Efficient with Automation

Joey Blanco / November 20, 2017

It's hard to avoid the minutia of sales and support. Both require extensive cataloging, tagging, and monitoring to maintain a healthy database. If you don't catch yourself, your entire day could descend into copying data from system to system. Add in multiple support channels and lead generators and...

Steal This Workflow: How a Coding Bootcamp Automates Invoice Creation and Cuts Out Manual Work

Joey Blanco / November 17, 2017

We all know the pen is mightier than the sword. Possibly surpassing the pen these days is writing code. If you know how to code, you can build just about anything digital you set your mind to. From a website to a brand new application, coding makes it all possible...

The 25+ Best Gmail Add-ons, Labs, and Apps

Melanie Pinola / November 16, 2017

With over 1 billion users, Gmail is easily one of the most popular email services, loved for its advanced filters, unique tag-based organization, and powerful search. But it can be better. If Gmail's advanced search, filters, and labeling features don’t quite complete your perfect email organizational system, chances...

Steal This Workflow: BarkBox Keeps Its Pack Together with Automated Emails and Team Notifications

Joey Blanco / November 15, 2017

For some (this writer included), dogs go beyond being just pets. Dogs are our cuddle bugs, our hiking buddies, our protectors, and our goofballs. They're our family.

Back in 2012, three crazy dog people, Henrik, Carly, and Matt, launched BarkBox, a dog treats, toys, and gifts subscription box. More...

Remote Design: How Zapier Is Building a Distributed Design Culture

Julia Elman / November 14, 2017

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of remote work for productivity in the workplace. As Director of Design at Zapier, I frequently get asked the question of how the design process works for an all-remote team. With design processes, there is an inherently added pressure in the design...

Steal This Workflow: Organize an Online Conference Single-Handedly with Automation

Joey Blanco / November 13, 2017

When was the last time you organized a party? Even with friends, you need schedules to be synced; games acquired; and food cooked, bought, or brought. Music has to hit all the right notes (bad pun intended), too.

That's a fair amount of stress and effort—and just for...

The 7 Best Expense Tracking Apps for Smarter Business Travel

Andrew Kunesh / November 13, 2017

Expense reports aren’t fun. Manually scouring through paper receipts then keying in every transaction from the past month is stressful—another thing you don't have time for at the end of the month.

It doesn't have to be that hard. You could snap photos of receipts with...

Steal This Workflow: How The Soldiers Project Trains Its Volunteers Faster

Danny Schreiber / November 10, 2017

Over the past decade, 2.5 million soldiers valiantly served their country in the U.S. military. Teenagers who just graduated from high school, college graduates who just earned a degree, and parents who've just had a child—they're ordinary people. Unlike most Americans, though, they've lived...