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Zapier Gift Guide 2015: Cool Products Made, Created and Sold by Zapier Customers

Wade Foster / November 26, 2015

A fancy koozie for your next barbecue. An innovative phone camera lens for your weekend adventures. Manly smelling soap for a fresher start to your day. Comfortable high heels for a pain-free night out. Green smoothie recipes for a healthy snack anytime. These are among the creations of our brilliant ...

A Project Postmortem Toolkit: Apps and Approaches that Help You Learn More from Retrospectives

Genevieve Conti / November 24, 2015

In war, you need to have a reason for every action. One misstep, and you put your entire squad in danger.

That's why the U.S. Army treats every training exercise like the real thing—to the extent that they conduct performance critiques after every activity. Team leaders are ...

Support Your Customers Better and Faster: Lessons from the Pros at Trello, HubSpot and Disqus

Matthew Guay / November 19, 2015

Some jobs are best for robots. Customer support is not one of them.

The phrase "Support Automation" brings cold "interactions" to mind. There's no empathy in automated "thank you for writing" emails. And that phone recording with promises that "your call is important to us" never really makes anyone ...

Build a Prototype Without Code: Rely on Apps, Integrations and APIs

Matthew Guay / November 17, 2015

Creating something new takes time. A lot of time. The idea might come in a flash, but turning it into a product with customers and revenue takes far, far longer.

Unless you have the right process in place. When Richard Eastes came up with the idea for his lawnmowing-on-demand service ...

Google Fonts 101: Master the Basics of Web Typography

Justin Wolfe / November 12, 2015

Fonts spark extreme emotions. We may not know a font's name or even notice its use most of the time, but we know when one is wrong, and when it's just right.

The Helvetica typeface is so beloved an entire movie was made around it; Comic Sans, on ...

How Soylent Uses Zapier to Automatically Transcribe Phone Calls and Build a Database of Legal Advice

Joe Stych / November 10, 2015

Bread, meat, fruit, veggies, dairy. Those are the essential building blocks of a nutritious diet, the ones mom taught you about when you were five. We've been working with the same formula since the dawn of time, and it hasn't failed us yet.

Food is food. Why change ...

Everything You Need to Know about Support Documentation and Building an Effective Help Center

Jess Byrne / November 5, 2015

It's 11p.m., you're driving down a remote road on a clear, starry night when Pop! the stillness of the dark is shattered by a blown-out tire. You're safe but stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Denial and panic are soon followed by acceptance as you realize ...

Ecommerce Automation: 5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Speed and Streamline Your Marketing Workflow

Alison Groves / November 3, 2015

Welcoming Customer Champion Vicky Cassidy

Vicky Cassidy / October 30, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Persistence is a trait highly valued at Zapier. I first met Vicky Cassidy when she applied for a marketing role at Zapier and although she didn't get that position, she began freelancing with us and immediately had an impact. Soon after, she ...

The 12 Best Password Managers for Protecting Your Personal and Shared Accounts

Jesse Plautz / October 29, 2015

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how many accounts you have? Everything from social network and email accounts to your bank and utilities require a username and password. The average millennial has around 40 online accounts—and plenty of us have far more.

The easy option is to reuse ...