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Zapier examples: Ways to use automation at work

Put the busywork on autopilot with these tips and tricks

By Janine Anderson · April 26, 2024
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When you want to get more done and have more impact at work, automation can be the helping hand you need. Zapier helps you turn your tools into powerful processes. Whether you need to automate a simple task or build an entire automated system, you can do it all on Zapier.

We've collected some of the best Zapier ideas across different industries and roles—so you can find something to help you get more done, no matter what you do at work. Click on any of the headings below to be taken to an in-depth article featuring easy ways to start automating.

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that lets you connect your apps into automated workflows, so that every person and every business can move forward at growth speed. Learn more about how it works.

Popular Zaps

These are some of the most-used automated workflows people set up with Zapier, covering things like social media, task management, note-taking, feedback collection, and reminders.

Build a custom chatbot

Create free custom AI chatbots to engage customers and take action with built-in automation.

Project management

Project management is all about keeping everyone working together. Automation can streamline task creation, communication, and more by automatically creating tasks and sending custom notifications—no matter what apps you're using to get work done. 

Learn more: How to use Zapier and AI to streamline project management.


Just about everyone uses email for something, but that means you can end up with more going on in your inbox than you can easily manage. Automation can help you keep things organized and on track.

If your inbox is under control, check out these ways to automate your email marketing.

Create custom interfaces

Build forms, web pages, and basic apps to power your business-critical workflows.


Turn your ideas into action by adding automation to your note-taking. With Zapier, you can create tasks from notes, automatically create documents for new meetings, organize your ideas, and create backups.


If you're selling online there are opportunities for automation, from sharing new products on social to customized sale (and failed sale) notifications.

Social media

No matter where your audience is—or how you're using social media—automation can help you move faster and have greater impact. From crossposting to tracking to brand monitoring, Zapier makes it easier.

Try Zapier Tables

Store, edit, share, and automate data all in one tool.

Files and folders

Organization is key to efficiency. Automation can upgrade your organization strategies by helping you save attachments, create an archive of favorite social media posts, back up your important work, and create folders and files for new projects.

Human resources

Automate HR processes like recruitment, training and onboarding, and team support to free up your time to focus on the people you work with—not processes.

Meeting management

Meetings can take up a surprising amount of time. Let automation be your assistant, keeping you on time and prepared with automated agenda creation, customized alerts, and better task management.

Real estate

From generating leads to managing client relationships to keeping yourself organized, automation works in the background so you can keep things moving forward.

Customer support

Your support team has daily contact with your customers. Make their lives easier by adding automation to help keep tickets organized and notifications in line, track responses, and more.


If your inbox and push notifications are out of control, take back your attention by creating custom alerts.


RSS feeds are great for keeping track of new posts, changes to a site you follow, or for setting up customized notifications or summaries. Enhance your productivity by using RSS feeds with automation to streamline information.


You've put the effort into creating a quality video. Make sure you're set up to get the most value from it. Automation helps you create an archive, promote across platforms, create transcriptions, and more.

Contact forms

Contact forms are an easy way to get information from your prospects and customers. Move faster by adding automation to your processes so your team gets notified of every new lead or contact.


Everyone knows they should back up their files, but actually following through can be a task that's easy to put off. Let automation manage this for you.

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This article was originally published in April 2022. It was most recently updated in April 2024.

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