Your questions about remote work, answered

Krystina Martinez / Published April 3, 2020

Whether you're new to remote work or your current work situation is being held together by tape, Zapier's here to help.

We've been a 100 percent remote company since we started in 2012. Along the way, we've encountered many of the same problems people face when they first transition to...

Why Zapier has always been 100% remote

Wade Foster / Published March 27, 2020

From day one, Zapier has always been a distributed team. Even though my co-founders, Bryan and Mike, and I lived in the same city, we had different schedules and were bootstrapping Zapier on the side of our day jobs and school. We worked on Zapier in every spare moment we...

Remote team activities: How to have fun when you work from home

Zapier Editorial Team / Published March 27, 2020

We know a lot about online team building here at Zapier. We've been a 100% distributed company for nearly a decade, and we have a lot of fun. Not like we're-all-hermits-and-we-don't-know-what-fun-actually-means fun—real fun.

At Zapier, we have a Slack channel called #wg-zapier-social ("wg" stands for "working group"), where we come...

7 strategies for running effective remote meetings

Krystina Martinez / Published March 27, 2020

Meetings get a bad rap—for a good reason. They never start on time. Someone always dominates the conversation. Discussions inevitably go off-track. People start tracing their hands in their notebooks. And almost always, the meeting could've been an email.

On a remote team, you're less likely to be caught tracing...

When should you mute yourself during a video call?

Justin Pot / Published March 26, 2020

People are spending more time in video calls than ever, but the big questions are going unanswered. Specifically: when are you supposed to mute yourself? And when is it okay to leave the camera off?

From what I can tell, even the Very Tech Savvy People have no idea what...

Work from home apps: The 15 tools we use most at Zapier

Zapier Editorial Team / Published March 24, 2020

As more people transition to remote work, we've received lots of questions about what work from home apps we use internally at Zapier. While different teams will require different tools for working remotely, we thought a peek into our tech stack would help you figure out what you might be...

A guide to onboarding remote employees

Ashley Priebe Brown / Published March 23, 2020

A successful onboarding program is the first step toward employee satisfaction and productivity. But no matter how well you've streamlined your process, everything changes when you have to do it remotely. How do you make new team members feel supported and included when they've never seen any of their coworkers...

5 tips for communicating on a remote team

Zapier Editorial Team / Published March 23, 2020

At Zapier, our "default to transparency" value means that we communicate in public channels, share information, document our work, and ask questions in a way that helps others do their work more effectively. Emphasis on in a way that helps others do their work more effectively. If you miss...

7 tips for managing remote employees

Janine Anderson / Published March 19, 2020

The skills a good manager needs tend to be similar whether you're working remotely or you're co-located. Your goal—to help your team succeed and grow the business—doesn't change, but there are times when making these things happen remotely means you need a different approach or tool.

I've worked remotely and...

How to build trust on a remote team

Wade Foster / Published March 18, 2020

Whenever folks transition to remote work, they often ask me about accountability. How do remote managers know their people are working? And how can remote employees show their bosses that they're getting stuff done?

The uncertainty here can lead to two common problems: managers end up micromanaging, and employees end...