3 things I learned in my first year of remote work

Tyler Robertson / Published April 23, 2020

When we talk about remote work, we focus on the remote part. You can work from wherever you want, wearing whatever you want, and in some cases, on whatever schedule you want. But what about the work part of remote work?

When I started at Zapier, that's the part I...

18 work from home tips other tech companies won't tell you

Justin Pot / Published April 20, 2020

The internet is full of remote work advice. Have a dedicated workspace! Stick to a routine! Consider occasionally talking to people! That sort of thing.

Work from home long enough, though, and you'll learn some tips that most people won't share—because they don't want to admit to following them....

Here's what happens if you work from home without a routine

Justin Pot / Published April 10, 2020

I'm not disciplined, at all, and I work from home. This means that, absent some kind of routine, I will inevitably end up doing one of two things:

  1. Working constantly and ignoring the people I love.
  2. Never actually starting my work day.

My wife doesn't love the first scenario, my...

How to win at Zoom backgrounds, from a first-place winner

Deborah Tennen / Published April 5, 2020

Recently, video conferencing tool Zoom started a monthly virtual background contest. Remote workers from around the world vie for the prestigious title. In March 2020, Zapier's own Ben Peter won the contest. This is his story.

The origin story

The Zapier senior engineer recalls when he first discovered Zoom's virtual...

Your questions about remote work, answered

Krystina Martinez / Published April 3, 2020

Whether you're new to remote work or your current work situation is being held together by tape, Zapier's here to help.

We've been a 100 percent remote company since we started in 2011. Along the way, we've encountered many of the same problems people face when they first transition to...

7 strategies for running effective remote meetings

Krystina Martinez / Published March 27, 2020

Meetings get a bad rap—for a good reason. They never start on time. Someone always dominates the conversation. Discussions inevitably go off-track. People start tracing their hands in their notebooks. And almost always, the meeting could've been an email.

On a remote team, you're less likely to be caught tracing...

Why Zapier has always been 100% remote

Wade Foster / Published March 27, 2020

From day one, Zapier has always been a distributed team. Even though my co-founders, Bryan and Mike, and I lived in the same city, we had different schedules and were bootstrapping Zapier on the side of our day jobs and school. We worked on Zapier in every spare moment we...

Remote team activities: How to have fun when you work from home

Zapier Editorial Team / Published March 27, 2020

We know a lot about online team building here at Zapier. We've been a 100% distributed company for nearly a decade, and we have a lot of fun. Not like we're-all-hermits-and-we-don't-know-what-fun-actually-means fun—real fun.

At Zapier, we have a Slack channel called #wg-zapier-social ("wg" stands for "working group"), where we come...

When should you mute yourself during a video call?

Justin Pot / Published March 26, 2020

People are spending more time in video calls than ever, but the big questions are going unanswered. Specifically: when are you supposed to mute yourself? And when is it okay to leave the camera off?

From what I can tell, even the Very Tech Savvy People have no idea what...

Work from home apps: The 16 tools we use most at Zapier

Zapier Editorial Team / Published March 24, 2020

As more people transition to remote work, we've received lots of questions about what work from home apps we use internally at Zapier. While different teams will require different tools for working remotely, we thought a peek into our tech stack would help you figure out what you might be...