Add Remote Workers to Your Business Continuity Plan

Jill Duffy / Published October 9, 2018

Disasters happen all the time. Earthquakes strike whether we're ready for them or not. Disease outbreaks happen. Let's not downplay human-caused disasters, either, such as riots, acts of war, and terrorism. They all have unpredictable consequences for the people around them. If you run a company, do you have a...

The Remote Workers' Toolkit: 30+ Productivity Apps and Tools to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Melanie Pinola / Published December 5, 2017

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend four hours sharpening the axe."- Attributed to Abraham Lincoln, but most likely never said by him

Everyone could use a good productivity tool or two. If you're a carpenter, you need a hammer and nails. Painters...

The Remote Work Survival Guide

Emily Irish / Published July 25, 2017

Congratulations! You just got hired for your first remote job! A world of possibilities just opened up to you: You can now work in your PJs at any hour. Set your own schedule. Travel the world.

And while remote workers have been shown to feel happier and more valued...

25+ Fully Remote Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere

Melanie Pinola / Published May 18, 2017

High-speed internet and powerful apps make it possible for just about anyone with a desk job to work from home. Yet today most companies still insist that employees endure the sometimes soul-crushing commute to an office.

We get it. Face time is important: great for team-building, collaboration, and navigating the...

How to Work at a Coffee Shop Like a Pro

Emily Irish / Published May 10, 2017

One of the best parts of remote work is the freedom to work from anywhere. For most of us, "anywhere" includes a lot of time spent at the local coffee shop.

If you love working in a cozy cafe with a fresh cup of delicious caffeine in your hands, you’re...

The 7 Biggest Remote Work Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Melanie Pinola / Published March 23, 2017

No soul-crushing commute. No managers or co-workers hanging over your shoulder. No one stealing your lunch from the office fridge. Remote work is wonderful. But it's not without its challenges.

Ask anyone who works remotely as a telecommuter or from home running their own business: It's not all rainbows and...

How to Find and Get Hired for a Remote Job

Melanie Pinola / Published January 31, 2017

When it's raining, snowing, or sweltering hot outside, I am grateful for my 30-second "commute." When I see photos of open offices with people trying to work side by side at long tables, I'm grateful for the solitude of my home office. When I hear that some people spend two...

Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees? [Infographic]

Melanie Pinola / Published December 5, 2016

Any time the subject of remote work or telecommuting comes up, our ears perk up. It's a great working arrangement that we at Zapier and many other SaaS companies enjoy. But, we also have to be honest, it's also not without its downsides or challenges. At the end of the...

Be Productive Anywhere: 8 Proven Strategies for Better Remote Work

Dmitry Dragilev / Published June 9, 2016

After years of working from coffee shops and couches, there's one thing I'm certain of: working remotely is hard. Incredibly hard.

On paper, it sounds all rainbows and unicorns—you get to choose your own hours, you don't need to deal with a boss looming over your shoulder, and you can...

Remote Meets Co-Located: How Batchbook Builds Culture with Blended Work Styles

Jane Callahan / Published October 6, 2015

It's late. Ray Bonachea, vice president of marketing at Batchbook, reaches high above his head and rolls his wrists. He's about to close the book on another mid-September work day—from his bedroom, with a view of the beach.

Ray's teammate, Melony Hypes, is winding down too. But not from...