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Melanie Pinola
Melanie Pinola

As writers on the Zapier blog, we cover everything from the best productivity apps to how to get to Inbox Zero to why you should use a VPN to salary negotiation tips: tips and tricks to help you be more productive at work and get more done.

Justin Pot, Staff Writer

Justin Pot

Justin has explained technology for over a decade, writing tutorials and features for sites like How-to Geek, Digital Trends, and MakeUseOf. When not testing software and writing about it, Justin is probably enjoying nature, hosting friends, or watching hockey. Follow Justin on Twitter: @jhpot.

Joey Blanco, Customer Storyteller

Joey Blanco

Like all good stories, Joey Blanco's starts with dinosaurs. Jurassic Park opened his eyes to the power of a good narrative, setting him on a path that led not to cloning extinct species, but instead to sharing customer journeys. As Zapier's Customer Storyteller, Joey chats with Zapier's user base, learning about their efficiencies, tips, and tricks—and then shares them wide in a story. If he's not writing a story, odds are Joey's playing bass, defending the semi-colon, or corralling his two dogs. A few of Joey's articles:

Jessica Greene, Contributing Writer

Jessica Greene

During a decade-long career in digital marketing, Jessica discovered three things she's passionate about: writing, teaching, and finding creative ways to streamline day-to-day tasks. Today, she combines those passions as a professional writer, writing blog posts that teach people how to boost their productivity in both business and life. When she’s not writing, she's usually playing video games with her family or singing a silly song to one of her cats. A few of Jessica's articles:

Deborah Tennen, Contributed Content Manager

Deborah Tennen

Deb is an ex-academic turned editor. Her publication record includes McSweeney's, People Magazine (letter to the editor), and everyone's favorite quarterly, Renaissance Studies. As Zapier’s Contributed Content Manager, Deb manages and edits all content from freelancers and guest posters. When she’s not working, she's either watching television or showing someone a picture of her dog. A few of Deborah's articles:

Danny Schreiber, Editorial Team Manager

Danny Schreiber

Danny is a tech enthusiast with a belief that content rules the web. In his role as team manager, he collaborates closely with Melanie and Deb to build a team of writers who teach everyone to be more productive at work. He also leads Editorial's involvement across other areas of the organization, including product, employer branding, and internal communications. Before Zapier, he served as founding editor of a Midwest tech blog. Follow Danny on Twitter @dannyaway. A few of Danny's articles:

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