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About us

How we work at Zapier

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About us

Meet the main contributors to the Zapier Blog

By Deborah Tennen · June 1, 2021
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We're the Zapier Blog, and we're here to make you more productive, help grow your business, and show you how automation means more than robots taking over the world.

Elena Alston, Content Specialist

Elena Alston

Before joining Zapier as a content specialist, Elena wrote for the likes of Culture Trip, Matador Network, and Imperica Magazine—writing extensively across travel, synthetic biology, and using AI in the world of fiction. Now she's a big advocate of automation at Zapier and loves making it more accessible to people via storytelling. Here are some of Elena's articles:

Janine Anderson, Managing Editor

Janine Anderson

Janine has been a reporter and editor for local news outlets and worked as an engagement strategist, helping journalists better connect with their communities. At Zapier, she’s working on pieces that help people understand how they could save time by automating repetitive tasks and show them how to get started with the process. Janine can often be found reading or knitting, and is happiest when she is at the Lake Michigan shoreline. Here are some of Janine's articles:

Joey Blanco, Content Specialist

Joey Blanco

Like all good stories, Joey Blanco's starts with dinosaurs. Jurassic Park opened his eyes to the power of a good narrative, setting him on a path that led not to cloning extinct species, but instead to sharing customer journeys. As Zapier's Customer Storyteller, Joey chats with Zapier's user base, learning about their efficiencies, tips, and tricks—and then shares them wide in a story. If he's not writing a story, odds are Joey's playing bass, defending the semi-colon, or corralling his two dogs. A few of Joey's articles:

Hannah Herman, Staff Writer

Hannah Herman

Hannah Herman is a copywriter and native New Yorker. She’s written extensively on automation, but her real jam is creative, catchy taglines. When she’s not writing, she’s probably walking around the city and trying to look at her phone less. Here are a few of Hannah's articles:

Ellie Huizenga, Content Specialist

Ellie Huizenga

Ellie Huizenga is a self-proclaimed book nerd who loves a good dystopian teen novel. Before joining Zapier, Ellie wrote extensively about travel tech and sustainability. When Ellie's not reading or writing, you'll find her in the mountains either downhill skiing or on a new hike. Here are some of Ellie's articles:

Krystina Martinez, Staff Writer

Krystina Martinez

Krystina writes about all things automation for the Zapier blog. Previously she was a public radio journalist, and she has a lot of opinions about microphones. When she's not writing or tinkering with Zapier, Krystina enjoys sewing her own clothes and taking long naps.Some of Krystina's articles:

Grace Montgomery, Content Services Lead

Grace Montgomery

A devoted data and word nerd, Grace has spent over ten years in the SEO and content world. As Senior Updates Editor, Grace makes sure Zapier’s content stays fresh and up-to-date. When she’s not editing, you can usually find Grace researching historical fashion or trying mid-century recipes. Here are some of Grace's articles:

Justin Pot, Staff Writer

Justin Pot

Justin writes about automation, workplace culture, and productivity for the Zapier Blog. He enjoys tech, nature, and people (but not necessarily in that order.) You can hang out with Justin on Twitter: @jhpot. You don't have to, but you can.

Deb Tennen, Managing Editor

Deborah Tennen

Deb is an ex-academic turned editor. Her publication record includes McSweeney's, People Magazine (letter to the editor), and everyone's favorite quarterly, Renaissance Studies. Deb is the senior editor of the Zapier Blog, and when she’s not working, she's either watching television or showing someone a picture of her dog. A few of Deb's articles:

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Deborah Tennen picture

Deborah Tennen

Deb Tennen is managing editor of the Zapier blog. When she’s not working, Deb is either watching television or showing someone a picture of her dog.

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