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Organize Anything with Airtable: 14+ Database Automations to Try

Kim Kadiyala / January 17, 2017

Imagine you and another chef are preparing a steak dinner for 50 guests. You enter the kitchen with nothing but a butter knife. But your partner's wielding an extra-sharp, top-of-the-line piece of cutlery. They carve up the meat with quick, precise strokes—while you're stuck sawing away.


Reach Any Goal This Year with a Spreadsheet, a Calendar, and the SMART System

Emily Irish / January 10, 2017

You have a new goal. Maybe it’s New Year’s and you’re ready for a fresh start. Maybe it’s July and you’re ready for change. Regardless, you’ve got the vim and vigor to make this happen.

But then you worry. People abandon their goals all...

How to Emoji Like a Pro

Melanie Pinola / January 5, 2017

You've seen them on Slack, on Twitter, in your emails, and in your text messages. You might have even seen them beyond the digital screen, on billboards or in magazine ads. Emoji are everywhere, enhancing our messages in colorful, light-hearted ways.

Over 1,800 of these tiny pictograms exist...

Year in Review: Our 16 Most Popular Productivity and Apps Posts of 2016

Melanie Pinola / December 23, 2016

Did you hear that? That's the sound of 2016 whooshing by. We can't believe it's almost the new year either. Before it ends, though, we wanted to take a look back and share the most popular blog posts we've published in 2016.

This year, we posted...

Keystone Habits: Improve All Areas of Your Life with One Small Habit

Belle Cooper / December 22, 2016

Not all habits are created equal. Some will have a much bigger effect on your life. These "high return" habits are often called keystone habits, and if you're going to adopt only one new habit, it should be one of these.

Writer Mark Manson describes keystone habits as "compounding...

How to Master the Art of Listening

Genevieve Conti / December 8, 2016

Listening is the unsung hero of communication. We love to praise great orators and recite lines from famous speeches, and rightly so. Words are powerful. But listening can be equally so.

If you improve your listening skills, you’ll probably never win an award for it or make it into...

The Mnemonic Imagery Game: How to Memorize Difficult Words in a New Language

Gabriel Wyner / December 7, 2016

Many languages are tricky for native English speakers to learn because of a thing called grammatical gender. In English, you can swap most nouns for a different noun and the grammar stays intact. In other languages, you have to memorize not only the noun but also whether it's female...

The Complete Guide to OmniFocus: One of the Best To-Do Apps for GTD

David Galloway / December 6, 2016

From Post-It notes on your desk to detailed project management tools, there are hundreds of ways to manage your tasks. And yet, one app has continued to capture the imagination of people trying to get things done: OmniFocus.

OmniFocus was launched in 2008 and designed around the Getting Things Done...

Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees? [Infographic]

Melanie Pinola / December 5, 2016

Any time the subject of remote work or telecommuting comes up, our ears perk up. It's a great working arrangement that we at Zapier and many other SaaS companies enjoy. But, we also have to be honest, it's also not without its downsides or challenges. At the end...

How to Manage Your Productivity on Someone Else’s Schedule

Emily Irish / December 1, 2016

There's a reason why movies like Office Space and shows like The Office are so popular. These comedies poke fun at what many workers have experienced firsthand: The drudgery of the 9-to-5 grind, inflexible and perhaps baffling office politics, and a workload that's dictated by others.

Chances are...