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  • Hero image for Notion app tips with the Notion logo on a gray background

    A freelancer's simple project management template for Notion

    Here's how one freelancer manages her projects in Notion—and the template she uses to do it.

    By Komal Ahuja

    4 min read

  • Hero image of an orange background with light orange squares on it

    How a mid-day walk changed my energy levels—at work and at home

    Whether you commute to an office, work remotely from a desk in your house, or spend your days caring for a tiny human, take a walk. 

    By Kimberly Keys

    3 min read

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  • A hero image for Google Docs app tips with the Google Docs logo on a blue background

    Draft and collaborate on emails in Google Docs

    Google Docs lets you collaborate on documents; Gmail doesn't really let you collaborate on emails. That's kind of weird, right?

    By Justin Pot

    2 min read

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