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The Remote Workers' Toolkit: 30+ Productivity Apps and Tools to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Melanie Pinola / December 5, 2017

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend four hours sharpening the axe."- Attributed to Abraham Lincoln, but most likely never said by him

Everyone could use a good productivity tool or two. If you're a carpenter, you need a hammer and nails. Painters...

Organize Your Life with the Agile Method

Jessica Greene / November 28, 2017

I worked as a product owner for two years before I finally realized the value of Agile prioritization—the process of ranking items in a to-do list from most to least important. Ironically, I wasn’t at work when the benefits became clear. It happened while planning my wedding.


The Idea File System: How to Capture and Organize All of Your Ideas

Alexandra Samuel / November 23, 2017

Creativity isn’t just for artists. Creative thinking—and especially, creative ideas—drive business and professional innovation in every field. Whether it’s a potential topic for a single blog post or a concept for a whole new line of business, ideas are the bedrock on which we build our...

Growth Hacking Your Job Search: 5 Steps to Get Hired by the Company You Want

Stephen Levin / November 21, 2017

As a data engineer and analyst, I search for the best use of my time and resources by testing techniques and measuring results. That often means applying a technique from one function of a business to another—say, applying the lean product development cycle, "build-measure-learn", to your marketing efforts.


3 Ways to Boost Your Team's Productivity and Avoid Burnout

Olivia Jardine / October 17, 2017

We’ve all read our fair share of articles claiming they have the one key secret to supercharged productivity. However, a bunch of these so-called productivity hacks have, in fact, been found to damage team efficiency in the long run. With a focus on short-term performance, rather than well-being...

Forget Mornings: Here’s How to Design the Best Afternoon Routine, According to Research

Jory MacKay / October 5, 2017

Do you get up at 4am to work before the rest of the world wakes up? Does your morning routine include meditation, cold shower, coffee? Or coffee, cold shower, meditation?

With the amounts of tips and tricks out there telling us how to have the most productive morning possible, you...

How to Land Your Dream Job with One Spreadsheet

Zen Ren / September 26, 2017

Job hunting feels like more of an art than a science—especially if you recently graduated or are starting from a place of unemployment.

But finding and landing your dream job doesn't have to come down to luck. In fact, some well-applied basic project management tactics can make all...

7 Science-Backed Ways to Take Better Breaks

Jory MacKay / September 25, 2017

It wasn’t until moving to London that I started eating lunch at my desk.

Instead of sitting around a communal table or going out for a leisurely lunch hour, my colleagues would bring microwaved leftovers to their desk or sprint down to the local grocery store to grab a...

7 Scientific Ways to Make Better Decisions

Kathleen McAuliffe / September 12, 2017

From ordering coffee and choosing a suit to evaluating job offers and pursuing business opportunities, we’re assaulted with decisions nearly every second of the day. If you’ve ever wasted hours overanalyzing Amazon reviews—let alone overthinking a business decision—you know that researching options and assessing alternatives carries...

Imposter Syndrome: Why You Have It and What You Can Do About It

Belle Cooper / August 31, 2017

Many of us worry about not performing well enough at our jobs, not getting good enough grades, or not having as much knowledge and experience as our peers. We worry about what others think of us and whether we fit in or stand out among our friends or colleagues.