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Build a Master Contact Database From Google Contacts, LinkedIn, Outlook, and More

Kara McCartney / May 29, 2018

As a marketing intern in college, I was tasked with the glamorous job of building a 5,000-person database. The vice president of sales didn’t care how I did it. He simply said, “Get me 5,000 emails. You have until the end of summer to do it.”


The Small Business Guide to Hiring the Best Employees

Alexandra Samuel / May 24, 2018

You'd think hiring would be a breeze: People are clamoring for exciting positions, so you just pick one of the many talented people who come your way.

Well, according to a 2015 report from Deloitte, it costs U.S. companies an average of $4,000 to recruit each new...

How to Use Evernote for GTD

Jill Duffy / May 22, 2018

Evernote is among the best apps for productivity and much of its success comes from its flexibility. Evernote lets you create and save whatever type of notes you want, from audio memos to doodles to photos, with a wealth of tools to store, sort, and organize them. It's so...

7 Steps to Creating Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

Stephen Altrogge / May 17, 2018

We are drowning in content.

Every day, millions of blog posts are published, and most of them are fluff. Not that we don't want to find out which Friends character we're most like, but it's not the highest caliber content.

The good news? High-quality, authoritative, in-depth content...

Beyond Decision Fatigue: How Managing Decisions Can Help or Hurt Your Productivity

Jill Duffy / May 15, 2018

We all make important decisions, sometimes daily, yet there's a mystique about being called a decision maker. That label crowns one with power, especially when used in the workplace. It signals authority, leadership status, and influence. Decision makers shape the business, and the most successful ones seem to get...

All I Really Need to Know About Management I Learned from Parenting

Deborah Tennen / May 8, 2018

Let's get something straight: I'm not about to tell you that you need to be a parent to be a good manager. I'm also not about to tell you that your employees are anything like children. (If they are, stop reading and go take care of that...

Automate Your Inbox with these Tips, Tools, and Templates

Jessica Greene / May 7, 2018

Email helps us connect, communicate, and collaborate—but does it help too much? We receive an average of 94 business emails every day and devote almost one-third of our time at work to email management. Bottom line: the benefits of email often come at the expense of productivity.

To reclaim...

Write Better: The 10 Most Common Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Melanie Pinola / April 12, 2018

A former editor of mine once described wordy article introductions as "throat-clearing," as in, this person doesn't know yet what they're trying to say, so they're hemming and hawing before getting to the point. You could chalk it up to writers liking to explain things or the...

5 Things Customer Support Reps Wish You Knew

Sarah Chambers / March 27, 2018

We are the people you never want to talk to.

We know that when you’re contacting customer support, something is likely frustrating you. Something is broken, something is confusing, something is just…not working. Your guard is up, and you just want to get back to work without having...

Scrum for One: How to Apply the Scrum Framework to Personal Projects

Jessica Greene / March 20, 2018

My house is more than 100 years old. The original structure was only two rooms, built in the late 1800s. Today there are eight rooms in total—the other six added on at different times over the last century as things like indoor kitchens and bathrooms became commonplace.

While I...