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5 ways automation can help your customer support team

By Tyler Robertson · January 13, 2021
A man wears a headset and sits in front of a computer.

Customer support is a tough job, and making sure that your customers are taken care of without burning out your support team is even tougher. Whether it’s keeping the team on target, updating your knowledge base to help customers self-serve, or even just keeping remote meetings from being too boring, the tasks can quickly pile up, and often lead to points of friction, or wasted effort. 

Luckily, many of these tasks can be automated to help you stay on top of tickets, get your customers the help they need, and keep your team healthy and growing. We’ve collected some popular Zaps (our name for Zapier’s automated workflows) that help keep your Customer Support team running smoothly. Click the button next to any of the templates listed below to get started!

You'll need a Zapier account to use the workflows in this piece. If you don't have an account yet, it's free to get started.

Create tickets from forms and social media mentions

Questions can come from anywhere, and—because you're the Steven Tyler of support—you don't want to miss a thing. Using these Zaps, you can take form submissions or mentions on social media and turn them into tickets in your support apps. It makes your support team look like they're everywhere at once! 

Using tools like Typeform or Wufoo, you can put a form anywhere on the web, giving your customers lots of ways to get in touch. Using these Zaps, you can connect those submissions to your support team right away.

Create Zendesk tickets from new Squarespace form responses

Create Zendesk tickets from new Squarespace form responses
  • Squarespace logo
  • Zendesk logo
Squarespace + Zendesk

Prefer a more social approach? These Zaps let you search for mentions or specific words in the social networks your customers use, and send those to your team right away for further review. 

Notify your team about new tickets

Support doesn't always happen in just one app—your team might be putting out fires in multiple places, or building documentation to help answer even more questions in the future. To make sure a ticket never gets lost, use the Zaps below to notify your team about new tickets in your company's team chat app, which they most likely always have open.

Create a knowledge base

It's a familiar feeling to anyone who's answered support questions: "Didn't I just write this email?" To relieve your typing fingers and help your customers even faster, building a knowledge base with guides and frequently asked questions is essential. These Zaps help you flag information and get those questions into your knowledge base quickly, so "frequently asked" can become "already answered".

These Zaps take messages you've called out in Slack, Jira, or GitHub, and turns them into Trello cards for your team to save for later.

Learn how to create a Zap that automatically makes a card in Trello for saved Slack messages.

And once you have the information formatted in the way you like, these Zaps can help you turn them into preformatted documents.

Keep an eye on the numbers

While putting a number score on how much"help" your team is providing can sound harsh, it can be a tool for transparency, and let each member of the team know how they're doing in a more tangible way than just "good". Most customer service apps have built-in metric trackers, but these Zaps help you call out great work, or can be customized for each rep.

Does your team need more individualized motivation? Here’s how to create a personal best challenge bot to push them forward.

Keep everyone in sync

If you're working with a remote team or have multiple shifts to accommodate customer needs, it can be difficult to make sure everyone can attend the same meetings, or keep up-to-date with the latest company news. These Zaps keep everyone on the same page, by making sure they're notified about every update, and can access every meeting. It's like giving every member of your team a personal assistant!

Saving your Zoom recordings to another app? There are some settings you may need to change first. We’ve got you covered.

For members of your team who may not want to watch a full meeting recording, apps like Descript help you transcribe your videos and turn them into shareable documents.

Struggling to remember everything that happened this week? It's okay, there are Zaps for that too. Using the Digest by Zapier app, you can automatically save tasks, notes, or even files, to a digest that gets sent back to you on a regular basis.

Get a Slack message with tomorrow's schedule

Get a Slack message with tomorrow's schedule
  • Google Calendar logo
  • Slack logo
Google Calendar + Digest by Zapier + Formatter by Zapier + 1 more

At Zapier, we also stay up to date with each other by writing personal updates every Friday. Here’s why.

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