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How to streamline project management with automation and AI

By Will Harris · August 14, 2023
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Great teams are rarely short on ideas. Executing those ideas? Well, that's a different story.

An efficient project management system is critical to turning ideas into action, but it's also an often-overlooked part of the process. It can be tempting to skip project management in the name of moving fast and breaking things. But, more often than not, when project management workflows are put in place, it enables your team to move faster and more reliably.

With the advent of AI, there are more resources than ever at your disposal to manage your projects effectively. Here's how you can use AI and automation to put project management at the heart of your team's work.

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Create new tasks with context

How often have you gotten a message in Slack or Microsoft Teams to work on something, then completely forgotten about it? Don't worry, it's happened to all of us. But it doesn't need to.

With these Zaps—our word for Zapier's automated workflows—you can create tasks in your project management platform from messages in your chat tool, ensuring you don't forget them. There's even an AI step in between to summarize the conversation in a thread in your chat tool so you can carry that context over when you look at your task later.

Summarize a Slack thread with ChatGPT and create a task for it in Asana

Summarize a Slack thread with ChatGPT and create a task for it in Asana
  • Slack logo
  • ChatGPT logo
  • Asana logo
Slack + ChatGPT + Asana

Assign tasks to the right people

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to manage incoming work requests for your team is to point people to a form to fill out. If you're a savvy automation user, you might already have this form set up and a Zap in place that adds form responses to your project management tool.

There's still some manual work to be done here though, like deciding who on your team to assign the task to. With the help of AI, you can sort this out automatically.

With the Zap below, you can have ChatGPT read the details of your project request and assign it to someone on your team based on a set of criteria. That way, you don't have to spend time reviewing each incoming request and deciding who it should go to.

Automatically document your meetings

Zoom makes it easy to record meetings for people to watch later if they aren't able to attend, but what about the people who prefer to catch up by reading?

Having a written transcript or summary of a meeting is helpful not only for people who missed it, but for those who like to look back at meeting highlights and action items as well. Meeting summaries make it easy for teams to stay on top of projects week to week.

With the Zaps below, you can transcribe meeting recordings with AI and then either share them with your team or use AI to generate a summary, giving your team audio and written documentation as your project moves forward.

Generate meeting summaries with ChatGPT and share them in Slack

Generate meeting summaries with ChatGPT and share them in Slack
  • Zoom logo
  • Slack logo
Zoom + Descript + OpenAI (GPT-3, DALL-E, Whisper) + 1 more

Generate project updates

If your team works asynchronously on a project, it's helpful to regularly publish project updates. This way, everyone knows what's on track, what's falling behind, and if there are any blockers.

With the Zaps below, you can have AI write a project update when tasks are complete in your project management tool. Then, Zapier will send the update in your chat tool or via email—wherever your team prefers.

Brainstorm ideas for a kickoff call

Have you ever been part of a meeting where someone asks for ideas or suggestions, and the room is painfully silent? It can be difficult to start a brainstorming session from scratch. Some people prefer to have a few ideas ahead of time to talk through and hopefully inspire more ideas.

With the Zaps below, you can use AI to create ideas for whatever project you're planning—whether it's a product launch, brand campaign, or lead outreach initiative. This way, you can keep the conversation moving and help your team tap into their best ideas.

Supercharge your project management with AI and automation

Project management should enable your team, not hold them back. With AI and automation, you can easily build advanced project management processes that keep your work on track. This way, you can still move fast but hopefully not break too many things along the way.

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