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Add automation to your human resource management processes

By Zapier Editorial Team · July 27, 2021
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If you're in human resource management, it's likely because you want to help your company bring on the right people and help those employees be successful. There's a lot involved: Training employees, negotiating salaries, booking meetings across time zones, setting up company retreats, and managing conflict. With so much going on, there's the potential for things to slip through the cracks—especially if you're spending your time managing the apps that support your work rather than focusing on the people you support.

With Zapier, you can automate your HR processes, connecting the apps you use at work every day to help you manage data more easily. Automation saves you time by taking on some of your more mindless, repetitive tasks and helps you stay organized by making sure information is transferred accurately and regularly.

From recruitment to training to supporting your company's employees on the job, automation can save you time and free you to focus on the things that matter—the people, not the admin tasks.

You'll need a Zapier account to use the workflows in this piece. If you don't have an account yet, it's free to get started.

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Recruitment, especially at a growing company, involves juggling schedules, back-and-forth communication, and keeping candidate information organized. You can automate some of this work to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and save time to focus on engaging with your applicants.

Share job openings across platforms

You can set up a trigger that, when you share a job posting to your company's job board, shares that job posting to LinkedIn, Twitter or wherever your professional network lives. This trigger spares you the task of manually sharing the link across each channel every time a position becomes available.

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Schedule interviews

Automatically adding events and email confirmations to your calendar is the easiest way to wrangle a busy schedule. If your company is growing, you might end up with a calendar filled with interviews. Manually adding those to your schedule, saving the candidate's information, and confirming with them can be time-consuming and repetitive. Automations can help lighten your interview workload considerably.

Download resumes

You can set up an automation to place received email attachments, like resumes, in an organized folder in your cloud storage instead of keeping them in your email inbox, where they could get lost or accidentally deleted.

Centralize candidate information

Automation is at its best when it is gathering information. Set up an automation to add all your new candidates to a spreadsheet to stay organized without having to transfer all that information yourself, and never risk a typo in contact info.

Training and onboarding

You can set up automation to take care of the little repeated tasks that come with every new addition to your team. Automation is the perfect solution for repetitive tasks: You set it up once, and then it runs each time without you having to do more work. It's crucial to manage sensitive documents and data impeccably, and automation makes sure that happens in an organized and secure way.

Manage your employee training

Set up an automated workflow to send training materials to new employees on their first day. Another automation can alert you when they reach key benchmarks in their training. Finally, set up an automation to solicit feedback on how the training process worked for them.

Make signing documents easier

There can be a lot of documents to get filled out and signed during the onboarding process. Luckily, digital tools have made it possible to do all that online. Share documents automatically, get them digitally signed, and file them in an organized fashion with simple zaps.

Add data to internal databases

Make sure your sensitive employee data remains up to date and secure with a simple workflow that pulls and organizes new hire data as it comes in. This also reduces the number of people who have to handle sensitive information.

Team support

Keep track of team goals

Using Workboard to track your hiring goals? Zapier can keep those goals up to date, so your team will know how your hiring and HR process goals are going. Transparency builds confidence, especially if your team is working hard and looking forward to having new coworkers to share the load.

Vacation requests

Time off is important, and coordinating it with a large team can be a challenge. MeisterLabs came up with a beautifully automated system that took the clutter and chaos out of vacation requests. Use this automated workflow to make managing vacation requests easier.

If you find your company could use help communicating when people are out of the office, check out our tutorial on setting up an automated out-of-office bot to handle those alerts, especially for in-demand employees.

Focus on the people by adding automation to your processes

A successful human resources department plays a key role in a positive work environment with happy, productive teams. You use your judgment to find quality candidates, your creativity to build engaging and effective onboarding processes, and your insight to support employees and help them navigate difficult situations.

By using automations like these, you spend less time on repetitive busywork, and you will have more time and energy to dedicate to the parts of your job that use those skills you bring to the table.

New to Zapier? It's a tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free.

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