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Focus on your job candidates with these tips from a Zapier recruiter

Learn how a recruiting coordinator at Zapier uses automation to stay on top of her work

By Mika Brown · August 4, 2020
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Recruiting is a fast-paced business. Getting a candidate through the pipeline as quickly as possible means a better candidate experience. And, the faster you act, the less likely you are to lose a good candidate to a competing offer.

As a recruiting coordinator, automation helps me support my team to ensure an efficient, positive candidate experience. Automation helps me schedule faster, create interview documents, maintain interviewer cadence, and so much more.

Here are a few ways I use Zapier to keep our pipeline in motion.

Scheduling interviews

Let's start at the beginning when I receive a request from my recruiters to schedule an interview. At Zapier we use a simple Google Form for scheduling requests and use automation to elevate the process. I receive a Slackbot message for every scheduling request with the request details including candidate name, position, and a link with additional details. This ensures that I don't miss anything and can act as quickly as possible! Check it out:

Send direct messages in Slack with new or updated Google Forms responses

Send direct messages in Slack with new or updated Google Forms responses
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Google Forms + Slack

We use Greenhouse at Zapier, and sometimes my recruiters will submit a scheduling request before the candidate shared their availability. So while I have the request, I might not be able to do anything about it quite yet.

I set up another Zap that sends me a Slack message when the candidate submits their availability.

I use "submitted availability" as the search term in this one, but you can set it to be whatever works for your recruiting flow.

These Zaps give me peace of mind. I don't need to constantly monitor the situation and I know I won't miss anything with my Zaps in place. As soon as I'm able to schedule that interview I will. In the meantime, I can focus my energy on other projects.

Preparing for the interview

Once I schedule the interview on a certain calendar, there's an incredible number of possibilities for Zaps.

One of my favorites is creating an interview document and sharing it with interviewers in the Slack channel. I love this one because it ensures interviewers have their questions no matter what and it makes the whole process feel like a well-oiled machine.

Other useful Zaps

Remind interviewers they have an interview coming up with this Zap that sends a message in Slack for upcoming calendar events.

Update an Airtable calendar with interviewers once they're scheduled to monitor the cadence you're using them:

These Zaps are mostly focused on creating a great experience for our internal stakeholders, which would hopefully result in a better experience for our candidates as a result. Use these Zaps to free up time you spend on admin tasks so you can focus on the thing that matters: your candidates.

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