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Popular ways to use Zapier to improve your work

By Zapier Editorial Team · March 1, 2017
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Most of us waste far too much time doing busywork. Instead of focusing on the most important parts of our job, we fritter the hours away sending emails, checking apps for updates, copying data back and forth, and scheduling endless meetings.

Zapier cuts the busy work by handling those tasks and more for you automatically. With automated workflows we call Zaps, you can send emails, get updated about apps, copy data between your software, and even schedule meetings automatically. No more distraction—just more time to do the work you love.

Get started saving time with Zapier with some of our most popular Zaps. Whether you're new to Zapier or just exploring new ways to get more done with less work, the workflows below are some of the best ways people are eliminating tedious work.

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that lets you connect your apps into automated workflows, so that every person and every business can move forward at growth speed. Learn more about how it works.

Share blog posts to your social channels

Instead of manually sharing your blog posts or interesting articles you've found online, use these Zaps to share items from an RSS feed directly to social media.

Post new RSS items to Facebook Pages

Post new RSS items to Facebook Pages
  • RSS by Zapier logo
  • Facebook Pages logo
RSS by Zapier + Facebook Pages

Keep your notes with your tasks

You likely have a favorite notes app and a favorite to-do app. Save your ideas and your tasks both in one place to make sure you never forget to act on an idea.

Collect feedback and other info from forms

Forms are a great way to collect all sorts of data from your customers and internal team. Once someone has filled out your form, you can put it to use in your other favorite apps in minutes with the help of automation. Send that form information to apps like Trello, Dropbox, or Google Sheets where you can put it to work.

Automatically send survey thank yous

Personalized responses are time-consuming to create from scratch. Instead, these workflows reach out and thank individuals for their input almost instantly.

Create an email list

One of the most popular ways to keep in touch with your customers and new leads is through email newsletters. But often that information is siloed in different apps. With these Zaps, you can automatically add new contact information to an email list.

Get notifications and reminders about everything in Slack

For many teams, Slack is information central. Streamline sharing with your team by sending notifications from other apps to Slack.

Track events and tasks with your calendar

If you rely on Google Calendar to stay on schedule but use a different app to track everything you need to work on, these workflows are for you. Keep tabs on everything coming up without manually adding events to your calendar.

Turn your emails into to-dos

With the daily flood of email, your inbox isn't the best place for your tasks. Yet many emails are actionable. Never let an email task get buried—instead, let Zapier send it to the proper place so you remember to take action.

Save email attachments to the cloud

Don't let the files and photos people send you over email get lost in your inbox. Instead, save those attachments to your favorite cloud storage service so you'll always know where they are.

Get an automatic summary of anything with Digest

Sometimes you don't need to know about new things exactly when they happen—instead, you need to know all of the things that happened over a time period. Perhaps you'd like an email with all of today's headlines each evening, or a list of everything your team's completed this week on Friday afternoons. Zapier's Digest tool can correlate the info for you and send it right when you need it.

Get Slack notifications for Reddit mentions and get an email summary of mentions daily, weekly, or monthly

Get Slack notifications for Reddit mentions and get an email summary of mentions daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Reddit logo
  • Email by Zapier logo
Reddit + Digest by Zapier + Slack + 1 more

Start automated workflows with a push

Need to send an email, add a task, schedule a meeting, and more? Don't open those apps—that's how you'll get distracted and waste even more time. Instead, use Zapier's Chrome Extension to create those items at the push of a button.

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