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Facebook Lead Ads

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Google Sheets

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Event Management

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Connect Campaign Monitor to 2,000+ Apps

  • Add Campaign Monitor subscribers from new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Campaign Monitor

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  • Create new Campaign Monitor subscribers for new rows on Google Sheets

    Google Sheets + Campaign Monitor

  • Create new Campaign Monitor subscribers for new Typeform entries

    Typeform + Campaign Monitor

  • Send messages on Slack for new Campaign Monitor subscribers

    Campaign Monitor + Slack

  • Add subscribers to Campaign Monitor for new attendees on Eventbrite

    Eventbrite + Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Integration Details

Personalized and timely emails will increase your marketing ROI. Zapier can help by automatically adding leads to your Campaign Monitor account so you can start your campaigns faster. You can even back up your data on Google Sheets to keep accurate records of who has subscribed and unsubscribed from your lists.

Here are some creative ways to use Campaign Monitor with Zapier:

  • Make sure you capitalize on every lead. Add new leads from Facebook Lead Ads as subscribers in Campaign Monitor.
  • Start developing a hyper-personalized email strategy for your customers who engage with you in person. Add new attendees in EventBrite as subscribers in Campaign Monitor.
  • Worried about complying with legal requirements for your email marketing? Keep accurate records when you use Zapier to log new subscribers or unsubscribed emails from Campaign Monitor in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

The following Campaign Monitor Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New Bounce

Triggers when an campaign email to someone bounces (ie. could not be delivered).

New Email Open

Triggers when someone opens an email from one of your Campaigns.

New Bounced Transactional Message

Triggers when a transactional message bounces.

New Client

Triggers when a client is added to Campaign Monitor.

New Click Through

Triggers when someone clicks through an email from one of your Campaigns.

New Subscriber

Triggers when a new subscriber is added to a list.

New Unsubscribe

Triggers when a someone unsubscribes from a list.

New List

Triggers when a list is added for a client.


Send Smart Transactional Email

Sends a smart transactional email.


Remove a subscriber from a list.

Add Subscriber

Create a new subscriber on a list.

Update Subscriber

Update a subscriber on a list.


Find Subscriber

Find a subscriber by email within a given list.

Find or Create Subscriber

Finds or creates a specific find subscriber.

Connect Campaign Monitor to 2,000+ Apps