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Connect Asana to 2,000+ Apps

  • Create new Asana tasks from new Google Calendar events

    Google Calendar + Asana

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  • Add new Evernote notes to Asana

    Evernote + Asana

  • Create Asana Tasks from new emails in Gmail

    Gmail + Asana

  • Create Asana tasks with new rows in Google Sheets

    Google Sheets + Asana

  • Create Asana tasks from new saved Slack messages

    Slack + Asana

Asana Integration Details

Asana makes tracking projects a lot easier. And now you can use Asana with Zapier to streamline how you organize and update projects and tasks. Save hours every week by using Zapier to automatically create or update items in Asana from the other apps you use.

Here are some creative ways to use Asana and Zapier:

  • Track customer requests or feedback from teammates. Create Asana tasks when people submit new form responses via Wufoo, Typeform, Google Forms or other form apps you use.

  • Instantly organize meeting notes by attaching notes from Evernote or Microsoft OneNote to tasks with the same name.

  • Want to clear out your inbox? Quickly add tasks in Asana without leaving your Gmail inbox. You can even create tasks in specific projects from emails with labels.

The following Asana Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Task in Project

Triggered when you add a new task to a project.

InstantUpdated Task in Project

Triggered when a task in a project is updated.

New Project

Triggered when you add a new project.

New Subtask

Triggered when you add a new subtask.

New Team

Triggered when you add a new team.

New Workspace/Organization

Triggered when you add a new workspace/organization.

Tag Added to Task

Triggered when you add a tag to a task.

Completed Task

Triggered when a task within a project, or any project within a workspace, is marked as completed. Does not trigger on completed subtasks.

New Story

Triggered when you add a new story.

New Tag Created

Triggered when you create a new tag.

New User

Triggered when you add a new user.


Create Project

Adds a new project.

Create Task

Adds a new task.

Attach File

Attaches a File to a task.

Add Task to Section of Project

Adds a task to a section of a project.

Create Story

Adds a new story (a comment is a story).

Update Task

Updates an existing Task.

Create Subtask

Adds a subtask to an existing task.


Find User

Finds an existing user of your Asana account.

Find Task in Project

Finds an existing task within a workspace project(s).

Find Task by ID

Finds an existing task by its ID.

Find Project

Finds an existing project.

Find Section in Project

Finds an existing section within a workspace project.

Connect Asana to 2,000+ Apps