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Evernote Business Integration Details

Launched on Zapier January 6, 2013

Connect Evernote Business to Zapier to automatically capture more data and help your team organize their ideas. Zapier can send information to Evernote from cloud storage software, web form apps, and 1,000+ other tools. Or you can trigger calendar reminders, send emails, update your CRM, and more whenever you create new Evernote notes or reminders.

Here are some creative ways to use Evernote Business with Zapier:

  • Jump right into editing by saving new Google Drive files as notes in Evernote Business.
  • Collect content ideas through Jotform or Typeform, and Zapier can create notes in Evernote Business whenever there are new submissions.
  • Never miss a deadline again. Add calendar events when new reminders are added to a notebook in Evernote Business.

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Note") and Actions (like "Tag Note") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Evernote Business Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Tag Note

Adds existing tags to a note.

Append to Note

Appends content to an existing note by title inside Evernote (it will be created first if it doesn't exist).

Create Note

Creates a new note in a notebook for Evernote.

Create Notebook

Creates a new notebook in Evernote.

Create Tag

Creates a new tag inside Evernote. Limited to 10,000 tags in your account.

New Note

Triggers when a new note is created in or moved to a notebook.

New Reminder

Triggers when a new reminder with a date is added to a notebook.

New Tag Added to Note

Triggers when a specific tag is added to a note in Evernote.

New Notebook

Triggers when a new notebook is added to Evernote.

Find a Note

Search for a note by title, optionally limited by notebook and tags.

Find a Tag

Search for a tag by title, optionally limited by notebook.

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Evernote Business brings the note-taking features of Evernote to your team. Capture and remember ideas and more, then collaborate on them with anyone in your company. Using Evernote on your own? Check out Evernote Personal.

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