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Connect Google Drive to 2,000+ Apps

  • Save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive

    Gmail + Google Drive

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  • Get Slack notifications for new Google Drive files in a folder

    Google Drive + Slack

  • Save Gmail attachments from labeled emails to Google Drive

    Gmail + Google Drive

  • Copy new Google Drive files in a specific folder to Dropbox

    Google Drive + Dropbox

  • Create Google Drive text documents for new Facebook Ad Leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Google Drive

Google Drive Integration Details

Launched on Zapier:

Google Drive will keep all your files organized and up to date, and with Zapier, you can connect Google Drive to all your other apps. Send notifications, create and update documents, and share files without even opening Google Drive. Use Zapier to make Google Drive even more powerful by automatically managing your files—making sure they’re right where you need them, when you need them.

Here are some creative ways to use Google Drive with Zapier:

  • Save all your Gmail attachments without having to download them yourself. Zapier will add files to Google Drive in the folder of your choice.

  • Stay up to date on file sharing while working in Slack. Whenever a specific Drive folder receives a file, you’ll get an Slack notification.

  • Organize meeting notes for new clients. When you create a new Trello card, Zapier will search for specific files in Google Drive and attach them to that card.

The following Google Drive Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New File

Triggers when any new file is added (inside of any folder).

New Folder

Triggers when a new folder is added directly to a specific folder (but not its subfolders).

New File in Folder

Triggers when a new file is added directly to a specific folder (but not its subfolders).

Updated File

Triggers when a file is updated in a specific folder (but not its subfolders).


Upload File

Copies an existing file from another service to Google Drive.

Create File from Text

Create a new file from plain text.

Move File

Move a file from one folder to another.

Add File Sharing Preference

Adds a sharing scope to the sharing preference of a file. Does not remove existing sharing settings. Provides a sharing URL.

Create Folder

Create a new, empty folder.

Copy File

Create a copy of the specified file.

Replace File

Upload a file to Drive, that replaces an existing file.


Find a File

Search for a specific file by name.

Find a Folder

Search for a specific folder by name.

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