GitLab Integrations

  • Add or move Trello cards to create new GitLab issues

    Do your various teams use different tools? Wouldn't it be ideal if those tools could communicate behind the scenes? Once configured, this integration will automatically create new issues in GitLab whenever a card is added to a Trello board or moved to a specific list. Now your sales, support or marketing team can create issues for your development team while staying in the tools they know best.

    How this Trello-GitLab integration works

    1. A new card is added to a Trello board
    2. Zapier creates an issue in GitLab

    Apps involved

    • Trello
    • GitLab
  • Create Asana tasks for new GitLab issues

    Stay on top of your upcoming action items by using a task management tool. This integration will automatically add newly created GitLab issues as a task in Asana so you track issues and organize your workload.

    How this GitLab-Asana integration works

    1. A new issue is created in GitLab
    2. Zapier adds a task in Asana

    Apps involved

    • GitLab
    • Asana
  • Add Trello cards for new GitLab issues

    Keep up with your development progress using your task management tool. Once activated, this integration will automatically create new Trello cards whenever a new issue is created on GitLab to help you stay organized and focused.

    How this GitLab-Trello integration works

    1. A new issue is created in GitLab
    2. Zapier creates a card in Trello

    Apps involved

    • GitLab
    • Trello
  • Add Todoist tasks for GitLab issues

    Keeping track of all of your development work can get overwhelming without proper task management. Use this Zapier integration to automatically create new tasks on Todoist whenever an issue is created in GitLab to help stay organized.

    How this GitLab-Todoist integration works [eg. "How this Gmail-Trello integration works"]

    1. A new issue is created in GitLab
    2. Zapier adds a task in Todoist

    Apps involved

    • GitLab
    • Todoist
  • Post new GitLab issues to Slack

    Does your team use Slack as a primary communication tool during the work day? Once activated, Zapier will automatically post new GitLab issues to Slack so your team always has the most up-to-date information to tackle issues faster.

    How this GitLab-Slack integration works

    1. A new issue is created in GitLab
    2. Zapier posts to Slack

    Apps involved

    • GitLab
    • Slack

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GitLab Integration Details

Launched on Zapier May 12, 2016 · 408 active users

Your engineering team can use Zapier to tie in any of their favorite apps to the development lifecycle in GitLab. Keep track of new issues by automatically creating tasks in your project management software, add GitLab issues from new activity in other apps, or post messages to your team's chat whenever new merge requests are submitted.

Here are some creative ways to use GitLab and Zapier:

  • Never forget to file a bug report. Use Zapier to turn customer emails with a specific label into GitLab issues,
  • Track new issues in your favorite to-do app. Use Zapier to update Trello cards or Todoist tasks when issues are opened, updated, or closed.
  • Keep your team posted by sending a team chat message in Slack when a new merge request is submitted.

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Commit") and Actions (like "Create Issue") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following GitLab Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Commit

Trigger when a commit is made on the specified project.

New Issue Event

Triggers on issue events, e.g. when an issue is opened, updated, or closed.

New Merge Request Event

Triggers on an open, merge, or close merge request event.

Create Issue

Creates a new issue.

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