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Zapier allows you to instantly connect Pardot with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

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Facebook Lead Ads

Ads & Conversion +2Ads & Conversion, Facebook, Premium


Forms & Surveys

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Ads & Conversion +2Ads & Conversion, Microsoft, Premium

Connect Pardot to 2,000+ Apps

  • Create prospects on Pardot from new submissions to your Facebook Lead Ad

    Facebook Lead Ads + Pardot

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  • Add leads to Pardot from new Unbounce submissions

    Unbounce + Pardot

  • Create Pardot prospects for new LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads

    LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms + Pardot

  • Create Pardot Prospects from Typeform forms

    Typeform + Pardot

  • Create Pardot Prospects from Gravity Forms Leads

    Gravity Forms + Pardot

Pardot Integration Details

In the B2B world, getting the right prospects to your sales and marketing teams is the cornerstone of your success. Do it faster when you use Zapier to automatically add prospects to Pardot so your sales and marketing teams can start nurturing leads, closing deals, and maximizing ROI.

Here are some creative ways to use Pardot with Zapier:

  • Stay connected with decision-makers in the industry. Create prospects in Pardot from new leads in LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.
  • Log new prospects from Pardot in an Airtable or Google Sheets spreadsheet so your sales team can easily access the information they need no matter where they are.
  • Want to turn your latest whitepaper into a valuable lead-gathering tool? Make sure your campaign is a success when you use Zapier to create prospects in Pardot from new entries in Wufoo, Typeform, or other form apps.

The following Pardot Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New Prospect

Triggers when a new Prospect is synced to Pardot.


Add Prospect to List

Adds an existing prospect to a list.

Update Prospect

Updates an existing prospect.

Create Prospect

Creates a new Prospect record within Pardot.

Send List Email

Creates and sends a list email.


Find Prospect

Finds an existing prospect by email address.

Connect Pardot to 2,000+ Apps