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Connect WooCommerce to 2,000+ Apps

    WooCommerce Integration Details

    Launched on Zapier:

    Connect WooCommerce to Zapier to increase sales and grow your business. Zapier enables your e-commerce store to interact with your CRM, accounting tools, email marketing apps, and so much more. You can automatically create shipping tasks, update contacts, send upsell emails, and SMS order confirmations—without lifting a finger. The possibilities are endless with the 1,000+ plus apps supported on Zapier.

    Here are some creative ways to use WooCommerce with Zapier:

    • No more CSV exports. Save new WooCommerce orders in Google Sheets so you have a detailed list of all sales whenever you need it.

    • Shipping made easy. Create Tookan or Onfleet pick-up or delivery tasks when your WooCommerce order changes to a specific status.

    • Build your customers' buyer confidence. Instantly send a confirmation or thank-you email when you receive new orders.

    The following WooCommerce Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:



    Triggers when a Customer event occurs. For example, customer created, customer updated, customer deleted, etc.


    Triggers when a Product event occurs. For example, product created, product updated, product deleted, etc.

    InstantLine Item in an Order

    Triggers when an Order event occurs. Creates a separate task for each line item in an Order.


    Triggers when an Order event occurs. For example, order created, order updated, order deleted, etc.


    Triggers when a Coupon event occurs. For example, coupon created, coupon updated, coupon deleted, etc.


    Triggers when a Subscription event occurs. For example, subscription created, subscription updated, subscription deleted, etc.


    Update Customer

    Updates an existing customer.

    Update Product

    Updates an existing product.

    Update Coupon

    Updates an existing coupon.

    Create Order

    Creates a new order.

    Create Subscription

    Creates a new subscription.

    Update Order

    Updates an existing order.

    Create Coupon

    Creates a new coupon.

    Create Customer

    Creates a new customer.

    Create Product

    Creates a new product.

    Update Subscription

    Updates an existing subscription.


    Find Customer

    Finds a customer by searching.

    Find Product

    Finds a product by searching.

    Find Subscription

    Finds a subscription by searching.

    Find Order

    Finds a order by searching.

    Find Coupon

    Finds a coupon by searching.

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