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You can do so much more with Webhooks by Zapier by connecting it to the other apps you use like Email by Zapier, Google Sheets, and Slack to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

Let Zapier do the work for you.

About Webhooks by Zapier

Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

About Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Webhooks by Zapier with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Start With a Popular Zap

Send out an email from a webhook endpoint.

Sends an alert to Google Chat from any generic Webhook.

Send out a tweet from a webhook endpoint.

Get data from one hook URL and POST or PUT it to another. Also called "forwarding".

This Zap Takes iFormBuilder Data JSON Feed and Pushes it into a Webmerge document

Create HipChat message from a webhook endpoint.

Or, send a PayPal IPN to multiple URLs, which just automatically posts new PayPal sales to Webhook URL.

Get an SMS for new items in a webhook url endpoint.

Send email to Zapier and post email content to webhook endpoint.

Buffer items in Zapier from a webhook.

Create new Wufoo entry from a webhook.

Trigger an SMS via Twilio from a webhook.

Create new Trello cards from a webhook endpoint.

This Zap lets me POST to a webhook for new Wufoo form entries.

Trigger an email from Mandrill from a webhook.

Get notified of the latest Magnum CI builds directly in via Slack.

Post an item to a Facebook page from a webhook.

This Zap lets you POST to a SQL server from a webhook.

Create new Google Calendar event from webhook url endpoint.

POST new PayPal sales to a webhook url.

Using the HookPress WordPress Plugin by mitcho (Michael 芳貴 Erlewine), each time a new page is added to my Blog, Webhooks are posted to this Zap that then create a new item on Podio.

Automatically post RSS feeds to a webhook.

Send an email via Gmail from a new item in a Webhook poll.

Automatically create an AWeber subscriber from a webhook hook.

POST any new Wufoo form entries to a webhook endpoint.

Automatically create Campfire messages from a webhook.

Use Zapier to POST to a webhook url every morning at 9am.

Send an email to your Zapier mailbox to POST to a webhook url endpoint.

Use a webhook to send email address to Campaign Monitor as subscribers.

Send Gmail emails to a Webhook endpoint.

This Zap uses webhooks to take the raw data from an e-junkie order and format it into a nice, clean Gmail message for better, human-readable order notifications.

Send sms-es trough any betamax provider by sending a simple email to zapier, ideal for blackberry users who text internationally. recipient number goes in subject, format +44xxxxxxxx, sms text is the content of the email change the url address with your betamax provider's address

Upload FILES to specified dropbox folder via EMAIL attachment

Post new Twitter mentions of any search term to any generic webhook.

Get Notify My Android alerts for a webhook url endpoint.

Send a SendGrid powered email from a webhook url endpoint.

POST new Gmail individual emails to a webhook url endpoint.

Create new GitHub issues from a webhook url endpoint.

Automatically create new Asana task from webhook url.

Post new Google Talk messages to a webhook endpoint.

Sends a customizable email alert from any generic webhook.

POST new Gmail email to a webhook url.

Send a specific users tweets to a webhook.

Automatically create new Basecamp todo items from Webhook hook.

Post new Google Contact contacts to any generic Webhook url.

POST to webhook url endpoint for new user tweets.

Create message in Flowdock from a Webhook.

Automatically posts Wufoo form entry to a Webhook url.

Automatically POST new MailChimp subscribers to webhook url.

Watches gems you're interested in on RubyGems, and emails you when a new version is released.

This takes a little effort on your part. You'll need your RubyGem API key, (which you can find at and the URL that Zapier gives you for a Webhook. For each gem you want to watch, run this from a command line:

curl -H "Authorization:YOUR_API_KEY" -F "gem_name=NAME_OF_GEM" -F "url=" ""

SMS alert from a Webhook url poll item.

Automatically send a text via Twilio from a webhook.

Automatically create new Zendesk ticket from new webhook url endpoint.

Make Your Own Zap with Triggers + Actions

What are Triggers, Searches & Actions?

Triggers, searches and actions are simply events you can use to build an integration, or "Zap". They can be things like a "new email", "find lead" or a "new contact". A Zap combines triggers, searches and actions — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes all searches or actions for you!

Make your own Zap using Webhooks by Zapier

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