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Managing your email inbox is tough. Zapier can help out, by helping you turn your Gmail emails into Trello cards. It's the perfect way to combine your todo list with your inbox.

Whenever you receive a new email from a particular contact, star an email, add a label to a message, or have a new email that matches a search, Zapier can copy the message and add it to a new card, create a new comment, or make a new list or board on Trello.

That way, you can keep your conversations together, automatically start new projects from your inbox, and more. You can even use Zapier to send emails from Gmail when you add new Trello cards or have any other activity in your account, to send messages and notifications automatically.

Let Zapier do the work for you.

About Gmail

Gmail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by Google. It's one of the most popular email services in the world.

About Trello

Trello is team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Start With a Popular Zap

Create new Trello card from a Gmail email.

Automatically create a Trello card from a Gmail email.

You can create tasks in trello from gmail. In case you are on the go, or use email a lot and do not focus on trello, you can send an email to whereever so it ends up in your sent box. Make sure the subject includes "task -" in order to post. It will also add an attachment if you need and detailed notes from your message.

Get or send an email via Gmail for new Trello cards.

Gmail to new trello card with email subject as trello name and email message as trello description. Filter email for "#trello" for more control.

Send an email via Gmail for new Trello card activity.

Although this could be done via the email service of Zapier itself, it's nice to have a backup in gmail.

Send your gtd mail labels from gmail to trello automatically.

Set the "folder" setting in GMail (I made a tag called "To Trello") and any time you tag an email with it, it'll get zapped to a list called "Inbox" in a board called "@Next Actions"

Want to create a ticket on Trello without using Trello ? Use this Zap, it will create a new ticket in the List you want using the mail

Create new Trello board from a Gmail email.

Create new Trello list from a Gmail email.

If you move Trello card to the Done list, then an email is sent to iDoneThis.

This Zap sends specific emails to a specific Trello card, so I don't have to copy and paste to keep my cards up to date!

Create a Trello card for a co-worker by assigning a G-mail Label to an email

Send new applicant details from Resumator email to Trello board

The GTD solution i am trialling. Basically, when an email arrives that requires action from me, I label it as !Task. This Zap then pushes this to my backlog on Trello (which contains 4 lists - backlog, today, doing, done). So far seems to work, although may need some tweaking with the filters to make sure that i dont get my own replies to these task emails coming through as new cards on Trello.

Creat a seperate folder in Gmail (in Gmail it's called a Label). Every mail you put into that folder becomes a task in Trello. With a reference to the original mail.

This Zap observes a specific label in Gmail and creates a new Trello Card if new Email thread has been added.

Create a Trello card based on the subject and message of an email

Send yourself an E-Mail from another account to trigger this task. Card Name: Subject Desc.: Message + Date w/ Attachment w/o Label

When you send a proposal out via Quoteroller, it sends you a confirmation email. This Zap parses that email from your Gmail inbox and inserts it as a card on a list in a Trello board.

I send emails with their respective attachments as a Trello card.

Neuen Task erstellt: Gmail-Eingang macht eine Trello-Karte. #ilike

Gets an application with an attachment builds a trello card and copies stuff to it

We use Trello to manage the hiring process. This Zap transfers a job applicants resume and cover letter from Gmail to Trello along with their name and email so that the whole team can manage the hiring process via Trello.

Lets you send an email to create a Trello Card. It labels it in purple so you know it came from an email.

This was to create an alert card from a filtered email pulled from a specific folder. With the many spam messages that come through, these alerts can get lost in the mix.

Create a Trello Card for emails that get labeled as "Action"

Creates a trello card from an incoming email and assigns a due date 2 weeks out. Attachment aware, not thread-aware.

Send gmail attachment to trello card in a specific list. Cool!

Creates a new card in a specific Trello list & board using defined Gmail parameters as content

ToDo 폴더에 메일을 분류시키면 자동으로 Trello에 카드추가됨

Makes it possible to send Gmail messages to Trello as tasks with all relevant information. To use this Zap, create a label called Trello in Gmail and add this label to any email that contains an task for Trello. The Zap will send the contents of the email to Trello with relevant information from the email itself (subject, sender, sender's email address and date/time).

A email could be a task. So, when I received some email and set the email as some label, then this creates trello card.

filters emails and properly submits them to trello with specific filters added to notify certain team members.

Δημιουργία ενός gmail (εδώ με ετικέτα csd) το οποίο mail δημιουργεί στο trello μία card. H όλη διαδικασία έγινε μέσω του και είναι στάνταρ(τουλάχιστον όσα είδα μέχρι τώρα).

I needed a simple system to send my Gmail emails to my Trello account. I set this Zap up so that each time I "star" a new email in Gmail, a new card is created on the "To Do" list of a Trello board I named "My Email Followups." To make this Zap your own, FIRST create a Trello board you'd like to have your emails sent to. THEN make sure that you only have emails starred that you want to create Trello cards from. FINALLY come back to Zapier and follow the walkthrough.

Trello has no built in functionality for creating tasks by email. This lets me create tasks more quickly by just applying a label in gmail.

This Zap helps me organize my tasks in trello, directly from google.

This allows you to share your gmail tagged with something specific directly into trello.

This is just a test Zap. Perhaps it could be used in the automation process for managing customer service for our work in Las Vegas.

Helps me organize my case studies into trello from a gmail folder.

This Zap sends any emails I tag as part of my apartment search into the Trello Task Board "Doing" so I have all contact information in one visual space

quickly take photo from paper's wireframes and send them to your email to trello board

It creates task items to be actioned from specific inbound email messages. Adds selected inbound email on Gmail with specific email address to Trello as card with message body info to selected list on a specific board. Subject line acts as card name to detail contents.

Mail marked with star will be zapped into a card on Trello

It seems capable to empty the gmail inbox in a very original way

This Zap solves the problem of Trello not yet supporting e-mail-to-card functionality.

When I send an e-mail from one of my personal addresses to my Gmail account, and stick the word "totrello" somewhere inside the subject, the Zap creates a card in Trello with the URL of the original message in Gmail, the message body, and any attachments.

My phone has Gmail, but doesn't have Gmello, so I was looking for an easy way to turn an e-mail into a Trello card on the go. This zap looks for e-mails I've labeled "Trello" and turns them into new cards.

creates a bridge between web booking form email address and Trello.

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