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Managing your email inbox is tough. Zapier can help out, by helping you turn your Gmail emails into Trello cards. It's the perfect way to combine your todo list with your inbox.

Whenever you receive a new email from a particular contact, star an email, add a label to a message, or have a new email that matches a search, Zapier can copy the message and add it to a new card, create a new comment, or make a new list or board on Trello.

That way, you can keep your conversations together, automatically start new projects from your inbox, and more. You can even use Zapier to send emails from Gmail when you add new Trello cards or have any other activity in your account, to send messages and notifications automatically.

Let Zapier do the work for you.

About Gmail

Gmail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by Google. It's one of the most popular email services in the world.

About Trello

Trello is team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

Start With a Popular Zap

Create new Trello card from a Gmail email.

Automatically create a Trello card from a Gmail email.

You can create tasks in trello from gmail. In case you are on the go, or use email a lot and do not focus on trello, you can send an email to whereever so it ends up in your sent box. Make sure the subject includes "task -" in order to post. It will also add an attachment if you need and detailed notes from your message.

Get or send an email via Gmail for new Trello cards.

Gmail to new trello card with email subject as trello name and email message as trello description. Filter email for "#trello" for more control.

Send an email via Gmail for new Trello card activity.

Although this could be done via the email service of Zapier itself, it's nice to have a backup in gmail.

Send your gtd mail labels from gmail to trello automatically.

Set the "folder" setting in GMail (I made a tag called "To Trello") and any time you tag an email with it, it'll get zapped to a list called "Inbox" in a board called "@Next Actions"

Want to create a ticket on Trello without using Trello ? Use this Zap, it will create a new ticket in the List you want using the mail

Create new Trello board from a Gmail email.

Create new Trello list from a Gmail email.

If you move Trello card to the Done list, then an email is sent to iDoneThis.

This Zap sends specific emails to a specific Trello card, so I don't have to copy and paste to keep my cards up to date!

This Zap create a draft in your gmail's draft folder. It's only problem is it needs a text in the card description.

when card moves out of list, send email of where it went at what time.

Update your team via iDoneThis when you complete a trello card!

I created an automatic email from a status change in a project management tool.

1 step closer in having Trello being the authority to notify team members when tasks have been completed. This will take care of duplicating tasks and minimizing user error.

I need to send review invitation for a paper which is on a card

The "missing feature". Sent tasks from Trello to Apple iCal, via email -> Apple Mail + Mail2iCal script.

Update iDoneThis when you add a new card to a list in a Trello board.

(Triggers also include new activity and new notifications in Trello)

Update iDoneThis when you add a new card to a list in a Trello board.

For example, in a default new Trello board, there are 3 lists: ToDo; Doing; and Done. When you move a card with a task to the Done list, it will get recorded in your iDoneThis as a done as well.

(You can also personalize this zap with other trigger and filters.)

Sends Trello cards I create to my idonethis list so the team knows I have craeted then.

Record your cards in trello that have the green label assigned as done tasks in Once you finish a card in any project, jus assign to it the green label and the card name will be recorded as a done task for the day in your account in

My way to integrate Todoist and Trello. Each Todoist project has special email to send new tasks to. So Zapier helps to do that.

Automatically updates my idonethis log when I clear an item from trello.

Linking Trello to Wrike with a custom filter to filter out a specific label.


Notifies our development team whenever anyone make a release to production.

automatically notifies external team members of work to be done.

I wanted to automatically register all my archived cards from Trello to iDoneThis, since I don't used a "done" list because I have many cards and this would make the system slower.

Keep better visibility of what Trello tasks you've completed with iDoneThis

This receipt will give you the possibility to manage your trello tasks with remember the milk. You need to filter data_board_name :: (Text) STarts with :: Goal: and type :: (Text) Contains :: updateCheckItemStateOnCard to filter it properly. Be careful, to not spam your RTM account by checking and unchecking your trello checklist listitems. Just check your Trello Checklist Listitem once you want to move it to RTM and manage the rest from there.

When a user write a bug in Trello, Zapier send me an email

This allows me to autmaticaly add iDoneThis everytime I move cards to "Done" in Trelllo.

Creates an iDoneThis update when a Trello card is moved to done

Sends an update to iDoneThis after a trello card has moved to done

Connecting Trello activity to IDoneThis's email accountability

Create an IDOneThis entry after moving a card to the Done column

Allows users to see in thier email everytime Trello card mentions them with the "@" sign

Every time a new card is created in Trello will be mailed to your Gmail, if you have enabled Inbox in Gmail, you can snooze or Pin it easily. A filter is presented for certain lists, for example an "unsorted" list which is used to store unsorted auto-generated cards from other applications and services. If such cards in the "unsorted" list is moved to a more formal list, a email will still be sent.

Micromanage task via Wunderlist. Useful for somebody who uses Wunderlist as their default reminder/GTD manager

Allow important cards to be managed as task in Wunderlist

wubin, this is an updated 'zap' that enables the trello to trac action for a user on any card. (mention the EdanzTrac user in a checklist to create a ticket from that checklist). Can you create a zapier account and enable this. (You will need to hook up your trello account and the user).

adding yourself to this - and setting up send from your account (pls make sure your email is correct in trac) and ccing me - should enable trello to trac for you.

Create a Trello card for a co-worker by assigning a G-mail Label to an email

Send new applicant details from Resumator email to Trello board

The GTD solution i am trialling. Basically, when an email arrives that requires action from me, I label it as !Task. This Zap then pushes this to my backlog on Trello (which contains 4 lists - backlog, today, doing, done). So far seems to work, although may need some tweaking with the filters to make sure that i dont get my own replies to these task emails coming through as new cards on Trello.

Creat a seperate folder in Gmail (in Gmail it's called a Label). Every mail you put into that folder becomes a task in Trello. With a reference to the original mail.

This Zap observes a specific label in Gmail and creates a new Trello Card if new Email thread has been added.

Create a Trello card based on the subject and message of an email

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