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Typeform to Gmail: How to send an email for new Typeform responses

By Ellie Huizenga · September 21, 2022

You've set up a form to gather new leads, answer customer questions, get customer feedback, or [insert what your form is for here]. This is the first step toward streamlining customer communication. Next is ensuring that your customers get prompt, personalized responses. 

With Zapier, you can send a customized follow-up email for new Typeform entries. That way, your customers get an instant welcome message, customer support email, or thank you note—without adding another email response to your to-do list. Here's how to ensure a smooth, scalable customer experience that both you and your customer will appreciate—automatically.

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Send an email for new Typeform responses

Zapier lets you create automated workflows called Zaps, which send your information from one app to another. You can create your own Zap from scratch without any coding knowledge, but we also offer quick templates to get you started. 

If you'd like to start with a template, click on the Zap template below, and you'll be taken to the Zapier editor. You'll need to create a Zapier account if you don't already have one. Then, follow the directions below to set up your Zap.

Get email notifications or send follow-ups to new Typeform respondents

Get email notifications or send follow-ups to new Typeform respondents
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Gmail + Typeform

Set up your Typeform trigger

First, set up your trigger—the event that starts your Zap. Select Typeform for your trigger app and New Entry for your trigger event. 

The Typeform app logo above the field titled Event with New Entry selected in the dropdown for the trigger event.

If you haven't already, you'll be asked to connect your Typeform account. Click on Choose an account… and either select an account from the dropdown menu (if you've connected Typeform to Zapier before) or click + Connect a new account

A Typeform account selected in the Typeform Account field.

For each app you connect, Zapier will ask for a general set of permissions which allows you to be flexible with your Zaps. The only actions Zapier takes on your app accounts are those a given Zap needs to accomplish what you've set up.

Click Continue

Next, select which form you want to send automatic emails for. Click the dropdown menu to see the forms available in your connected Typeform account. 

A list of Typeform forms shown in a dropdown menu.

Now, you need to test your trigger. Zapier will find a recently completed result from the form you selected. This will be used to set up the rest of your Zap.

If you don't have any completed form results, create a sample result by filling out the form yourself, then test your Zap.

Click Test trigger. Once you see that your trigger is working correctly, click Continue.

A successful test screen for a Typeform trigger.

Set up your Gmail action

Now let's set up the action—the event your Zap will perform once it's triggered.

If you've started from the Zap template, Gmail—your action app—and Send Email—your action event—will already be selected for you. 

The Gmail app logo above a field labeled Event with Send Email selected in the dropdown menu.

If you haven't already, you'll be asked to connect your Gmail account. Click on Choose an account… and either select an account from the dropdown menu (if you've connected Facebook to Zapier before) or click + Connect a new account

Click Continue. Now you can customize your email. 

First, click into the To field and select the email address pulled from your Typeform step in the dropdown. This ensures you're sending an email to the person who just filled out your form.

A dropdown menu with a list of data pulled from a Typeform trigger step.

You also have the option to add email addresses in the Cc or Bcc fields. 

An email address added to the To field.

Next, select your email address in the From field. You can also add a From Name. Depending on your form, you could put your own name or something like Support team.

If you want responses to go to a different email than the one in your From field, add that email address to the Reply To field. 

A series of email fields customized with text.

Now, it's time to customize the content of your email. Add the subject line of your email in the Subject field. Leave Body Type as plain, and then enter the copy of your email in the Body field. You can add data from your Typeform step to your email copy—like the name of the person who filled out the form—by clicking in the Body field and selecting the data you'd like to include from the dropdown. 

Add a signature to the end of your email by selecting the right one from the dropdown menu under the Signature field. 

A series of email fields customized with text.

We have two more fields to customize. You can add an email label by choosing an option in the dropdown menu under the Label/Mailbox field. If you want to include an attachment to your email (maybe a welcome packet or sales brochure), add that in the Attachments field. 

A series of email fields.

Lastly, it's time to test your action. When you click Test & Review or Test & Continue, Zapier will send an email to the selected email in your Typeform trigger step. 

It's a good idea to test your Zap to check if your email looks ok. But if you'd rather skip the test (because you're not using sample data), just click Skip Test.

A successful test screen.

If everything looks good, you're ready to use your Zap. Now you can send instant emails every time a new form gets filled out!

A better experience for you and your customer

By using Zapier to automatically send an email when a form is filled out, you provide a better customer experience. Your customers get instant responses that let them know they're a priority—without adding a bunch of email responses to your to-do list. 

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