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How to make perfect Google Forms header images

Add a logo, match your brand, and make it personal

By Justin Pot · January 8, 2021
A hero image for Google Forms app tips with the Google Forms logo on a purple background

Google Forms is great, but the default color scheme is very...purple. That probably doesn't match your brand. (My apologies if it does. Purple is a very nice color.) So here's how to add a custom header image to any form—using your logo or anything else—and also get a matching color scheme. 

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How to add a header image to your Google Form

You can add a header image to Google Forms by clicking the paint palette in the top-right corner. 

Paint palette on Google forms

A slide layover sidebar will appear, including the option to Choose image

Selecting "choose image"

From here, you can choose one of the many included images, upload an image from your computer, or grab images from your Google Photos account

Select a theme or add a photo

Make sure you find something horizontal—wider than it is tall—because you'll be asked to crop it down to a 4:1 aspect ratio (more on what that means later). 

Showing how a vertical image looks when cropping

For this example, the essential context of Winston's red leash over the green green grass is completely gone. 

Showing what a vertical image looks like as a header

This image of Winston sleeping works a little better—you get more of the context. 

A horizontal image as a header

Even here, I need to crop things out, which speaks to how odd this aspect ratio is. You'll probably need to try out a few images before you find one that works. 

If all you want is a photo, great—that's all you need to know. But if you want your branding, you're going to need to do some image editing. 

How to make the perfect branded image for your Google Form

If you want to include your company's branding on your Google Form, just uploading an image of your logo probably won't fit. 

Zapier logo not fitting on Google forms header

Like I said: Google Forms forces an aspect ratio of 4:1. This means the image you use needs to be four times wider than it is tall. You'll have to make a custom image that includes your logo, with that aspect ratio, in order for it to show up properly. 

Don't worry—you'll just need an image editor. Here's a list of the best free image tools for purposes like this. 

Make a new image that's 1600 (wide) by 400 (tall), then add your logo to it. You could even add a background, if you want to get fancy, but honestly your logo on white or black will look great. 

Zapier logo cropped correctly on Google Forms header image

Google Forms will even automatically adjust the color scheme to complement your logo, meaning it should roughly match your branding right away.

Google automatically matched the background color to the Zapier logo color

Want to adjust things? Click the paint palette button again to customize both the theme color and the background color to your liking.

Adjusting the color scheme yourself

You can also change the font, though there are only four choices. 

The four font choices

Hope you like off-brand Comic Sans.

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