What Are People Saying About Zapier?

I was going to pay a developer $1,000 to make 2 services that are critical to my company work together. Then I found Zapier.
Andrew Warner, Mixergy

Andrew's Most Useful Zap

This zap makes it easy to add emails from a Wufoo form to an AWeber list.

Zapier is awesome. We bring Desk.com cases, Pivotal Tracker stories, important RSS feeds and even email sales receipt into Hipchat through it. Keep it up!
Peldi, Balsamiq

Peldi's Most Useful Zap

Sends new Desk.com case alerts to HipChat.

Getting your favorite apps to work with each other is now an easy task with Zapier. Using their simple drag-and-drop interface is not only fun, but bound to save you hours in developing your own custom integrations.
Ros Hodgekiss, Campaign Monitor

Ros's Most Useful Zap

Automatically create new Highrise contacts from new Campaign Monitor subscribers.

I can't believe I can "program." Zapier makes it so easy with drag and drop simplicity. If you can write an email, you can use Zapier.
Andy Abramson, Comunicano

Andy's Most Useful Zap

Zapier is unlocking the exciting possibilities of linking together real services that Heyzap uses. We have found new ways to communicate with our team and save time by cross linking services using Zapier. We hooked Asana into Hipchat and Zendesk into Hipchat.
Jude Gomila, Heyzap

Jude's Most Useful Zap

I Signed up for the Zapier Service and within 7 Days used a few "zaps" to help generate an additional 15k for our company (that number continues to rise).
Dr. Ben Adkins, benadkins.com

Dr.'s Most Useful Zap

Now that Zapier handles all the busywork of moving data back and forth, I know that when I look in Podio, I’m seeing an accurate and complete picture of my business.
John F. Learn, Logicbrush Studios
Zapier provides a great way for us to get notifications from a variety of apps into HipChat.
Rich Manalang, Atlassian

Rich's Most Useful Zap

Get customizable HipChat alerts for new JIRA issues.

I love using Trello, but I couldn't create a new task by email. Zapier solved that problem. The setup is easy, and the interface is great. I look forward to using Zapier to make my life easier.
Dan, Bonobos

Dan's Most Useful Zap

Automatically create a Trello card from a Gmail email.

I love getting a txt message each time a Stripe payment goes through. Makes me happy and keeps me in touch with my business.
Adam Wride, DigMyData

Adam's Most Useful Zap

A few months ago, APPEK fell upon Zapier while looking for a solution to link Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker and Harvest. Before we were creating new projects in all three services, now it's just one and Zapier does the rest!
Adam Ceresko, APPEK

Adam's Most Useful Zap

Zapier is the perfect tool to have sales, marketing, accouting, community management etc... integrated, without having to go for a huge ERP. You can continue to use your favorite tools, Zapier will get them to talk together.
Régis Lippinois, toit pr les abeilles

Régis's Most Useful Zap

Add new Shopify customers to MailChimp list based on their orders.

Zapier is an incredible tool which allows us to combine the functionality from myriad services with complete simplicity. It takes the hassle out of, "OK, let's code something to use this API" - just jump into Zapier, create a configuration, and you're done! Highly recommended.
Jeremy, Brand Loyal

Jeremy's Most Useful Zap

Sends an alert to Google Chat from any generic Webhook.

Zapier is one of the best ways to save time and effort in the Cloud. It makes it easy to get computer systems to talk with each other and to leverage your data in cool ways. The only limit is your imagination. Zapier is made by a smart and talented team. They're aways open to new ideas and feedback of any kind.
Josh Fialkoff, Forward Jump

Josh's Most Useful Zap

Zapier helps us to get a painless workflow. The easy to use interface got me up and running integrating some different cloud services we were using. This saves us time, daily!
Bram den Teuling, Dream Your Web

Bram's Most Useful Zap

As a team who love the idea of creating smooth workflows between our SaaS services, but know nothing about how to get APIs to talk to each other, we were intrigued by the concept of Zapier. Imagine how blown away we were when we successfully connected our CRM to our mailing list in less than 5 minutes, with absolutely no coding required. It's a testament to the simplicity and power that since that time, we've not touched or had to tweak the connection- with Zapier it just works.
Tom Lewis, First Exact

Tom's Most Useful Zap

Creates a new Capsule CRM person from new AWeber list subscribers.

Zapier solves an important problem: how to quickly and easily tie together data from the various "disconnected" SaaS solutions we've built our business around.
Chris Aitken, MBA Prep School

Chris's Most Useful Zap

Add Stripe customers automatically to a MailChimp list.

We run TurbineHQ.com using cloud apps and Zapier puts us back in control. It saves time by syncing them automatically, so we don't have to rekey data manually between apps. It's a genius idea and I love it.
Matthew Stibbe, TurbineHQ

Matthew's Most Useful Zap

Automatically create Capsule CRM people from a Wufoo form entry.

Zapier has enabled us to finally manage our workflow properly. We used a range of online services (Trello, Basecamp, MailChimp, Wufoo), however had a full time employee keeping these in sync. Now she's able to focus on more important tasks and the rest is done instantly by Zapier! Thanks a million.
Site Sumo, Site Sumo

Site's Most Useful Zap

Automatically create Trello cards from Wufoo entries.

Zapier has enabled us to easily and quickly find valuable integration's between the suite of SaaS tools that we use daily to manage our business. Given the explosion of SaaS apps is not likely to slow down I see Zapier becoming more and more useful to us.
Stephen Neville, Common Code

Stephen's Most Useful Zap

Sends an alert to any Campfire room for new Toggl time entries.

I love Zapier, it's like having your own developer team, without the costs. It allows us to save time by automating and connecting a number of services we run, allowing us to focus on our core business. It's so easy and the few times we've needed support, the team has been super responsive!

Jake's Most Useful Zap

I don't know what I'd do without Zapier. My assistant researches prospects and enters key information into a Wufoo form. A zap takes that info and inserts it into a letter that shows up in my Google Apps email drafts. All I have to do is review what she entered and then click 'send.' I can reach more people with messages that are highly relevant to them because of her work and Zapier. I've saved hundreds of hours.

Luke's Most Useful Zap

Take a submission in a Wufoo form and create a draft in Gmail.

Zapier has been absolutely killer. It's the easiest way to keep our team up to date in Campfire. I created a Campfire user called Notorious B.O.T. and connected it to Zapier. He tells us when signups happen with Wufoo, purchases happen with Paypal and support tickets come in with Desk.com.
Taylor McKnight, Sched

Taylor's Most Useful Zap

I use Zapier so I can get emails as our programming team is updating their time within Toggl. I always wish the email function was available on Toggl but with Zapier I don't have to wait for something that another company will never build. Really easy to use as well.
Ethan Feldman, Study Edge

Ethan's Most Useful Zap

Sends a customizable email alert for new Toggl time entries.

Already, Zapier has improved my daily workflow by saving me the step of copying e-mails into Trello. I'm excited to see what's next!
Mike English, Atomic Object

Mike's Most Useful Zap

Cc an email to Zapier to create a new Trello card.

API + Webhooks with no coding. You need this. Sign up for Zapier now.
Michael Gold, Tech Drinkup

Michael's Most Useful Zap

Post new Google Contact contacts to any generic Webhook url.

Zapier is the only web automation software that I use. It is so simple to setup, you just have to try it!
Kirill Zubovsky, Scoutzie

Kirill's Most Useful Zap

If you use more than one web app Zapier will make your life easier. I use several to manage projects and development schedules and Zapier keeps everything in sync. It's a great productivity tool; creating new connections takes just a few fast clicks. It's well designed and their support is awesome.
Mike Masin, atStuff

Mike's Most Useful Zap

Zapier is a fantastic tool that allows us to keep the numerous cloud tools we use to run our business in seamless sync. Their support team is very responsive and adds new features frequently. Zapier saves our team hours of time each week!

Jake's Most Useful Zap

Lets you create a Zendesk ticket from any Gmail email using labels.

Zapier saves us time by allowing us to focus on our product and deliver value to our customers. The zap integrations are critical for us to understand our business and our customers.

Brett's Most Useful Zap

Sends a customizable HipChat alert for new Stripe customers.

Zapier has been a huge help to our company! The ability to easily connect our most used services to one another was ingenious! It has helped us save tons of time usually spent switching between applications, not to mention the ability to have notifications sent to our favorite instant message platforms. Provided support was absolutely amazing, having response times within minutes! We would recommend Zapier to everyone with 5/5 stars!

Cayce's Most Useful Zap

We streamlined our fragmented contact management system by implementing a couple of zaps. We did not have to write a line of code, finished integrations in less than five minutes, and received incredible service.
Kat Gleason, Eligible

Kat's Most Useful Zap

Use a Wufoo form to add contacts to Highrise automatically.

I requested a field be added to a particular integration. It was done and working perfectly by the next day. Awesome customer service.
Kyle McClain, Roar

Kyle's Most Useful Zap

Zapier is very quick and simple to use, but my favorite part of Zapier was the lightning fast support. I couldn't figure something out so I went to the Support Chat feature, and got an answer in under a minute. The right answer too, so there wasn't any wasted time. This gang is great, and they make my life a lot simpler!
Robb Price, Rise Vision

Robb's Most Useful Zap

Lets you create a Zendesk ticket from any Gmail email using labels.

Zapier was just the solution I was looking for as I really needed Capsule CRM to connect to Campaign Monitor. The great thing about it is that it just *works* - there's no ongoing maintenance to keep it running and it's saved me endless hours of having to manually add new records to my email list. Thanks Zapier!

Nathan's Most Useful Zap

If you enjoy wasting time, doing menial tasks over and over again, day after day, watching grass grow or stabbing your eyes out with a fork, then Zapier is NOT for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy being efficient, automating tasks and tactics so that you can focus on strategy and growth, then Zapier is what you want.

Chris's Most Useful Zap

Use a Wufoo form to add contacts to Highrise automatically.

Super easy setup even for a complete knucklehead like me. I was able to send data from a WuFoo signup page to Aweber in no time, and it worked like a charm. Contacted support once and Bryan was awesome. Highly recommended.
JD Pruitt, JDPruitt.com

JD's Most Useful Zap

This zap makes it easy to add emails from a Wufoo form to an AWeber list.

It just works. Since I've set things up, I get my client notes from Evernote to Highrise automatically.
Agnes Riley, Zero Blue Tech

Agnes's Most Useful Zap

Take notes in Evernote then attach them to a contact in Highrise as a note. Title your Evernote notes as the Highrise contact name.

It used to take days or weeks to get web apps working together. Now it is instantaneous--brilliant!
Garin Hess, DemoChimp

Garin's Most Useful Zap

I can now quickly push my new blog ideas straight from Evernote into my Google Calendar which ensures I can better schedule content publishing schedules with my freelance writers.
David Iwanow, Lost Press Marketing

David's Most Useful Zap

Use the title of an Evernote note to create an event in Google Calendar.

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