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New integration: Record, clip, and share video highlights with Grain

Grain home page

Grain is an essential tool for modern teams that lets you record Zoom video calls, clip sections, transcribe, and share video highlights with your team so that every project can get the attention it needs. With it, team members can attend less meetings but still capture key moments to move...

What's new at Zapier: May 2021

Looking for the latest product news at Zapier? A ton of new, exciting apps just joined our platform so check out the list below. There might be a few you recognize—and a few you don't. Either way, they open up even more automation possibilities for you and your team. In...

New integration: Organize your team projects with Notion

Notion home page

Notion is a tool management tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team to write, plan, and organize your projects.

And now Notion connects with Zapier, making it easier than ever to automate your task management. Connect Notion with...

What's new at Zapier: April 2021

Ready to check out the latest product news at Zapier? April's been a busy month, so let's dive right in. We've had plenty of new apps join our platform, as well as loads of new updates to the integrations you and your team rely on the most. Here are all...

New integration: Create customer communities with Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums home page

Vanilla Forums is a cloud-based software (SaaS) that lets you create a customer community forum to drive loyalty, grow sales, and reduce service costs. With it, you can let customers help each other, get actionable feedback and convert prospects by building a sense of trust.

And now Vanilla Forums connects...

New integration: Analyze traffic data visually with Hotjar

Hotjar home page

Hotjar provides product experience insights that show how users behave and what they feel strongly about. That way, product teams can deliver real value to them. Using Hotjar, you can quickly spin up an intuitive, visual way for anyone to discover, consolidate, and communicate user needs to motivate action.


New integration: Manage your customers with Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM home page

Freshworks CRM is an online, cloud-based CRM with integrated phone and email, user behavior tracking, and lead scoring. With it, you and your team can capture customer experiences on one platform, providing you with a 360° view of your customer.

And now Freshworks CRM connects with Zapier, making it...

What's new at Zapier: March 2021

Ready for this month's latest news and updates?

We don't mean bug fixes and improvements, either. Instead, we bring you only what matters, like the newest apps to join our platform (hurrah!), as well as the latest updates to the app integrations you rely on. That means all the new...

New integration: Power your business communication with OpenPhone

OpenPhone home page

OpenPhone is a new powerful phone for businesses, teams, and companies. It comes with powerful calling, messaging, and a lightweight CRM. With OpenPhone, you can collaborate with your whole team, communicate faster, and get detailed insight into your customer communication.

And now OpenPhone connects with Zapier, making it easier...

New integration: Build web apps using zero code with Bubble

Bubble home page

Bubble is a visual programming platform to build web apps without code. Because building tech is slow and expensive, this tool is one of the best ways to create interactive, multi-user apps for desktop and mobile web browsers—without relying on the handiwork of developers. With Bubble, you can design, develop...