Zapier Updates

The latest news about apps + features that will unlock your internet superpowers.

New Integration: Use AdviserLogic for Intelligent Financial Planning

As a financial planner, finding a reliable, intuitive, and comprehensive software solution to fit your business needs can make or break your firm.

AdviserLogic provides a suite of user-friendly products for financial planners to manage every aspect of their business. Use their flagship product, AdviserLogic CRM, to access all client...

New for Our Lob Integration: Use Zaps to Verify and Enrich Addresses

Addresses are a key component to a great customer experience. Get the wrong address and you've got a lost coupon, a returned package, or a forgotten bill. Fret no more, now you can use Lob's address verification API with Zapier to verify, automatically correct, standardize, and enrich addresses...

New Integration: Use LeagueApps to Streamline Your Athletic Program Management

Managing a sports league is a lot of work. Between onboarding new members, processing payments, and organizing team schedules, you might find yourself working harder than your athletes.

LeagueApps is a cloud-based athletics platform that helps sports organizers “make sports happen”. With tools for handling online registrations, scheduling, member messaging...

New Integration: Use Brandquiz to Drive User Engagement and Get More Leads

Capturing leads and feedback is important for growing your business. But providing a way to collect that information on your website can be a challenge if you’re not using the right tools.

Brandquiz is a customer experience platform designed to help you engage with your audience and get more...

New Integration: Manage All of Your Meetings in One Place with Wisembly Jam

Nothing kills productivity more than inefficient meetings. Unprepared participants, unplanned itineraries, and off-topic conversations can lead to hours of wasted time.

Wisembly Jam is a meeting collaboration app to keep your team on track. Efficiently prepare for upcoming meetings with their collaborative project templates. Then, track the progress of your...

Updates to Our Trello Integration: Support for Custom Fields

Custom fields in Trello are a way to give cards more quick context. By enabling custom fields via the Custom Fields Power-Up you can:

  • Add numerical values, such as account or order numbers.
  • Input specific start and end dates to cards.
  • Include a dropdown list of choices.
  • Add a checkbox...

New Integration: Upload and Process Your Files with Transloadit

Dealing with encoding tools, formats, codecs, and server permissions to upload and process your files is tedious and time consuming.

Transloadit provides file uploading, converting, and processing tools for your website so you can focus on your core business. Use the the app to handle file uploads, make GIFs, transcode...

New Integration: Unite Product Planning, Development, and Customer Service Workflows with OneDesk

Collaboration is key when it comes to building a successful software product. But when every department is using different tools, it can be a challenge to effectively communicate and keep your teams in sync.

OneDesk is a platform that consolidates your product, project, and customer service workflows into a single...

New Integration: Book More Online Appointments and Manage Your Business with Yocale

Appointment scheduling is at the core of today’s service industry. How you manage your customer’s scheduling experience can mean the difference between a bad review and a repeat customer.

Yocale is an online business and schedule management software that helps your business streamline operations through their easy-to-use and...

New Integration: Use Forte Payments to Securely Process Your Payments

Collecting payments from customers is one of the most important aspects of your business, but that doesn’t mean it should be complicated. Whether those payments are online, in-person, mobile, or recurring, you need to ensure they are collected without hassle.

Forte Payments is a complete suite of payment solutions...