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New Integration: Analyze Site Performance and Boost SEO with DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl home page

DeepCrawl is a search engine optimization (SEO) platform that helps you review, track, and improve your website's visibility and performance. Review historical data like site speed, traffic, linking, and more to identify trends and isolate performance issues. Track how search bots and visitors access your individual URLs, review internal...

New Integration: Analyze Marketing Campaigns and Capture Leads with Dutch Language Application LeadExpress


LeadExpress is a lead generation platform that helps you discover in real time which companies and prospects are visiting your website. Use UTM codes to find out which campaigns are sending visitors to your site. Automatically score the activities of each visitor, then flag prospects for follow-up. Add contact information...

New Integration: Consolidate and Share Company Knowledge with Tettra

Tettra home page

Tettra is a company wiki for organizing and sharing knowledge with your team. Allow anyone to contribute knowledge with a simple editor and clean reading experience, including the ability to suggest new pages and edits to existing information. Use templates to auto-populate pages, and then let Tettra's Automated Smart...

New Integration: Collect, Manage, and Share Text Quotes with Snippet

Snippet home page

Snippet is a text management tool that helps you collect, organize, and share quotes from web articles, ebooks, and more. Highlight and save text snippets from articles directly from your web browser, synchronize and import quotes from your Amazon Kindle, and add quotes from paper books. Filter quotes, customize with...

New Integration: Build Beautiful Websites to Showcase Your Ideas with Squarespace

Squarespace home page

Whether you’re a local artist or a global entrepreneur, chances are you’ll need a website. But without any technical experience, creating and maintaining a professional website can be expensive and time-consuming.

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create elegant websites, blogs, portfolios, and online...

New Integration: Design, Personalize, and Sell Custom Products with inkXE

inkXE home page

inkXE is a product design platform that helps you design, personalize, and sell custom t-shirts, apparel, signs, and other promotional products. Allow customers to select products and templates, then customize artwork, clipart, text, images, colors, names, decoration area, and more. Provide image upload and printing and engraving options, as well...

New Integration: Attract Prospects, Convert Leads, and Engage Customers with OneLocal

OneLocal image

OneLocal is a comprehensive marketing platform that helps you effortlessly attract and engage customers through their favorite communication channels: in store, on your website, via email, or even through text messaging.

OneLocal’s ContactHub helps you automatically capture leads with embedded web forms, manage customer data, segment your most valuable...

New Integration: Create, Send, and Manage SMS Messages with WinSMS

WinSMS home page

WinSMS is a messaging and communications platform that helps you send and receive SMS messages individually or in bulk, from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Import contacts from Microsoft Outlook or CSV files, then customize the provided message templates. Send meeting reminders, product notifications, company news, and more using...

New Integration: Monitor, Manage, and Analyze Call Traffic with Portuguese Language App PhoneTrack

Phone Track

PhoneTrack is a call management platform that helps you track incoming phone calls, monitor customer interactions, and measure marketing campaigns to maximize your return on investment. Log and categorize incoming and missed calls in real time. Trace call origins and volume to measure the effectiveness of specific ads. Create personalized...

New Integration: Discover Visitors, Capture Leads, and Build Campaigns with Albacross

Albacross home page

Albacross is a lead capture and marketing platform that helps you identify, organize, and reach prospects. Discover which companies and individuals are visiting your website, track their activity to determine their interest level, then access the email addresses of decision makers to target your marketing efforts with personalized advertising. Use...