Zapier Updates

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New Integration: Brainstorm with Your Remote Team Using Stormboard

Whiteboards and post-it notes help co-located teams brainstorm new ideas. But when your team is distributed over multiple timezones, brainstorming as a group requires more specialized tools to keep the new ideas organized.

Stormboard is a digital sticky note whiteboard tool for constant, consistent, and visual idea generation. Designed with...

New Integration: Get In-depth Email Tracking for Sales Teams with Docsify

When you’re in sales, sending emails can feel a little one-sided. Cold outreach comes with the job, and more often than not you’re left wondering if the recipient even received your email, much less read it and took action.

Docsify takes the ambiguity out of emailing your sales...

New for Our DocSend Integration: Kick off Zaps When New Content and Links Are Created

It's critical for high-performing sales teams to know what's going on with target accounts and when. The latest updates to the DocSend + Zapier integration helps give your sales team a boost so they can stay on top of deal progress happening within DocSend.

You can now use the...

Updates to Our Insightly Integration: Use Zaps to Create More Detailed Opportunities

Tracking opportunities in your CRM is a powerful way to help your team predict sales and move them towards the finish line. But those records are only useful if they contain all the details you need. Thanks to recent updates to the Insightly + Zapier integration, your Zaps can automatically create...

New Integration: Understand What's Happening on Your Construction Site Using APE Mobile

With complex projects, unpredictability and low-profit margins, the construction industry is tough. Unnecessary delays, project re-work, and overruns can mean the difference between success and failure.

APE Mobile is a site intelligence platform for excellence in construction. Your companies rely on the mobile and web application to capture and manage...

New Integration: Use SignRequest for Easy, Fast, and Secure Digital Signatures

Are you looking for an easier way to get customers to sign documents without always chasing them down for a physical signature?

SignRequest is an all-in-one digital signature solution. You can easily upload and customize any of your documents to create the optimal signing experience for your customers. The signature...

February Release Notes: 28 New and 16 Updated Integrations

February updates to Zapier

In February, we added 28 new integrations to Zapier and updated 16 others — including Pipedrive, Trello, and new functionality added to the Zapier editor.

New Integration: Use RowShare to Create Tables to Share with Your Coworkers

When it comes to organizing a simple project, an endless email chain can get out of hand, but paper and pen just doesn't cut it.

RowShare takes the complication out of traditional spreadsheet apps by providing intuitive and shareable tables, designed for collaboration. Create a table in minutes using...

New Integration: Simplify Your Venue Booking Process with EventTemple

Double booking a venue is an event manager's worst nightmare. Whether you manage a hotel, convention center, private club, or a special event venue, keeping track of event bookings takes valuable time and energy.

EventTemple is designed to take the pain out of the venue booking process, for both...

New for Our Integration: Use Zaps to Randomly Assign Leads to Your Team, plus More

New leads up for grabs? The latest update to the integration can help keep the distribution fair. Use the new Select Random User Trigger to automate random lead assignment to your team. For example, when a new lead lands in your pipeline, Zapier can select a random user...