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One popular use case might be: Automatically create new Trello cards from new Asana projects.

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About Asana

Asana is a collaborative information manager for workspace. It helps you organize people and tasks effectively.

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About Trello

Trello is team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Start With a Popular Zap

Automatically create new Asana tasks from new Trello cards.

Create a duplicate card in Trello when a new Asana task task is added to a project or workspace.

Automatically create new Asana tasks from new Trello card activity.

Automatically create Trello boards from new Asana projects.

Automatically create new Asana project from new Trello cards.

Create a new Trello Card when a new Asana task gets created ;-)

This zap takes new tasks for your own personal tasks in a particular workspace and creates a new card into a dump list into Trello. It attaches name, description, due date, and a generic label for that type of work.

Automatically create new Trello cards from new Asana projects.

This zap is a new version of the previous one i did and uses notifications from trello to create new asana tasks when ive been added as a member to a card.

This creates an Asana task to make sure every Trello member has access to Asana.

Passa as tarefas registradas no trello para o asana. O Hyan e Erisson preferem usar o Trello, e nós o Asana. Isso resolve

Have a client using Trello? Or Ready to upgrade to ASANA with the big boys? Here's a simple set up to move tasks over.

new card in dashboard means new card with {{name}} and {{desc}} and {{shortURL}}.

Finally, a painless solution to integrating separate applications! In this case, automatically creating a new project for the engineer(s) in Asana as soon as a project goes active in Trello.

Gets rid of the hassle of moving tasks from Trello to Asana

Connecting different web apps together. Specifically, different project management sites.

Sends new trello cards to my assign if assigned to me

Выгрузка обновлений статуса задач из Trello в Asana

This helps solve working with two different project management applications. It helps keep SCRUM boards agile in Trello with Asana.

get cards assigned to me in an easy list so I can manage them using GTD principles. Just make sure you set the correct filter for the idMembers field. You can get your idMembers value by exporting as json a trello card that is assigned to just you and searching for "idMembers".

When someone working in our Trello page adds a new prospective grantor or changes the grant application status, a task is created in Asana to alert the supervising staff or committee member.

I'm experimenting with a new project management system - Asana. I currently use Trello but don't want to type all the tasks into Asana.

Some of our volunteers prefer Trello because they've used it before. But we use Asana. With this zap, we can be more productive!

I need to easily add task to Asana while on my android device. however, the Asana android app just SUCK so I use the trello widget to quickly add task to asana through zappier...

Zap let me focus on reviewing my team KPI through Asana. I prefer have Trello as my visual Kanban system.

Creates a new task in Asana when a new card in Trello was made

Every time a Trello card is dragged into a list 'in progress', a new asana project is created

Using Trello as a Product Management tool, and Asana as a daily todo for tasks.

Create a a new card in Trello in a collection list that holds tasks that haven't been reviews and made active.

Create a new card in a Trello dump list whenever a new task is added to Asana.

Creates a new board in Trello whenever there is a new project added to Asana

If you want to integrate your Asana tasks with your Trello, this takes all new Asana tasks assigned to you and places them in appropriate Trello card.

Synching Asana tasks to Trello Boards. Asana is useful for quickly striking off and creating tasks, but Trello is better at visuallization. This way you don't have to choose between the two!

Testing out potential for syncing personal Asana tasks to a personal Trello board.

see how well asana and tello intergrate for workflow of items

testing both trello and asana at the mo' - solves the problem of how to do so with a minimum of duplication of effort

Just trying to use asana on the dtop and trello mobile

My team uses Asana but I'm more visual and wanted the calendar view as well.

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