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How to turn Google Forms entries into tasks and projects

By Justin Pot · April 12, 2019
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Because it comes with your Google account, Google Forms is an easy way to ask people for their information or opinions, but how can you ensure you'll act on that information? By sending every response over to your to do list or task manager as a task or project.

You could manually copy information from Google Sheets over to your task or project management app of choice, of course, but that's tedious and time-consuming. Which is why we recommend you automate the process instead. In the example below, you can send responses from Google Forms over to Trello, so you can turn your form responses into tasks to complete. But you're not limited to Trello: You can send information you gather from a Google Form to other task and project management apps too. Here's how.

Create Trello Cards With Google Forms Responses

Zapier makes it possible to connect Google Forms with 1,500 apps, and we'll be using it to send responses over to Trello. Here's a template to get you started:

Create Trello cards from new Google Forms responses

Create Trello cards from new Google Forms responses
  • Google Forms logo
  • Trello logo
Google Forms + Trello

This template will help you build a Zap, which is what we call an automation connecting two apps. This particular Zap will add all new Google Forms responses to Trello as a card.

First, you'll set up Google Forms, which will be the first step of our automation.

Google Forms setup Zapier

You will be asked to sign into your Google account, if you haven't already, and then you will choose which spreadsheet you're going to automate.

Google Forms choose spreadsheet and worksheet

Can't find your Google Form in the drop-down menu? You'll need to set Google Forms to send responses to a Google Sheet. Open your Google Form, click the Responses tab, then click the Google Sheets icon.

Google Sheets send respones to spreadsheet

Do that and a Google Spreadsheet will be created for your Form. Head back to Zapier, then click Check Google Forms & reload to bring in new choices in order to see your form.

Check Google Forms & reload to bring in new choices

Once you've found your form select the proper worksheet—it should be called Form Responses 1 unless you've change something.

Google Sheets form responses

Click Continue when you're done. You'll be asked to pull in some sample data before you can move onto the Trello stage of the automation.

Create Card in Trello

You will be asked to sign into your Trello account, assuming you haven't already. Then you can start setting everything up.

Set up Trello card

Choose which board and list you'd like new entries to show up on, using the drop-down menu.

Trello Board and List

Next, you can choose a name for all new cards. I recommend using a Field for this—to get started click the icon in the right side of the text box.

Field button

Click whichever question will help you identify the response—I'm going to use the name.

Google Forms responses show up as fields

Want a little more detail included in the card? Click Show advanced options.


Now you can add things like a description, labels, and even a check list on the card itself.

Adding more information to a Trello card using Zapier

Remember: you can use Fields to pull in responses from Google Forms. Include everything that's relevant, taking the time to put things just where you want them.

Click Continue when everything looks just right. and you'll be asked to send a test to Trello. It should show up there right away!

Trello card created using Google Forms responses

When you're done your Zap will tun on.

Google Forms to Trello Zap is working

All new responses to your Google Form will now show up in Trello.

Connecting Google Forms to Other Project Management Systems

Not a Trello user? No worries! You can use Zapier to connect Google Forms to 1,500+ apps, including

For example, you can turn Google Forms responses into projects in JIRA, Asana, or Basecamp:

You can also turn responses into Google Calendar appointments.

This is just the beginning: you can design your own Zaps that send Google Forms information over to a wide range of project management apps and to do list apps. Head to our Google forms integrations page to learn more.

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