Adjust date and time values in Zaps

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You can adjust the date or time value in a date/time field with modifiers. Date/time fields are marked with a calendar icon and a clock icon .

Date/time modifiers need:

  • A plus sign (“+”) or minus sign (“-”) to increase or decrease the value.
  • A number for the amount you want to adjust the value by.
  • A time unit for the unit of time that you want to adjust the value by.

Modifiers use the following time units:

  • s: add an “s” for seconds
  • m: add an “m” for minutes
  • h: add an “h” for hours
  • d: add a “d” for days
  • mo: add “mo” for months
  • y: add a “y” for years

Examples of modifiers:

  • +1y: adds 1 year
  • -6d: subtracts 6 days
  • -4h -3m: subtracts 4 hours and 3 minutes

To use a modifier, enter a space after the date or time value, then enter the modifier. You can use multiple modifiers with a date or time value by separating them with a space.

Example of time modifiers


To adjust the date or time value in a non-date/time field or change the format of a date, use a Formatter step instead.

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