Adjust date and time values in Zaps

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You can adjust the date/time values in date/time fields by including a modifier after the date/time value.

In order to set the due date one day after the date from Step 1, we can add "1d" after the value.

A modifier includes:

  • A + or -, signifying forward or backward in time
  • A number
  • A unit of time: s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), month (months), y (years)

For example:

  • +7h - 7 hours after the date/time in the field.
  • +10d - 10 days after the date/time in the field.
  • -45m - 45 minutes before the date/time in the field.
  • +30s - 30 seconds after the date/time in the field. Useful if you receive a duration in seconds.
  • +1y - 1 year after the date/time in the field.

You must include a space between the modifier and the date/time value. Multiple modifiers can be used together, and must be separated from date/time values and each other with spaces.


If you need to do more advanced modifications or reformat a date, you can use a Formatter step. Learn how to modify dates and times with Formatter.

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