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5 ways to automate Asana

By Will Harris · August 8, 2022

Asana has been a popular project management tool for a while now—helping teams large and small keep track of their projects and organize their work lives. Keeping Asana organized and up-to-date, though, can easily become a full-time job.

Automation can help relieve some of this stress. While Asana has some great native automation tools, their integration tools may not do everything you need. Zapier helps fill that void—making it easy to set up automated workflows with Asana that play nicely (and productively) with the rest of your tools.

New to Zapier? It's an automation tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free to use this app, and many others, with Zapier.

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Keep your team in the loop on tasks

When it comes to getting big projects done, it's important to keep everyone on the same page. Asana lets users comment and tag team members, but it's easy to miss those notifications—particularly if your team communicates mostly in Slack or over email.

With these Zaps, you can easily keep your team up-to-date on everything happening in Asana. So, if an important task gets completed or a new project is started, everyone is on the same page.

Send Gmail emails for new tasks in projects in Asana

Send Gmail emails for new tasks in projects in Asana
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Asana + Gmail

Learn more: How to create custom notifications for critical business information.

Connect Asana to your calendar

For better and for worse, calendars run our lives. To make sure you have time to get important work done, it can be helpful to block time in your calendar for working on specific tasks, not just for meetings. 

If you like to block time on your calendar to tackle tasks, you can use these Zaps to automatically create calendar events for Asana tasks with a due date assigned to them.

You can also use Zapier to create tasks from new events on your calendar. So next time someone books a meeting with you, you can use automation to add it directly into Asana. 

Turn form responses into tasks

When you get a response from an online form—whether it's a survey respondent, new lead, or job applicant—you usually want to take some kind of action afterward. But it can be difficult to know when someone actually responds to your form. Without some kind of notification in place, you'll be stuck manually checking for responses multiple times a day if you want to follow up in a timely manner.

With the Zaps below, you can turn form responses into tasks in Asana, putting that follow-up action right into your normal workflow.

Create tasks from emails or messages

When communicating in email or Slack, it's all too easy for to-dos to get lost in the shuffle. Forgot to add a task immediately after someone asks you, and you might forget about it altogether.

Do yourself a favor and create a task in Asana from an email or Slack message automatically with one of these Zaps. Your future self will thank you.

Add Asana tasks to your other task apps

Just because you use Asana doesn't mean you have to use it exclusively. Maybe you like to use Asana for team projects and Todoist for personal tasks. Or, maybe one team at work prefers Asana while your team actually prefers Trello. Either way, if you're using more than one task app, Zapier lets you pass information to and from Asana from whichever tool you'd like.

You might even like to use Google Sheets as your to-do list or simply use it to back up data. If you do, there are Zaps for that kind of thing as well.

Make Asana work smarter with Zapier

Automation with Zapier can help save you loads of time doing manual tasks in Asana, freeing you up to do the work that matters instead of creating tasks and notifying team members.

And this is only the beginning of what you can do with Asana and Zapier. Zapier supports thousands of apps so you can automate almost any task at work. Start building your Zap now and see what you can create.

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