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You can do so much more with RescueTime by connecting it to the other apps you use like Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and Trello to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

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About RescueTime

RescueTime helps you understand how you spend your time on the computer by automatically keeping a log of the time you spend on different applications and websites. Having an accurate idea of how you time is spent makes it easy to stay productive and balanced.

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About Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate RescueTime with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Start With a Popular Zap

I log my time use on my iPad (which does not have a RescueTime app), which shows up on Google Calendar. If this zap works, it can be used to get those otherwise untracked times (and my other Google Calendar events that I am not on my computer) to show up in Rescuetime.

It's important for me to have a record of the meetings on my calendar when I go back to review how I've been spending my time. This zap lets me log meetings as daily highlights in RescueTime so I have all my time information in a single place.

When I drag a Trello card to the Done column, log a Daily Highlight in RescueTime Be sure to set custom filters to target the "Done" column! ('Data List Name' not equal 'Done' / 'Data List After Name' exactly matches 'Done')

Send a message to a HipChat room when a RescueTime Alert is triggered

Mark the timestamp that a RescueTime alert was triggered on a Google Calendar

Tweet a self-deprecating message automatically when a new RescueTime alert is triggered

Once I post a new highlight in RescueTime, automatically send it (via Gmail) to iDoneThis to log a new done.

Allows me to easily track RescueTime alerts by exporting them to a Google Calendar.

Update a goal on when a RescueTime alert is sent

Takes any habit/daily/task from with the word 'rescuetime' in its description and adds it to your daily highlights on

You will need to adjust the +13h in the Date field to your Timezone.

Add the Zapier webhook under Webooks at

Keep track of number of emails you send each day by logging them as a daily highlight in RescueTime

Send myself a notice when more than 20% of my day is spent on email and other communications. (Be sure to set a custom filter of "communication percentage" > 20)

Send a push notfication to my phone whenever a RescueTime alert is sent.

Create a Trello card when I log more than 1 hour of uncategorized time in RescueTime so I don't forget to go back and review that time. (Be sure to set a custom filter for "Uncategorized Activities - Hour" > 1.0)

When a new RescueTime daily summary becomes available, send myself a report as an email.

Deliver RescueTime alerts with a phone call so they feel more imposing

When an alert in RescueTime is triggered, update a related goal in Beeminder

Make Your Own Zap with Triggers + Actions

What are Triggers, Searches & Actions?

Triggers, searches and actions are simply events you can use to build an integration, or "Zap". They can be things like a "new email", "find lead" or a "new contact". A Zap combines triggers, searches and actions — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes all searches or actions for you!

Make your own Zap using RescueTime

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