Add offline time to RescueTime daily at a scheduled time

Do you complete a time-consuming offline task every day? Make sure that time gets tracked in RescueTime, so you can have an accurate picture of how you spent your time. Use this Zap to automatically add offline time to RescueTime every day. That way, you don't have to remember to add the offline time manually and you can get to work on your next task.

How this Schedule-RescueTime integration works

  1. Zapier watches for the daily time you selected
  2. Zapier logs offline time into RescueTime

Apps involved

  • Schedule
  • RescueTime
Add offline time to RescueTime daily at a scheduled time
Schedule by Zapier integration logo

Schedule is a native Zapier app you can use for recurring tasks. Trigger an action every day of the month, every day of the week or every single day. You can also select the hour of the day. If you're a developer, this is similar to a crontab, cronjob or cron.

RescueTime integration logo

RescueTime helps you understand how you spend your time on the computer by automatically keeping a log of the time you spend on different applications and websites. Having an accurate idea of how you time is spent makes it easy to stay productive and balanced.

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