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Connect to 1,500+ Apps


 +1, Google

36 Integrations

Google Calendar

 +1, Google

36 Integrations


Project Management

108 Integrations


Time Tracking Software

6 Integrations

Google Sheets

 +1, Spreadsheets

42 Integrations


Time Tracking Software

42 Integrations


Task Management

42 Integrations



30 Integrations


Team Chat

60 Integrations

Connect RescueTime to 1,500+ Apps

Get daily RescueTime summary reports via Gmail

RescueTime + Gmail

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Add new rows to Google Sheets with daily RescueTime summary reports

RescueTime + Google Sheets

Start FocusTime sessions whenever you start a Pomodoro timer

PomoDoneApp + RescueTime

Create RescueTime daily highlights when new Google Calendar events start

Google Calendar + RescueTime

Schedule daily FocusTime sessions

Schedule by Zapier + RescueTime

RescueTime Integration Details

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The following RescueTime Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New Alert

Triggers when one of your RescueTime alerts goes off.

New Daily Summary Report

Triggers when a new daily summary is available

InstantNew FocusTime Session Start

Triggers when a new FocusTime session is started

New Highlight Event

Triggers when a new daily highlight event is posted

InstantNew FocusTime Session End

Triggers when a FocusTime session finishes.

New Weekly Summary Report

Triggers when a new weekly summary is available


Log a Highlight Event

Creates a new highlight or action log entry. Highlight events show up as a list of accomplishments in your reports. Action events are similar, but they can be grouped and categorized as well. Requires RescueTime Premium

Log Offline Time

Adds offline time to your RescueTime account for the specified amount of minutes.

Start or Stop a FocusTime Session

Starts or stops a FocusTime session. Requires RescueTime Premium

Connect RescueTime to 1,500+ Apps

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