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Magento is the premiere open source e-commerce app used by millions of customers each and every day.

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Create a lead in zoho when a new order is created in Magento

This Zap creates a new Podio item from new Magento sales.

It import the orders from zapier into quickbooks on a very easy way.only needed the email and password used in quickbooks

Save new Magento customers to a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

This Zap allows us to merge all our contacts in one location to better manage them (Highrise is better at organising contacts than Magento).

Create new Infusionsoft contacts from new Magento customers.

This zap triggers an email via Gmail for new Magento customers.

new ecommerce webstite tests. Would be nice to have unlimited taks for today (only)

Sends new Magento orders as tasks to Asana for manual processing.

Create Capsule CRM person from new Magento customer.

It's fun to celebrate sales. This Zap tweets new sales from our Magento store.

Sends us a quick HipChat message for new Magento sales.

This Zap creates a new customer in when Magento gets a new customer.

Create a HubSpot contact from a Magento customer.

I,mo hoping this will make it easier to upload products to a Magento store How? I'm checking it out right now. I'll tell you as soon as I get it to work

It's fun to celebrate new sales. This Zap updates our Facebook page for new orders in our Magento store.

when an account is created in magento create a client in fresh books

This will help me know what is being sold and where it's being shipped to.

Track Magento sales orders in Ducksboard.

With this zap, you will be always informed about new orders from Magento in Pipeliner feeds system.

It solved the way we export orders from magento.The way it solves it is very simple using magento soap service

Wanted an automatic way to batch import hundreds of new products into Magento, once images are completed and added into a Google Drive folder. Zapier helps solve this!

Synchronising users from a specific customer group between Magento CE and Campaign Monitor.

We sync all new customers in our Magento store to new customers in Desk

It says me when a new customer is added to my client list.

Solve the way we take the cobtrol of our list in registration people

Automatically add customers from Magento to a list of choice in INinbox

No need for a developer to install magento/mailchimp plugin to synchronize clients/subscribers

This is awesome I can now have all of my customers and order synchronized with Quickbooks

Importing customers from magento into quickbooks.You just need the quickbooks credentials and a magento user

When a new customer signs up through the Magento webshop, a new account will be created in Sugar CRM.

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