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Redbooth start with a dashboard that lists your tasks for the day from all projects, along with recent activity—messages, new or tasks, and more. You could start a new task, project workspace, conversation or note from the red + button, or chat with a colleague in the bottom right. Or, open a Workspace, where Redbooth keeps all of your project info in one place.

Workspaces open with a team chat pane on the right. Your tasks will be arranged in kanban board-style columns, where you can set up your own task management workflow then drag-and-drop tasks into the order you need. Or, you can view tasks in a list view, with the kanban columns turned into section headings, and filter down to see just the tasks you need. Tasks include the standard details, sub-tasks, and comments, along with an option to log time spent on tasks. There's keyboard navigation, so you can switch between tasks with your arrow keys for quick productivity.

When you need to discuss things, there's Notes to write long-form posts to record client info, internal process, research notes, and more. Or, you can start a conversation, with email-like messages. Team chat and direct messages work for everything else—that is, unless you need a meeting. Then, you can start a voice or video call anytime, or schedule a meeting for a time in the future. That'll create a calendar invite, so you can add everyone to the call and make sure they're ready at the right time.

For a deeper look at your projects, you'll want to check Redbooth's Reports. Here, you can see a list of tasks assigned to each person on your team, a calendar of scheduled tasks and events, each person's workload, and a log of all the time tracked across your tasks and projects plotted on a calendar. These are handy ways to get a quick view at how your team's work is going, or you can download each report in spreadsheet formats to analyze on your own.

With detailed task management, communication tools, and flexible reporting, it's everything you need to keep your projects on track in an easy-to-use interface. Whenever you need to get in touch with your team, there's a number of ways to do it in Redbooth—without ever leaving your project task lists.

Originally published December 12, 2017; updated November 10, 2018 with new screenshots

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