Create Cisco Spark messages from inbound emails

Many emails contain valuable information that is worth sharing with the rest of your team. Through Zapier, set up an email address to forward any email you would like to share, and it will create a message in a Cisco Spark room for you.

How It Works

  1. Your Zapier email address receives an incoming email
  2. Zapier sends a message to Cisco Spark with the email contents

What You Need

  • Cisco Spark account
Create Cisco Spark messages from inbound emails
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Send and receive email via a custom Zapier email address at This is great for triggering off of emails and sending custom emails.

Have direct access to your own email servers? Check out our IMAP and SMTP services!

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Cisco Spark brings teams together instantly in rooms where you can send messages, video chat, and share files, all in one place. Working together is simple - and secure - with Spark.

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