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Zapier for RevOps

Automate your RevOps and sync your siloed GTM tools with Zapier

Not all the tools in your tech stack play well together, which slows down your teams. Zapier goes where native integrations don't, so you can quickly customize, align, and streamline your GTM operations.

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✔️ Connect 6,000+ apps

✔️ No-code and low-code automation capabilities

✔️  Set up guardrails for all data and actions 

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Zapier is trusted by over 2.2 million companies worldwide

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Connect your GTM tech stack to ramp up your RevOps automation

Unlock the power of RevOps automation by connecting all the tools in your GTM engine—your CRM, marketing automation platform, and customer support software—with Zapier.


Disconnected tools, disconnected teams

Fragmented systems and hacky workarounds slow you down, causing delays and inefficiencies.


Unified tools, unified teams

With Zapier, connect your tools and automate your RevOps workflows to boost productivity and eliminate silos.

How other RevOps leaders are automating with Zapier (and loving it!)

Zapier is the quickest route to powerful RevOps automation across the customer journey—from new leads to closed deals, post-sale support, and every stage in between.

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“Zonos uses Zapier for every step in the customer acquisition process and throughout the rest of the customer lifecycle. We use Zapier to create and assign all of our leads, to help get customers connected to the right sales reps, for subscription creation for new customers. Zapier is syncing all of that data.”

Connor Sheffield, Head of Business Automation

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“Zapier has been instrumental in making sure the team has the right data and insights so we can all work together to support our prospects and do what we can to make them successful.”

Matt Grebow, Director of Enterprise Marketing

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“Zapier gives us unlimited flexibility and creativity. With Zapier, you’re like an artist with a blank canvas. I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

Rishi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder

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“Without Zapier, we would have needed over 100 employees today just to do what we’re doing, which would have been unsustainable.”

David Laderberg, Vice President

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“Zapier has allowed us to maintain a robust customer profile that allows us to personalize customer communication, diagnose customer experience issues, and helps us share learnings across the company.”

Corey Egan, Director of CRM

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“Our users get answers and fixes to their issues much faster now. I was also able to leverage Slack and our automations to avoid the need to add dozens of Salesforce licenses for our specialized teams.”

Tori Phillips, Revenue Operations System Administrator

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“With Zapier, we have been able to build complex automations without the need for engineering support. Today, we have more than 15 million tasks automated for our company and for our customers, who we’ve built entire ecosystems for.”

Raphael Bochner, Founder and CIO

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“Zapier contributes to an overhead savings of around $500,000+ on an annual basis, and it's growing every day!”

Tyler Diogo, Operations Manager

Elevate your RevOps automation with AI-powered workflows

Zapier helps you bring AI into RevOps automation to unlock insight from customer touchpoints and data to give your GTM teams the context they need to deliver the best customer experiences.

An interface of multi-step path workflow featuring Co-pilot, Built-in tools, and code step.
 An interface of multi-step path workflow featuring Co-pilot, Built-in tools, and code step.

Leverage Zapier’s extensive AI Integrations

Tap into Zapier's growing AI app library to seamlessly incorporate AI into your workflows between your CRM, marketing automation platform, and other RevOps tools.

Build RevOps workflows effortlessly with AI

Simply describe the RevOps automation you want—think lead capture or support ticket summaries—and Zapier's AI will help you quickly build your workflow.

Use natural language to build custom RevOps automation

Lean on AI to transform natural language into code and new Custom Actions to tailor your RevOps automation.


Less data entry, more sales productivity

Zapier helps you create custom RevOps workflows across your apps so your team can spend less time inputting customer data and more time acting on it

An interface of a multi-step workflow using Webflow, Hubspot, and Slack

Send leads to the right rep

When a new Salesforce opportunity is created, notify the right rep in Slack

Create tickets in an instant

Create new Intercom conversations as Zendesk tickets

Simplify customer payments

When a new quote is generated in Xero, automatically create a payment link in Stripe


Make customer handoffs between teams a breeze

Say goodbye to messy, manual handoffs that result in slow follow-ups and dissatisfied customers. Use RevOps automation via Zapier to give GTM teams the context they need to keep every lead, every deal, and every ticket moving forward.

An interface of a multi-step workflow using Salesforce, Gmail, and Slack

Seamlessly hand off accounts between teams

Dynamically send handoff emails via Gmail when prospects are marked as qualified in HubSpot

Address onboarding issues as soon as they arise

Add new Intercom conversations as Productboard notes to optimize the onboarding experience

Keep your launch team up to date

When a launch date changes in Asana, update editorial calendar in Airtable


Act on customer activity in real-time in any app across your RevOps tech stack

Pull in insights from every sales call, email, and support ticket to make sure customer information doesn't slip through the cracks. Plus, use AI to enhance your data and fill in any gaps.

An interface of a multi-step workflow using Gong, ChatGPT, and Slack

Summarize Gong calls using OpenAI

Use AI to generate a call summary of Gong recordings, analyze sentiments or other details, then send to Slack

Resolve support tickets faster with more customer context

Use AI to summarize new support tickets, then combine with additional customer info from Salesforce

Stay on top of social trends

Once a week, use OpenAI to identify trends in customer feedback and post to Slack channel

Data Empowered

Connect your tools for clean and up-to-date data across platforms

Leverage RevOps automation to keep your data clean and up-to-date across platforms. That way, you can build audience segments and personalize campaigns, instead of emailing prospects based on outdated info.

An interface of a multi-step workflow using WooCommerce, Facebook, and Airtable

Consolidate customer data across tools

When a new HubSpot form is submitted, create a new conversation in Help Scout

Update contacts for follow up

Create or update contacts in HubSpot when a new subscriber is added to a specific audience in Mailchimp

Fine-tune your ads audience

When a new order is created in Shopify, send purchase event to Facebook conversions

Transform your RevOps with Zapier

Elevate your RevOps game with Zapier's powerful automation. Manage leads, centralize data, and leverage product insights to drive sales—and that's just the start. Use Zapier to unlock endless automation possibilities and drive your organization forward


Capture, connect with, and nurture leads efficiently

RevOps automation with Zapier streamlines your lead generation and management processes. Automate data collection and follow-ups by connecting your CRM, email marketing, and social media tools. This ensures no lead is left behind and allows your team to focus on engaging with prospects and closing deals.

Coworkers in an office


Maintain clean and centralized data

Achieve data hygiene and centralization effortlessly through RevOps automation using Zapier. Automate data synchronization and cleaning by connecting your databases, CRM, and other essential tools. This ensures your team always has access to reliable and centralized data to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Leverage product data to drive sales

Create RevOps automation in Zapier and lean on your product's usage data to glean actionable insights your Sales team can use to delight your customers.

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Connect your apps to build an efficient RevOps tech stack

With over 6,000 integrations, Zapier helps you create powerful RevOps automation across your different apps

Open AI
Open AI
Open AI
Google Drive
Service Now
Google Sheets
Zoho Sheets
Office 365
Google Forms

Zapier is the automation platform of choice for 87% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies in 2023

G2 best estimated ROI enterprise, spring 2024
G2 best results, spring 2024
G2 most implementable, spring 2024
G2 leader, spring 2024


Customers who say using Zapier has made them better at their job


Customers have created over 25 million Zaps on the platform

6 mins

The average user takes less than 6 minutes to set up a Zap

Flexible workflow features to power your RevOps automation

Pair 6,000+ integrations with our built-in workflow tools to overcome tech stack limitations and build custom RevOps automated workflows

By pairing 6,000+ integrations with our "By Zapier" apps, you can automate anything you need, exactly how you need it.


Create Zaps that perform different actions based on if/then logic.

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Use filters so Zaps only run when certain conditions are met.

Formatter (with AI)

Transform dates, currency, text, and more into your preferred format.


Receive data from any service or send requests to URLs—all without writing code or running servers.


Schedule your Zaps to run whenever it's right for you.

Code steps (with AI)

Describe how you’d like to customize your trigger or action and AI will write the Javascript or Python code for you.

Transform your RevOps with Zapier automation resources

Discover how to supercharge your RevOps with our curated set of resources. Explore strategies for scaling automation; discover how to use RevOps automation to connect marketing and sales; and bring it all together with our RevOps automation Zap Map.

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How Zapier automates RevOps workflows

Explore different ways Zapier can help you automate RevOps workflows.

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