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Email to Dropbox to Save Attachments

By Matthew Guay · September 27, 2018

Want an easy way to send files to Dropbox? How about just sending an email to Dropbox with the file attached?

Here's how to set that up. In this tutorial, we'll use app automation tool Zapier to make a new email address where you can send files—and then connect that to Dropbox to automatically save every file you forward or email to Dropbox.

What You Need:

  • A Zapier account

  • An Email app

  • A file to save to Dropbox

  • A Dropbox account

Here's a pre-made Zap to get started quickly, then follow the guide below to set it up:

Save new email attachments to Dropbox

Save new email attachments to Dropbox
  • Email by Zapier logo
  • Dropbox logo
Email by Zapier + Dropbox

1. Make a New Dropbox Email Address

Zapier Custom Email Address

It starts with a new email address. Click the button above to start building this Zapier workflow, and sign in with your Zapier account or sign up for a free Zapier account if you don't have one already.

Zapier will then make a new email address where you can email your files. Add a name you want—we've set dropbox by default so it's easy to remember, but you can change that if you'd like—and Zapier will add a custom, random ending like .1abcd@zapiermail.com to your address.

Copy that address and save it to your email address book. Then send a new email to that address with an attached file you'd like to save to Dropbox. Back in Zapier, click Continue in your Zap to pull in that sample email.

2. Choose Where to Save Your Files in Dropbox

Choose Dropbox folder in Zapier

Now, it's time to connect Zapier to your Dropbox account. You can then pick the folder where you want Zapier to save the file. Zapier will then automatically copy the file from your email attachment and save it to that Dropbox folder.

Note: Most email apps will only let you send files up to 25MB, and Zapier can only add files up to 100MB to Dropbox.

3. Email Your Files to Dropbox

Next time you need to save a file to Dropbox—perhaps from your phone, or from a friend's computer where you're not logged into Dropbox—open your email app and send a new email to your Dropbox email address. Attach the file, and Zapier will save it to Dropbox for you automatically.

It's also a great way to save attachments. When someone emails you a crucial file, forward it to your Dropbox email address, and Zapier will save it to Dropbox so it's ready when you need it.

→ New to Zapier? Learn more in Zapier's quickuide. Then find more ways to build custom email automations in our Email by Zapier guide.

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