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Launched on Zapier October 23, 2011

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Inbound Email") and Actions (like "Send Outbound Email") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Email Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Inbound Email

Triggers when an email is forwarded to your own custom address.

Send Outbound Email

Send an email from your own custom address. Up to 10 emails sent per hour.

  • Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    You set up those ads to collect new leads, not waste time checking for new ones. Zapier can alert you with any new submissions so you don't have to worry about looking yourself—just set up this Facebook Lead Ads-Zapier Email integration. From then on, we'll send you an email with all the information submitted by each new lead on Facebook!

    How It Works

    1. A new lead is collected from Facebook Lead Ads
    2. Zapier automatically sends you an email

    What You Need

    • Facebook Lead Ads account
  • Get email notifications for new Zapier job openings

    Want to work at Zapier? This Zap is for you!

    When we decide to hire a new role we post an opening to our jobs page. New roles are also published to this RSS feed.

    Instead of manually watching those places, you can use this Zap to get an email any time a new position is posted to the Zapier jobs page.

    How It Works

    1. A job is posted to Zapier
    2. You get an email so you can be the first to apply
  • Email new SurveyMonkey survey responses

    SurveyMonkey is your go-to for collecting feedback and keeping your customers happy. But what if you simply don't have time to constantly log into your account? That's where Zapier comes in. With this SurveyMonkey to email integration, you can easily send SurveyMonkey responses to the email address of your choice. With SurveyMonkey survey answers going straight to your email account (or an employee's) you can make sure no customer feedback goes unnoticed. Easy, right?

    Note: This automation is limited to 10 sent emails per hour.

    How It Works

    1. Someone fills out your SurveyMonkey survey
    2. Zapier automatically emails the SurveyMonkey survey answers to the email address of your choice

    What You Need

    • SurveyMonkey Account
    • Email address to send the SurveyMonkey survey answers to
  • Email to Slack and Chat From Your Inbox

    Slack's a great way to keep in touch with your team, but sometimes you don't have time to chat and read through all the messages that have come in since you last logged in. This is an easier option. Just email a message to the Zapier email address you'll set up with this Zap, and Zapier will automatically add your message to Slack.

    Learn more in our guide on how to email to Slack.

    What You Need

    • An email app
    • A Slack account
  • Get or send email notifications for new ClickFunnels contacts

    Don't worry about notifying the right people when a contact has been updated in an account. Once this automation is active, Zapier will send an email every time there is new activity with a ClickFunnels contact. This way you will never have to worry about sending those emails manually.

    How this ClickFunnels integration works

    1. New ClickFunnels contact activity happens
    2. Zapier sends out an email

    Apps involved

    • ClickFunnels
  • Turn Webhooks Into Sent Emails

    Let's be honest, writing another line of PHP to send another email was fine the first couple hundred times, but now it's just plain annoying.

    Well, with the Zapier Webhook trigger and our Email app, you'll get your very own URL to catch the webhooks and you can use any data from:

    • The querystring
    • The body (form-encoded, XML or JSON)

    And you can insert that data into the email. When we get a webhook, you get an email!

    What you'll need

    1. Something to send the HTTP request or webhook (jQuery, PHP, third party, etc...)
    2. An email address in mind (or one defined in the webhook itself)
  • Send new RSS feed entries via email

    Want a quick way to know whenever your favorite sites publish new articles? This Zap will send you an email from Zapier any time the RSS feed you follow published anything new. It's an easy way to turn your email app into a news reader.

    Learn more in our guide on how to get RSS feeds via email.

    What You Need

    • An Email address
    • An RSS feed
  • Get email notifications of Twitter user tweets

    If you’ve got a Twitter user that you want to keep an extra special eye on, Zapier can provide a big assist. Get an email when a specific Twitter user posts a new update. With our Twitter integration, anytime that user tweets, you'll get notified via email.

    How It Works

    1. A specified Twitter user posts a tweet
    2. Zapier automates an email notification to you of that tweet

    What You Need

    • Twitter account
    • Zapier account
  • Save email attachments to Google Drive

    You already keep all of your Google Docs and other important files in Google Drive. With this Zap, you can also save any file from your email to Google Drive. Whenever someone emails you something important, forward it to the Zapier email address you'll set up with this Zap, and Zapier will automatically save it to Google Drive.

    Learn more in our guide on how to email files to Google Drive.

    What You Need

    • An email app
    • A Google Drive account
  • Save email attachments to Dropbox

    Make sure you never lose an important email attachment with this Zap. Set it up, then save your new Zapier email address. Then, whenever you send or forward an email with an attachment to that email address, Zapier will automatically save the file in Dropbox for you.

    Learn more in our guide: How to automatically save email attachments to Dropbox

    What You Need

    • An email app
    • A Dropbox account
  • Get email notifications for new Airtable base records

    Some of your Airtable bases are very sensitive, and you need know to every time a new record is created. Zapier sends emails notifications to you when new records are created in your Airtable base. Now you'll always know when something new is created in your base.

    How It Works

    1. Someone creates a new record in your Airtable base
    2. Zapier automatically sends you an email notification

    What You Need

    • Airtable account
  • Receive Your Twilio SMS Messages in Your Email Inbox

    Twilio is a great service to get a phone number that can receive SMS messages in dozens of countries around the world. With Zapier's help, you can now get those SMS messages in your email inbox, no phone required.

    How it Works

    Whenever you receive a new SMS message at your Twilio number, Zapier will fetch it, copy it into a new email message, and send it to your inbox.

    What You Need

    1. A Twilio account, with a phone number activated and enough credit to send messages
    2. Your email address

    Got that? Then let's get started.

  • Send new inbound email attachments to Google Drive

    Use this Zapier integration to seamlessly upload email attachments to your Google Drive. An example might be to use an email-capable scanner to automatically send scanned files to your Google Drive.

    How It Works

    1. A new email with an attachment is sent to your inbox
    2. Zapier sends the email attachment to a designated folder in your Google Drive

    What You Need

    • Zapier account
    • Google account
  • Get email alerts for new Dropbox files in a directory

    Rather than constantly monitoring a Dropbox directory, use Zapier to automatically send an email to yourself when a new file is added to a specfic Dropbox directory.

    How It Works

    1. A new file is added to a Dropbox directory
    2. Zapier sends an email to you or designated recipient(s)

    What You Need

    • Dropbox account
  • Add new RSS posts via email

    You can use Zapier to create a new RSS post by sending an email to a private email address. When an email is received, Zapier creates a new RSS post based off of the email subject and body.

    Note: Anyone can create an RSS post by sending an email to the address you create. You should only share the email address with people you want to post to your RSS feed.

    How It Works

    1. Zapier waits to receive an email.
    2. Once an email is received, Zapier creates a new RSS post based on that email.
  • Get email notifications for new rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Whether you want to update members of your team whenever a new row is added to a spreadsheet, or you want a notice yourself, this Google Sheets Spreadsheet and Email integration will take care of it for you.

    How it Works

    1. You tell Google Sheets which Spreadsheet you want updates from
    2. Zapier sends whoever you specify an email letting them know when a new row is added to the spreadsheet

    What You Need

    • A Google Apps Account
    • A Zapier account
  • Send emails for updated Google Sheets rows

    Need to monitor a specific spreadsheet? Use this automation to get notifications every time your Google Sheets spreadsheet is updated. Set it up, and each time a row is updated in a selected Google Sheets spreadsheet, Zapier will send an email message. Never miss an update when you use this integration.

    How It Works

    1. A row is updated in a selected Google Sheets spreadsheet
    2. Zapier sends an email message

    What You Need

    • Google account
    • Zapier account
  • Send SMS Messages via Email

    Ever wanted to send an SMS message via email? With this zap, you'll finally be able to do just that.

    How it Works

    Zapier has a built-in email tool that'll give you a unique email address just for sending SMS messages. You'll copy that email address, send a new message with the phone number of your recipient as the subject and the SMS message as the body of the email. Zapier will turn that email into an SMS, and send it out for you on your Twilio account.

    What You Need

    1. A Twilio account with an activated phone number, and enough credit to send SMS messages
    2. An email account

    Got that? Then let's get started.

  • Convert an Email into a PDF Stored in Google Drive

    Do you ever need to quickly convert email receipts into PDFs and store them somewhere? While you could print the email as a PDF manually and then upload it somewhere, this Zap will make the process as easy forwarding an email.

    This Zap runs instantly as soon as an email is sent to Zapier.

    How It Works

    1. Forward an email to a special email address provided by Zapier.
    2. Moments later a PDF of that email will show up in your Google Drive.

    What You Need

    • Google Account
  • Get email notifications for new Google Forms responses

    Having the right information at the right time is critical. Set up this automation to help ensure nothing slips by, even when you're not watching. From then on, we'll automatically notify you of new Google Forms responses through Zapier's native email functionality, including every answer you need for complete context.

    Note: To use this integration you'll need a live form that's set up to collect responses in a spreadsheet.

    How this Google Forms-Email integration works

    1. Someone submits a new response on Google Forms
    2. Zapier automatically sends you an email with the contents

    Apps involved

    • Google Forms
  • Forward new emails to create Trello cards

    Your inbox needs a swift hand and quick decisions to stay under control. Zapier can help you stay focused with this Email-Trello integration. Once it's active, forward any emails you want to the provided Zapier mail address and we'll take over, automatically creating a new card with the email's information each time.

    How It Works

    1. A new email is received by Zapier
    2. Zapier automatically creates a new card on Trello

    What You Need

    • Trello account
  • Get email notifications for new Kajabi purchases

    You won't always have time to check your sales dashboard, but that doesn't mean you can't keep up with business. After setting up this Zapier integration, we'll notify you whenever there's a new purchase on Kajabi, automatically sending you an email notification with all the details you need to react, or just keep up.

    How this Kajabi integration works

    1. A new purchase is made on Kajabi
    2. Zapier automation sends you an email alert

    Apps involved

    • Kajabi
  • Bcc Zapier to create a new Trello card

    Are you an email junkie? Live in your Inbox all day long? Do you or someone on your team use Trello?

    Enable this Zap and receive a special Zapier email address, to which you can Bcc, Cc or forward any email thread. Zapier will then automatically create a card in Trello for you from the email.

    How it works

    1. Choose a special email address. Bcc, Cc or forward any email to this email address.
    2. When Zapier sees the email, we'll send it over to a Trello board & list you choose, as a new card -- subject, content, attachments and all!

    Note: We recommend you only Bcc or forward your special Zapier email address. If you CC Zapier and someone "replies all" to the email thread , you'll wind up with duplicate Trello cards. Forwarding and BCC prevent this.

    What you need

    • An email account you can send emails from.
    • A Trello account, and a board + list for your automatically created cards.

    Got that? Alright! Let's get started.

  • +2

    Get Gmail alerts for new Instagram hashtag mentions and get an email summary of those mentions daily, weekly, or monthly

    Keeping current on Instagram hashtags is crucial for brand growth, but tallying those mentions by hand consumes time you don't have. After you set up this automation, Zapier will do the hard work for you. Whenever a hashtag you designate is mentioned, Zapier will send an email alert via Gmail. Digest by Zapier stores an ongoing log of those mentions and sends you an email summary daily, weekly, or monthly. That way, you can see all of your latest hashtag mentions at a glance.

    How this Instagram-Gmail integration works

    1. A Instagram photo or video with a hashtag of your choosing is posted
    2. Gmail sends an email about the post to the email addresses you designate
    3. Digest by Zapier stores a running log of those new posts
    4. A summary of those Instagram mentions are emailed to you on a schedule you choose - daily, weekly, or monthly

    Apps involved

    • Instagram
    • Gmail
  • Get email notifications for new Sumo email subscribers

    If you want to know as soon as you get a new Sumo subscriber, then use Zapier. This SumoMe email integration will send a new email to you or someone on your team as soon as you get a new sign up through Sumo.

    How It Works

    1. Visitor completes your Sumo list builder form
    2. Zapier sends the visitor or yourself an email

    What You Need

    • Sumo account with an email capture app enabled

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