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How to Get Started with Email

Getting started with the email app on Zapier is actually quite simple. Because the email app is provided in-house by Zapier, you do not need any sort of special Account to get started.

New Inbound Email Trigger

When you use the email app to receive email, you'll be given a special email address. This email address is unique to the Zap. You should modify it further by typing in a prefix, like "mike".


To trigger the Zap shown in the screenshot, you would send an email to

Send Outbound Email Action

This action will send an email from Zapier for you. All emails will come from a no-reply email address such as Accounts are limited to 10 emails per hour using this action.

When sending emails, you can specify to, subject, body, from name, attachments, reply-to, cc, and bcc.

If you need emails to come from your own email address you should use one of the "high volume" email apps.

All emails sent from Zapier also include a "stop Zap" link at the bottom of the email to prevent spam. If the link is clicked, the Zap which send the email will be turned Off. This is atypical to how most "opt out" lists work where only the specific user who opted-out is removed from further mail.

Popular Things To Do With Email

  • Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Email by Zapier

    Try It
  • Get email notifications for new Zapier job openings

    RSS by Zapier + Email by Zapier

  • Email new SurveyMonkey survey responses

    SurveyMonkey + Email by Zapier

  • Email to Slack and Chat From Your Inbox

    Email by Zapier + Slack

  • Get or send email notifications for new ClickFunnels contacts

    ClickFunnels + Email by Zapier

  • Turn Webhooks Into Sent Emails

    Webhooks by Zapier + Email by Zapier

Common Problems with Email

I Don't Want to Manually Forward Emails To Use This

An email service Zap is triggered when an email is sent to your special email address. You can set up an auto-forwarder inside Gmail or Outlook to automatically send email to your special address. You can read about how to set this up inside Gmail, here.

How can I style my email?

To style your email you will need to use HTML. Here's some basic quick start formatting HTML markup:

<p> This is a paragraph </p>

<a href="">This is a link</a>

<img src="imageurl.jpg" alt="alt text" width="104" height="142">

<b>This text is bold</b>

<i>This text is italic</i>

You can find more great tips and information on writing HTML on W3schools website here:

I Need to Verify my Zapiermail address to set up auto-forwarding, how can get to the verification email?

In the "test this step" section of your trigger or action, you can load the most recent email received by that email address. If you click the "Re-test" button, then click on the "view your email" link on the test success page, you can see the body of those emails and get the URL you need to finish verifying that address.

My Distribution List Isn't Working with Zapier!

This is due to them lacking a sender field, or more specifically an empty return-path, take a look at for instructions on how to solve this.

I Want to Set the From Email Address When Sending

Right now this is fixed to a noreply email address. If you'd like to set this field, you should use a "high volume" email sending service.

Can I remove the "stop these emails" link from Emails I Send?

For spam compliance reasons we can't remove that link. For an alternative that won't have that link, you can use a Gmail or IMAP/SMTP action to send from your own account, or you could use a transactional mail service like Mailgun or Mandrill to send those emails.

My email I sent is not triggering my Zap

We use a service called Mailgun to parse inbound emails. They have some limitations in the types of emails they can parse. Specifically, we've seen issues from auto-notification emails like Google Groups fail to be parsed because the sender address is empty.

From Mailgun's support team:

"The reason for the auto-forwarder messages not getting accepted and posted is to due an empty sender address. Mailgun will not accept and post a messages without a present email address in the sender parameter."

If you're having trouble with a certain email client of service, this may be why.

Can I get HTML Messages in an Email Trigger?

Yes! Email triggers have a field for HTML message body as well as a field for plain text message body.

Can I send HTML Emails with an Email action?

Yes! Email's "Send Email" action supports HTML messages.

I accidentally clicked the "stop these emails" link

To stay CAN-SPAM compliant, we must turn your Zap off when that email is clicked. We don't keep a block list of offer unsubscribing functionality there though, so if you turn your Zap back on, you should be good to go.

Sorry! That is too many emails sent. Please try Mandril, Mailgun, Gmail, or others for bulk email.

To prevent the Zapier send email action being used for spam we throttle the send email action to 10 emails per Zapier account per hour. If your needs exceed this you'll need to use a dedicated email sending provider like Gmail, Mailgun, Sendgrid, or Mandrill.

How can I attach a file to my email that's not in my trigger?

If you have a fixed file you want to always attach to your email using the send email action, you just need to upload the file somewhere publicly first like Dropbox and then include the download link on the "Attachment" field.

You can read some specific steps on how to do this here.

Is there a maximum size for attachments using Email by Zapier?

Emails sent to and from a email address have to be less than 25MB in size, including attachments.

My Zap isn't triggering on time!

Because Zapier uses a third party service for our inbound emails on Email by Zapier, we unfortunately can't guarantee or control when a Zap will trigger and delays are not uncommon. If you're working with time-sensitive emails, you might want to use Gmail or another email app that you have direct ownership of.

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