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It all starts with projects, the primary focus in Active Collab. Setup projects for everything you're working on, and choose whether they're internal projects or client work you'll be billing for. For the latter projects, you can set a budget, add job types and rates, share your project with clients, and choose if they can see time entries or not. Active Collab has integrated time tracking app, so you can log time on tasks and get a report about time spent across your projects.

Once your projects are in place, it's time to list your tasks. You can just type them out quickly and tap your Return key to save them, or you can assign them to team members, add detailed notes, and set due dates. Active Collab's task interface is much like a to-do list app—you can drag-and-drop tasks between lists in a project, see all of your assigned and upcoming tasks on your personal My Work list, and view what everyone's working on from the calendar view.

Then, instead of centralizing all communications in one place, Active Collab has discussions in each project. You can comment, mention team members with an @sign, and keep up with the discussions via your My Work list. Instead of opening Google Docs to collaborate on documents and other text elements of your project, Active Collab's Notes section in each project gives you a place to work together on text. There's also a spot for files, expense tracking, and a detailed activity log in each project, to keep everything in one place.

When your projects are done, the Invoices tab is where you'll go to get paid for your work. You can make new invoices for anything—perfect for one-off payments—or turn your time slips and expenses from projects into detailed invoices. Your clients can then pay you via credit card or PayPal, right from your Active Collab invoice.

With so many features, you'll have a lot going on in your Active Collab account all the time. But it's easy enough to keep from getting overwhelmed, since nearly everything you'll need to see and work on will show up in your My Work page. For everything else, you can turn to Active Collab's reports, where you'll find automated reports on uninvoiced time and expenses, overdue tasks, projects budgets versus their real cost, and more. Each report can be customized based on the project, user, and more, for a quick reference of the info you need.

If you're looking for a way to keep your team's projects, time tracking, invoicing and more all under the same roof, Active Collab is a streamlined option that does a quite good job keeping everything simple. It can even run on your own servers if you want, a great option for internal project management for larger teams.

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