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Podio is a collaborative work platform that's perfect for managing projects, teams, and anything else in your business that needs flexible apps that work the way you do.

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Start With a Popular Zap Template

This Zap will create a new Podio item from a new Gravity Forms submission.

Trigger an email via Gmail for new Podio items.

events created in google calendar are sent to podio app events with my my project management workspace

This zap takes a Podio App Action and creates a Trello Card. Due to the way Podio works, it must be synced to one specific Podio app. If you have multiple apps, you must create separate zap for each app.

Whenever a new database entry is created in Podio that is labelled "Booking", I get informed by email.

Using the HookPress WordPress Plugin by mitcho (Michael 芳貴 Erlewine), each time a new page is added to my Blog, Webhooks are posted to this Zap that then create a new item on Podio.

Sets a reminder to upload a form when a new booking is created.

атоматизация маркетинга в действии. Добавляем подписчиков в CRM

Creates an Evernote note from a custom Podio app item, including downloading attachments.

Create a new note on Evernote when an item in Podio is updated.

Will fetch issues created in github and directly post them to podio.

Automatically create new Podio task from Evernote note.

This Zap creates a new item in Podio from new LinkedIn connections.

Giving feedback to users who create an incident in our webform at Podio.

Save new Podio items to a new row in a MySQL table.

Love the fact that Zapier can reduce the amount of task assignment work I typically go through after submitting/receiving info in Formstack. Great Zaplication!

Automatically save new Podio tasks to an Evernote note.

This Zap tracks Call Tracking Metrics calls in a Podio item.

Automatically create a new Participant entry with every ticket purchase through Eventbrite.

Add new Podio tasks to a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheets.

Automatically update Podio status from new Evernote notes.

This Zap creates a new Podio item from new Magento sales.

Podio does not allow task Import via Excel. This cirucumvents that though you cannot send it to a specifc Workspace, Project or Deliverable and you cannot add Labels. Still its a major help

Sends a confirmation mail through Mandrill when a new Item is created.

Automatically create new Podio task via a Gmail email.

Pushes Yammer broadcast messages in to the main activity feed of Podio, to allow single-portal notification.

Automatically create new Podio tasks for new MailChimp subscribers.

Automatically update Podio status when a new event is added to Google Calendar.

Puts all tasks from Podio into Evernote, so they can be managed together.

Automatically create new Trello cards from new Podio tasks.

Create a new Board on Trello when a new item is created on Podio

This zap will allow you to create Projects in Podio and it will automatically be created in Toggl for time keeping purposes.

Update your Podio status to be the latest GitHbu commit.

Automatically add tasks to Google tasks from new tasks created by you in Podio.

Every wanted to update your to do list when an email arrives? Try this easy process

Monitors an unmonitored gmail account for attachments - creates action in Podio

collects anwers from Survey monkey across different surveys. Solves the problem of collating survey data

Automatically update Podio status for new Pivotal Tracker activity.

This app automatically syncs your meetings in Evernote with a Podio Meetings App. This allows you to record your meetings anywhere else and then have them automatically create a new meeting in Podio and upload the meeting minutes. This is a great sync for meetings if you use Evernote and Podio.

Publish emails to incoming contact google group to podio workspace for collaboration

This Zap creates a new post in wordpress with the status pending review.

Being able to make a project specific todo list within podio

link a created item in Podio workflow to an hipchat room sending a notification

Create an item in Podio for each new document in the Box inbox

Create a new task in Podio for new individual emails in Gmail.

Automatically create new Podio tasks from Zendesk tickets.

Automatically update Podio status when a new file is added to Dropbox folder.

Automatically create new Podio tasks from Trello card activity.

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