Turn new Typeform entries into Meetup events

Need to create lots of Meetup events? Setup a Typeform form that captures all the data, then with this integration every time your form is filled out, Zapier will create a new event in Meetup. It'll help your team get new events created quickly—and can let your community help you create new events.

Note: If you use a public form to create events, you might want to set the event status to draft until your team is able to review the new events.

How It Works

  1. New form is completed in Typeform
  2. Zapier creates a new event in Meetup

What You Need

  • Typeform account
  • Meetup account
Turn new Typeform entries into Meetup events
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Typeform helps you ask awesomely online! If you ever need to run a survey, questionnaire, form, contest etc... Typeform will help you achieve it beautifully across all devices, every time, using its next generation platform.

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Meetup helps people with shared interests plan events and facilitates offline group meetings in various locations around the world!

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