Whenever a new Github Issue is opened, create a new Trello Card.

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Trello is team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Trying to use Trello to manage your GitHub projects? Use the Trello GitHub integration to post new GitHub issues, commits, collaborators, and more to new Trello cards.

Customize your Trello cards and filter on any available GitHub fields.

Simple setup takes less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

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Popular Zap Templates Using GitHub and Trello

Automatically creates a new Trello card from a new GitHub issue.

Automatically create a new Trello card from new GitHub commits.

Automatically create GitHub issues from new Trello card activity.

A GitHub pull request will create a Trello card.

Create Trello comment from Github commit. Simply add "Card(ID)" to your commit message to comment on the appropriate card. Trello Card IDs can be found from the short link by opening the card in Trello and clicking the "More..." link on the right-hand side.

Automatically create new Trello cards from new GitHub milestones.

Automatically create new Trello card from new GitHub comments.

Manage deployment flow using a git feature branch approach

Transfiere los push hechos en el repo "master" para acomodarlos en el proceso organizativo que llevamos en Trello

Shows my code commits show my PM can see what's going on.

This solves the 2-way communication issue between Github and Trello. ToDos are pushed from Trello to Github, and commits on Github push new cards to "Done" section of Trello.

If we do it right, every commit addresses one or more ToDos that will have by then been moved to the Doing list, meaning we can easily match them up and delete them.

I dont like doin the same work more than once.. Zap helps me nonitor the coding process on my boards in a clear and simple way.

Adds git commits as comments on the related card in trello.

Add git commits as comments on the story they are related to.

Adds git commit message to trello card using {{commit__message_id}}. The short card ID (idShort) doesn't seem to work so you have to use the long ID hash.

Adds a commit comment on the appropriate Trello card, given the Trello card ID hash from the JSON.

Makes it easy to commit and add my commit changes for all to see and know right away within my team, as alot of the time they wont check github until they have to work in their.

Collaboration team work, workflow. There are many people involve in any project, not everybody knows about git or other social apps, no "hardcoding" nedded.

Creates an integration between GitHub® Issue Comments and Trello®.

Creates a Trello card when new Issues are created in GitHub. Has a template Markdown description to make a development-friendly card by default, and tags the card green to allow filtering of ideas auto-loaded from GitHub.

This 'zap' generates Trello cards for me whenever an issue is raised on my Github project 'buzz'

Copies bug reports from reader to trello for hacker backlog

Copies bug reports from reader-phone to trello for hacker backlog

Create a Trello card for every new Github issue, brilliant!

Create a Trello card for every new Issue created on GitHub.

Use Trello as your kanban board to manage your workload with links back to the original issue.

Instantly Make a Scrum Tracking Board from Github Issues

Add a card in trello when a someone creates an issue in github!

manage project with all the power of trello and github.

Provides a TODO task in Trello for newly created Github Issues

It keeps me from having to keep track of issues and cards! i get to just use trello to track my development.

Creates a new Trello Card whenever an issue is reported on GitHub

This Zap saves me from having to manually create tasks on Trello boards for new tickets on Github.

New GitHub Issue is sent into the Backlog of a trello board.

Helps to reconcile issues between GitHub and a Trello board. Data will be used as part of the planning process fir future sprints

Zap helps us to have just 1 way to insert our issues from Github to Trello, otherwise this could be a real annoying problem.

Easily Integrate the issues board on github in our private repo with our working trello board

Listenes for GitHub issues tagged as "bug" and adds them to a target Trello list.

Takes a github issue and adds it to the Trello backlog

Everytime you add a new Github issue it addes it to Trello.

Copies Github issues to a Trello board for assignment and processing

Cadastrar automaticamente as correções do github em um board específico do Trello.

This zap helps us bridge our source control solution with our agile development platform of choice.

This helps us connect our source control management with our agile development product management.

Helps with the creation of Trello Cards from Github Issues. Ideal to maintain separation from Coders to Product Owner.

I love github issues, but want a task management app to deal with it easier.

New Github issues create a card on the Trello board, with a nice checklist

Don't have to create issue twice on GitHub and Trello. Only send specced out issues created to Trello board for SCRUM tracking

How Can I Connect GitHub with Trello?

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