Get an RSS Feed of All New Files in Your Dropbox

Ever wanted a simple way to know when files are added to your Dropbox or a specific Dropbox folder? Especially if you have a shared team Dropbox folder, sometimes you'll want to know when new files are added. If you're always checking your RSS feeds for new posts, this is the integration for you as it'll let you find out about your new Dropbox files right along with the the rest of your news feeds.

How it Works:

Zapier will watch the Dropbox folder of your choice for new files. Whenever anything's added, it'll publish the new item on your RSS feed so you can get notified about all of the new files.

What You Need:

  1. A Dropbox Account
  2. A feed reader like Feedly to subscribe to your RSS feed

Got that? Then let's get started.

Guided Zap
Get an RSS Feed of All New Files in Your Dropbox
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Dropbox lets you store your files online, sync them to all your devices, and share them easily. Get started for free, then upgrade for more space and security features.

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RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.

Start With a Popular Zap

Create an RSS feed of new Dropbox files in a folder.

Automatically add new text files in Dropbox for new RSS feed items.

My personal Economist feed of the stories from the weekly Economist print edition.

This is the personal dropbox feed I set up from the Economist.

Daf Yomi with Rab Eli Mansour podcast available for free

Dropbox exporta a Feed RSS, con link al archivo subido.

Automatically downloads the Jehovah's Witness's Watchtower Study PDF files to a folder in your Dropbox Account.

Automatically downloads the Jehovah's Witness's Watchtower Simplified to a folder inside your Dropbox account!

Wenn ein neues RSS-Feed erkannt worden ist, wird dieses in der Dropbox in einer Textdatei in einer neue Textzeile eingefügt!

Damit die Einträge in einer neuen Zeile geschrieben werden, muß man bei der unteren Inthaltsangabe (File Content) zum Schluß die "Enter-Taste" eingeben!

This zap fetches latest motivational quotes from and saves them as plain text file in your dropbox account.

Download link from RSS Feed to dropbox (could be images or other random things)

This Zap pulls instagram images tagged "thefedsseniors" and places them in my dropbox for printing

It can automaticly download torrents from torrent.rss. This one is for Under the Dome in HQ.

This Zap pulls the daily one hour podcast of the Dave Ramsey Show and saves it to your Dropbox account. This lets me automatically push the shows to my wife's phone for listening in the car instead of setting up an RSS reader and configuring that for her. It also eliminates any worries about no Internet/cell signal if we are driving in the boonies.

Creates a text file from BBC news RSS. I plan to use point a scheduled text to voice program at this each morning to read me the headlines as an alarm clock.

this zap saves new items from the instaper rss feed to text files in a folder in your dropbox account

This Zap creates a backup of my Dennis Prager Pragertopia Podcast shows in my Dropbox! There is a small issue if the Title includes characters that are not allowed to be in filenames on Windows.

Saving Favorite guides from Instructables as a permanent pdf copy in Dropbox

Take all the photos from a FotoZap campaign, and save them to a folder on Dropbox. Each photo will be uniquely named with the time-date that it was requested. You must get the RSS from FotoZap grid view, and the campaign must be set to allow the public feed.

Takes new Shows from your ShowRSS Feed and copies the torrent file to your Dropbox.

Zaps all new Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars torrents to your dropbox.

Simplify for my clients to get their files live in their Digital Signage TVs. Now they just have to save the file in dropbox and the template that is live in their TVs read the RSS that zap is generating.

Creates an RSS feed from scanned drawings in a Dropbox folder. Use the RSS feed to import the items into your CMS of choice.

It Informs and Educates people about Recovery from addictions through Documentary style Podcasts.

Digital Signage Screen Feed... saving in a dropbox folder the image goes live to my client screen.

Simplify digital signage solution, using RSS dropbox to monitor a folder. So the images and videos go Live to the client TV under RSS Templates.

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