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Replying to emails doesn't have to be difficult, either. You can use a chat-like reply box right on your dashboard to bulk reply to multiple tickets at once, using Markdown to format your plain-text messages. Or, select a message, and you'll see all of its details, customer info, previous conversations and more, as you'd expect in a support app. Interestingly, Snappy puts your reply box on the far left of the screen, so you can see the entire conversation while you're writing your reply instead of having to scroll back up to see the message again.

Something else you'll notice when you open a message is that Snappy is really snappy. Messages load instantly, as do other sections of the Snappy app. You'll never have to waste time waiting for a support email page to load again.

You'll also never have to waste time re-typing the same answers over-and-over, either. Instead, you can save those as Phrases, then insert them into new emails to fill in parts of your reply. Snappy's support center also includes an FAQs section, where you'll have to write all of your documentation in question and answer format. That's brilliant since the answers are then perfect for use in email replies—and Snappy includes an FAQ button in your email editor so you can insert them in a click.

Between answering emails and filling out your FAQ library with new common answers, you'll quickly find your whole day taken up in support. But you don't have to do it alone. On the far right of your Snappy dashboard, you'll find a Wall tab with an internal social network just for your support team. You can write a message letting your team know what you're working on, where you're having trouble, and more. Or, if you're stuck on a ticket—or want to share a particularly fun interaction—you can share it to the team wall, marking it as a question, bug, or brag for everyone to like or comment on.

Staying focused on your support messages is tough, but Snappy helps out with a streamlined support tool that offers just the basics in a fast, easy-to-use interface. It's a great help desk choice if you're looking for a simple app that makes replying to emails easier than ever.

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Snappy Pricing

  • $15/month per user for full features

Snappy Features

  • Fast email focused interface

  • Quickly filter emails with lenses

  • Build a simple help center with FAQs

  • Save common phrases to respond quickly

  • Triggers to sort messages or reply automatically

  • Wall to keep in touch with your team

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