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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 5, 2015

Ever step away from your help desk, then go to answer a support ticket only to find that someone else has already replied? Or perhaps you've come back and answered someone's question, then found that they'd emailed a followup message and don't need help anymore?

It's nearly impossible to stay on top of everything in your support queue, but Mojo Helpdesk tries to make it a bit simpler. At first glance, it's just another email support tool—you can monitor your support inbox, reply to customers' questions, and turn your most common problems and requests into help documentation so people can help themselves. Dig deeper, though, and you'll find smart touches in Mojo Helpdesk that prompt you to work faster, and help you solve your customers' issues the first time.

It starts with your support center, where you'll add help documentation for your most common issues. Mojo Helpdesk lets you arrange topics and sub-topics with a drag-and-drop editor, then write full-length articles about each topic. Readers can then upvote or downvote articles to let you know if they were helpful, so you'll know what to improve.

Then, you'll add a contact form to your support center, where your customers can get in touch when they have a question or need help. You can add as many fields as you need to your contact form, to gather detailed info about the question and make sure you have everything on hand to help solve their problem. Or, you can make multiple support forms, so the form inside your app asks more questions than, say, the one on a billing page. Each form can then route the support emails into the correct queue, to make it easy to answer the different types of questions you'll get.

Replying to emails is simple, too. You can preview the entire email text right from the support inbox, then dive into the message and see the form details on the left and the email message and any replies in the center. There's filters to drill down into the different types of support tickets, and customizable views to quickly view closed tickets, tickets from last week, and anything else you regularly need to find.

Answering your customer's questions is only half the challenge—you'll also need to provide increasingly good support, and make sure you're getting faster at answering questions. Mojo Helpdesk includes a time tracking tool to monitor how long it takes to answer emails, and will chart your improvements over time. It'll also notice when you've stepped away from the support queue, and will refresh the inbox when you return to make sure you didn't miss out on anything. And, if you want, it can ask your customers how you're doing at support, and they can rate your response right from the bottom of their emails—and can also see all their previous support interactions in a click.

Replying in a timely manner and solving each of your customers' problems should be your main goal in running a support center, and Mojo Helpdesk's tools help you do that easily. And, if you've just got a small team, its free version might be enough to get your support running while you're just getting started.

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Mojo Helpdesk Features

  • Manage support email and help center together
  • Integrate with Google Apps
  • Customizable support center
  • Track time spent on tickets
  • Customize support form to gather data you need

Mojo Helpdesk Pricing

  • Free Mini-me plan for 3 agents and 2 custom forms
  • $29/month Professional plan for 10 users, 6 custom forms and knowledge base; $2/user/month per extra user
  • $99/month per user Enterprise plan for 10 users, unlimited forms, time tracking, and phone support; $3/user/month for extra user
  • $399/month Enterprise Plus plan for improved security, white glove service, paper invoice, and unlimited users

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