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Base CRM is a simple but powerful CRM with a seamless mobile experience.

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Start With a Popular Zap Template

Create new Base CRM lead via Gravity Forms submission.

Add new Base CRM deals to a row in Google Docs spreadsheet.

Create new Base CRM contacts from new Wufoo form entries.

Lets me import my custom list in Hubspot into "Leads" into Base, the greatest CRM program in the world!

I use Gravity Forms for the contact form on my website. I use Base CRM as my CRM. This zap allows me to capture anyone who uses my contact form directly into my CRM.

Create new Freshbooks client from new Base CRM contacts.

Create a new lead in Base CRM when a new contact is added to Google Contacts group "LEADS."

Create new Base CRM contact from new MailChimp subscribers.

Create new Base CRM contact from new AWeber subscriber.

Solves the problem of double data entry, I know if I fill out the formstack form I will have a contact that can't be missed or forgotten about!

Great Thanks

Add new clients from BaseCRM to Freshbooks once you win a deal.

Create new Base CRM contacts from a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Every time i win a deal in Base CRM it adds a notebook for that client in Evernote

Create a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet from a new Base CRM contact.

This Zap tracks the deals I win in iDoneThis.

Create a new Base CRM contact from a Highrise contact.

Create new Base CRM contact from new Wufoo form entry.

Add won Base CRM won deals to a new row in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Qualified Hubspot Leads to Base CRM Integration with 0 Code = Awesome

Create new Base CRM contact from unique Gmail senders.

For every Qualified Deal I can deploy a sales team to walk through the negotiation

I have a customer support ticketing system with Zendesk. Because of Zapier's integration of BaseCRM into Zendesk, I can still have a contact us form that does not create a different system since it sends the contact into my support ticketing system. Awesome!

In Base CRM, It's hard to save every note and to collaborate the way we are able in Evernote. It saves time, because otherwise we would have to add notes manually. //and Evernote can do reminders as well//

Create new contact in Base CRM for a Gmail email.

It creates a new deal in Base for every quote request through the Jotform on your website.

Adds lead company name and description to a new card in Trello and assigns a color label to the card.

Send an email via Sendgrid for New Base CRM contacts.

Solves the issue of automating new contacts in BASE from Go To Webinar sign ups.

Add a new contact in Base CRM when it is created in HubSpot

Trigger an email via Gmail for incoming Base CRM deals.

Automatically creates a platform for our team to store deal notes and checklists as it is created in Base. Prevents duplicate data entry and provides workflow.

When a new lead is created in my Base CRM it creates a contact in my google contacts

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