Zendesk Sell Integrations

  • Create Zendesk Sell leads from new Gravity Forms submissions

    A smart way to drive business is to put a lead form on your site to collect leads. If you use WordPress then Gravity Forms is one of your best options for creating a lead form.

    With the Gravity Forms-Zendesk Sell integration you can also make sure those leads are easy to follow up with by creating new leads in Zendesk Sell automatically when someone fills out the form.

  • Get Slack messages for new Zendesk Sell deals

    Having trouble keeping everyone updated on upcoming work from your sales pipeline? This useful Zendesk Sell-Slack integration can boost the effectiveness of your Zendesk Sell-Slack ecosystem by sending a message on Slack every time a new deal is added to Zendesk Sell.

  • Add new Zendesk Sell contacts to MailChimp automatically

    Having all your CRM contacts in a mailing list is smart. It makes it easy to reach out to everyone at once with news about your company, products or content relevant to your contacts.

    This integration automatically takes new Zendesk Sell contacts and puts them in your MailChimp lists. Can also use MailChimp's groups to further segment contacts.

  • Create Zendesk Sell leads from new Mailchimp subscribers

    Want to take new subscribers in a Mailchimp list and add them to Zendesk Sell as leads? Now you can with this Zendesk Sell-Mailchimp integration. Zapier will automatically find new subscribers in your list and send them to Base as leads

  • Send new Zendesk Sell contacts to Google Contacts

    Want all your Zendesk Sell contacts to be added to Google Contacts as well? Now you can with this Zendesk Sell Google Contacts integration. Zapier will automatically take new contacts in Zendesk Sell and send them to Google Contacts

  • Add new FullContact business cards as people in Zendesk Sell

    Say goodbye to manually entering new business cards into Zendesk Sell with this Zapier automation. When you snap a pic of a business card with the FullContact Card Reader app, a team of people—not computers—transcribes the card and add a new contact to Zendesk Sell.

  • Get Slack messages for new Zendesk Sell leads

    If you're having trouble ensuring that your production teams know what's going on with sales, take a look at this Zap. Once this Zendesk Sell-Slack integration is fully set up, every new lead you add to Zendesk Sell will send a message to your Slack team, shedding light on the black box that sales activities sometimes can become.

  • Add new FullContact business cards to Zendesk Sell as leads

    Looking for a way to connect your contacts and CRM processes? Then save time and effort with this FullContact-Zendesk Sell integration. Once this Zap is activated, it will automatically create a new lead in Zendesk Sell for every new business card added to FullContact.

  • Add Zendesk Sell leads from new Typeform entries

    If you've got a lot of new form submissions coming in, tracking and following up with each can quickly get overwhelming. Take a load off with this Typeform-Zendesk Sell integration; once you set it up, any new Typeform entry you receive will automatically create a new lead for you in Zendesk Sell.

  • Add leads to Zendesk Sell from incoming Gmail messages

    Need a smart way to transition from you inbox directly into your sales? Set up this Gmail-Zendesk Sell integration to watch your Gmail account for emails and a lead will be created in Zendesk Sell for each new received email, or only those matching the label/mailbox you define during setup.

  • Create Zendesk Sell leads automatically from Wufoo

    A common way to generate leads for a business is through a form on your website and then use a CRM like Zendesk Sell to manage those leads.

    The Wufoo Zendesk Sell integration makes it a breeze to create leads in Zendesk Sell from your web form leads.

  • Create leads in Zendesk Sell from new Unbounce form submissions

    Looking for a way to streamline your Unbounce-Zendesk Sell workflow? Once activated, this Unbounce Zendesk Sell integration allows you to capture leads automatically by creating a new lead in Zendesk Sell for each new Unbounce form submission you receive, saving you effort and improving your response time.

  • Add Trello cards from won Zendesk Sell deals

    Looking for the best way to get started once you win a deal on Zendesk Sell? This Zendesk Sell-Trello integration will help speed things up by creating cards for you on Trello for every Zendesk Sell deal you mark as won. Set it up, and get to work!

  • Add Zendesk Sell leads from new Google Sheets rows

    Having trouble with gaps between your client acquisition and follow-up processes? Perhaps this Google Sheets-Zendesk Sell integration can help. Once it is active, any new row added to a Google Sheet will automatically send data to Zendesk Sell and create a new lead for you.

  • Subscribe new Zendesk Sell leads to ActiveCampaign

    Leads can grow cold if you don't follow up with them. With this Zendesk Sell - ActiveCampaign automation, add new Zendesk Sell contacts to ActiveCampaign as subscribers to seamlessly manage your marketing lists.

  • Add new Zendesk Sell contacts to QuickBooks Online as customers

    Keep your books and bookkeepers happy by automatically updating QuickBooks Online with information from your CRM. Use this Zap to automatically add new contacts in Zendesk Sell to QuickBooks Online as customers. That way, you don't have to manually transfer information about your contacts, like their address and other vital info.

  • Update new Zendesk Sell leads with personal and company data from Clearbit

    You can get the benefit of valuable contact research without having to do it yourself. Set up this integration, and it will react to every new contact on Zendesk Sell. Zapier will query Clearbit for additional information on them and their company, copying this back into Zendesk Sell and updating your contact with rich context.

  • Use JotForm to Collect Leads for Zendesk Sell

    Need to use form software to generate leads for your business? JotForm is a great bet. Then you can use this JotForm to Zendesk Sell integration to create new Zendesk Sell leads when someone fills out your form.

  • Add new Zendesk Sell leads to MailChimp as subscribers

    Need a way to ensure your marketing efforts are as broad and effective as possible, capturing all possible leads? Try this Zendesk Sell-MailChimp integration that, once set up, will add all new Zendesk Sell leads as subscribers to MailChimp.

  • Create new Campaign Monitor subscribers for new contacts on Zendesk Sell

    Feeling like your Zendesk Sell contacts aren't all getting the benefit of your Campaign Monitor outreach? Set up this Zendesk Sell Campaign Monitor integration and you'll never have to wonder again, since it will add a new Campaign Monitor subscriber for each and every new contact you add to Zendesk Sell after it's been set up.

  • Create Zendesk Sell leads from new Google Spreadsheet rows and forms

    Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms are one of the easiest ways to collect and input data. Whether it's through a Google Form that others complete or through an internal source adding new rows to a spreadsheet it's tough to find a simpler tool for data entry.

    The Google Spreadsheet to Zendesk Sell integration makes it easy to create new Zendesk Sell leads from new rows in a spreadsheet.

  • Add Zendesk Sell leads from emails parsed by Zapier

    If you're looking for a smart way to keep track of all those potential clients coming in via email, give this Zap a shot. Set it up and forward any emails you want to the mailbox provided by Zapier's email parser, after which you can sit back as the contents of each email received there are parsed according to your rules and sent over to Zendesk Sell, creating leads for you automatically.

    Note: This is an advanced Zapier function that relies on previously set up Parser mailboxes. You can sign up for Parser and learn more about how it works on the Parser homepage.

  • Add leads to Zendesk Sell when new LiveChat chats end

    When a LiveChat chat ends, there's a moment of accomplishment for helping a customer - but it's only the beginning of your relationship if you use this Zapier integration. Every time a LiveChat ends, the contact will be automatically added as a lead in Zendesk Sell.

  • Add leads on Zendesk Sell from new Zillow Tech Connect contacts

    Using Zendesk Sell to follow up on those Zillow Tech Connect leads? Keep your processes lean and efficient by adding this Zillow Tech Connect Zendesk Sell integration to your pipeline. It will trigger with every new contact you add on Zillow Tech Connect, automatically using the information to add a new lead on Zendesk Sell for each.

  • Create Zendesk Sell leads for new Unbounce submissions

    If you receive leads via Unbounce, you know that the time it takes to enter them into your sales pipeline adds up. Why not streamline your processes with this Unbounce-Zendesk Sell integration? Once active, all new Unbounce submissions you receive will automatically be added to Zendesk Sell as leads, freeing you up for more important work.

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Zendesk Sell Integration Details

Launched on Zapier August 27, 2012

Communication is key to customer engagement and retention. Together, Zapier and Zendesk Sell automate the communication process without sacrificing genuine connections with customers. Zapier will automatically manage lists, keep cross-app information consistent, and track leads, so that you can be productive and focus on the most important part of your sales pipeline: your customers.

Here are some creative ways to use Zendesk Sell with Zapier:

  • Keep track of leads from all your sources. Zapier can create Zendesk Sell leads from Gravity Forms, Wufoo, and Typeform.
  • Make sure the personal and company information you have on your leads is up to date. Zapier can update Zendesk Sell leads with data from Clearbit.
  • Stop managing multiple contact lists. Zapier will send details from Zendesk Sell directly to Google Contacts without your constant intervention.

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Lead") and Actions (like "Create Note") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Zendesk Sell Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create Note

Creates a new note for an existing lead, contact or deal.

Create Deal

Creates a new deal.

Create Task

Creates a new task.

Create Lead

Creates a new lead.

Update Lead

Updates an existing lead.

Create Person

Creates a new person.

Update Person

Updates an existing person.

Update Deal

Updates an existing deal.

Create Product in Catalog

Creates a new product in catalog. Requires Sell Enterprise Plan or higher.

Create Company

Creates a new company.

Update Company

Updates an existing company.

Update Product in Catalog

Updates an existing product in catalog. Requires Sell Enterprise Plan or higher.

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is created.

New Deal

Triggers when a new deal is created.

Deal Enters New Stage

Triggers when a deal enters a new stage.

New Task

Triggers when a new task is created.

Updated Deal

Triggers when an existing deal is updated.

New Product in Catalog

Triggers when a new product in catalog is created. Requires Sell Enterprise Plan or higher.

New Note

Triggers when a new note is created.

Updated Contact

Triggers when an existing contact is updated.

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is created.

Updated Lead

Triggers when an existing lead is updated.

Find Lead

Finds a lead by ID, company name, name or email address.

Find Contact

Finds a contact by Contact ID, name or email address.

Find Deal

Finds a deal by Deal ID or name.

Find Person

Finds a person by Person ID, name or email address.

Find Lead Source

Finds a lead source by ID or name.

Find Deal Stage

Finds a deal stage by ID or name.

Find Company

Finds a company by Company ID, name or email address.

Find User

Finds a user by ID, email or name.

Find Deal Source

Finds a deal source by ID or name.

Find Product in Catalog

Finds a product by ID, name or SKU. Requires Sell Enterprise Plan or higher.

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Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) is a sales automation tool to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.